achy breaky day

Well everyone here i am in pain and lack of sleep. Where do i start. It starts with my youngest son george having qualified as a croupier and working at the ricoh arena for nearly five years. He likes to travel having been to australia and india. Wel today we took him to manchester airport to catch a flight to orlando. He has got a job on the cruise ships travelling round the caribean for six months. I'm pleased for him, i've brought him up to do what he wants and go where he wants, if nothing else i've given him his confidence to chase his dream. Anyway i haven't been sleeping very well for the few days and today boy do i ache, not sure which it is, ra or fibro. not sure which. My fingers are feeling very thick and sore, my knee is numb and needles feel like they are going through it. It's probaly a bit of both.

Well we got home safely and i'm sure george is in his element, me after he had gone guess who broke her heart, yep me and i howled again when i got home. What am i going to be like when my daughter goes, i will have to be certified!!!!

Well lovely people i think i will close now . i will have a bath and go to bed early to get some rest.

I might take my laptop upstairs as well.

Sylvia. xx

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  • think mothers are always close to their sons and he is your baby still xx

  • Yes summer we are, but i dread to think what i'll be like when grace leaves too. You never stop worrying about them whatever age they are, once a mother alwys a mother. xx

  • Oh Sylvie,

    I know what you mean, it would break my heart, but he'll be back! My son 23 lives the other side of the city and I only see him maybe once every 6 weeks, I miss him so much, but he is happy and the best gift we can give our kids s wings.

    My two daughters headed off to Ibiza this morning for the end of season gigs, I am glad of the peace to be homest, but dread them ever going off for good they are 20 & 25.

    So my heart goes out to you, but remember as you rightly said in another way, you gave him 'wings' for a reason.

    XX Gina.

  • yes gina i gave him the confidence to do it. It will be a strange xmas this year, hopefully i'll be used to it by then. I've still got my daughter at home, i'm grateful for that at least. I think that because i ache it has made him leaving harder.

    Sylvia. xx

  • Oh Sylvia such a lovely Blogg title and so apt.

    I'm sure your son will be in his element, doing the job he so wants to do, sounds lovely too.

    I only have one child,also a son, even though he's the only one I have always wanted him to follow his dreams and do what he wants to. He said to me one day he would love to move to America if the right job came up. Just the thought of him going breaks my heart, and he's only 16 at the moment!

    we have to let them lead the life they want, I know that deep down and I wouldn't stop him either, I just want him to be happy.

    It could be why your having a lots of aches and pains at the moment Sylvia, the worry about your son etc. It certainly won't help your RA or Fibro.

    Still, we can't help but worry, it's what mothers do I suppose.

    Hope you sleep well.

    Speak soon

    mand xx

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