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From one disaster to another


You will be wondering what the title is all about,well here goes. Hubby went to work at silly o'clock, I had a bad night with pain in my knees and i didn't sleep very well at all. Thats not the reason for the title though. I was sitting here with the news on,laptop at my side quietly reading the paper,when bang the light bulb on the wall went bang and fizz,sparks flew out of the wall. No electric on any of the lights in the house. Rang hubby to tell him what had happened and i thought it had blown the heating as well. So he rang his control and they told him to go home and sort it out. He came home and sorted the fuse out and then he set about taking the light down. It had blown the wiring out completely.

So we have lights,but need to get a new one for the wall now. Now i'm a silly billy as after hubby came home i went upstairs and i thought i would check the heating by putting it on constant,guess what it came on,because the timer had gone off. I thought it had blown the heating system as well and it hadn't.

I tell you i'm not safe to left on my own,as you never know whats going to happen next in our house.

I hope you all have a laugh at my expense, if its going to go wrong it will be big time in our house. The photo is from the lost gardens at heligan


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Hi sylvi, well it all happens to you doesn't it? My son replaced our fuse board some time ago and now if a bulb blows, I just go and look to see which switch is down and flick it back up and everything on that ring main then comes on again. You might need to consider changing the fuse board if you have the sort where hubby has to fiddle around in the dark with a torch trying to thread a thin piece of wire through the plug!

Glad to see you are resting quietly even after a bad night.

My shoulder is still playing up and I think my consultant may decide to inject it when I see him tomorrow. We all put up with pain but the constant nagging from my shoulder is getting me down!

I've also found a lump on the back of my tongue which is sore so will mention that to him as well. If it's not one thing, it's another!

Take care, Love LavendarLady x

I just wonder whats going to happen next. I hope your throat is nothing serious LL. My shoulder is sore round the back,not sure if it is from the infection or fibro. Just got to put up with it and take the painkillers.

Hope you have a lovely day,its sunny here at the moment.

Love sylvi.xx

Hi Sylvi,

There's never a dull moment at your house is there?

We have a contact breaker which is very good.As LL said it just throws one of the switches which means everything else just keeps working.

It's lovely and dry and sunny here so think I might venture out today.A new tea shop has opened nearby recently.Think I might give that a try today.

Take care xxx


Hi Sylvi, our electric is the same - although it only affects the end of the house it is in. The photo is lovely. I have been Miss Dopey all day, if there is something stupid to be done or said i have did it.

Join the club,i'm a walking disaster area. Just for once i would like something nice for a change. What would you call me miss """""""""


Sometimes i hesitate for quite a while before reading your blogs - i dread to think what your going to get up to next !

I really think you should get a warning sign stamped on your head somewhere!

Please be careful....

Julie x

I try i really do. All i did was press a switch. You have to laugh though don't you,if we didn't laugh we would cry. At least it isn't life threatening and i live to tell the tale. It gives you all a laugh as well.


sciqueen in reply to sylvi

Yes it did make me smile.

Glad it was nothing to serious and you yourself is ok.

My electrics are like LL's and all you do is just flick the switch that is down, back up again and all is well.

Take care (still laughing)

Sci x :D

Laugh away girls as long as i have brought a smile to you all, my job is done.

Love to all sylvi.xx


Sylvia dear heart, I am going to be away from my keyboard for most of the weekend, would you please stay out of trouble!!!? I will be worrying about you and the others anyways. If you all have more troubles then by Monday I will ahve an awful lot to look after. :)


in the words of on the buses - You stupid great lump but at least it is a laugh a minute in you house

keep smiling and laughing it makes the world go round xxxx

That has made me laugh. where do you get them from. I've been a good girl today,went and got the veg and came home and rested afterwards. Hubby has got a replacement light. He will put it up when he has time and daylight.


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