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Hi All

Well its beautiful in Essex - sunshine with heat today. We are in for a couple of warm days.

Down side is we planned to go out for the day, but its already to warm for me. I have sore lower feet/knees and my hands in particular right hand is sore/stiff. I've taken a cocod, which is now starting to offer some relief, but had to rearrange the day, so that we are not travelling far and will be in an air conditioned environment. Hubby is so supportive as he has agreed to the change of plans without any fuss.

I guess this is what it is going to be like when we go on holiday.

I like the warmness of the day, but its one of my triggers, yesterday I was pain relief free, but because we are going out I have had to take pain meds in order to cope with the stiffness/soreness caused by the hot weather. I suppose that is RA for you.

Ok all enjoy the weather, hope your coping with it ok.

Take care all

Joanne x

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Joanne,It is so hard when we go out isn't it. There is so much you have to do before we go out,eg; Pain meds,walking sticks,scooter drink to take pain meds with. By that time the shine and excitement has gone out of the day. With me Joanne it is the change from warmish to very hot that does me in.

I hope you got out and enjoyed your day. What would we do without these wonderful men in our lives.

Love sylvi.xxx


Hi Sylvi

Did not go out after all, took another pain killer and ended up sleeping most of the afternoon. Not long been up. Most of the discomfort I felt earlier has gone, but I've elected not to walk the dog.

Hubby is not bothered and said we don't have to pressure ourselves, we'll go out when we can.

I can use my back garden now as the sun has moved to the front - lovely. I think hubby has planned a barby!

Take care Jx


You have a lovely evening.xxx


Cheers x


Awful aren't we? We struggle when it is cold, also when it's wet and now when it's hot! What we need is dry, warm days with temperatures high enough not to need too many clothes but not so hot that it makes us sweat. Oh...and a good supply of luscious cool drinks to sip as we lounge under the arbour. Not too much to ask surely?


Yes your right. I function best in the middle, as long as its not get to cold when it rains or the temp does not drop suddenly I am fine.

The last lot of good weather I went to work despite the stiffness & pain and ended up with heat exhaustion and the addition of vomitting.

Last yr in Italy before I got diagnosed my fingers where hooks and I was in so much pain. It was 36 c and I did not realise or know that the weather was making it worse. Lovely hols though!

Cheers Jx


Don't complain too much about the lovely weather please Sci - here in the north of Scotland it's rather cold and my Reynaud's is making my hands play up unless I wear gloves - which feels really weird in August!

I do feel for you really though even if I'm experiencing cold flushes a lot these days - the last time I was in real heat was down in Bristol a few months ago and it only lasted a day - I enjoyed it so much but did notice my fingers swelling after a short time. Worth it though as when the sun is out here it's still not properly hot - more like autumn sunshine and my hands are white and shrivelled looking! TTx


T, I like it warm also, it's just I don't seem to function well. The weather in particular hot weather, has always bothered me, ever since I was a young child. Given the choice I prefer the heat to the cold. Besides when its warm and sunny peps moods seems to be better, inlcuding mine.

Hopeing some of the sunny weather we are due tomorrow and the wkend comes your way.



Actually I'm exactly the same Sci - and felt a bit bad moaning because my sons were both at the local agriculture show today and youngest has come home scarlet with sunburn so I think it was just cooler by the sea and me and my new Raynauds problems!

But yes please to some nice gentle sunshine here this weekend and I'll blow a sea breeze down your way to Essex!



T, is the Raynauds new? I remember you saying in the past that you had pins & needles in your hands. Does it affect you painting? I guess that's why you wear the fingerless gloves?

J :)


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