Hi All

Went out for a celebratory lunch yesterday with hubby, as he was 50 on thursday. Had a really nice time as we where on our own without the boys. Followed by shopping. I took morning meds + anti flam & felt fine throughout the afternoon (used my stick the whole time, even). I was tired when I got home. To be expected & took more pain relief and went to bed to rest.

Well this morning I woke up and I am so sore & stiff. Have had to take every med in my aresenal to relieve warm stiff sore multiple joints. It's so not fair, we have a good day or afternoon out, once in awhile and have to suffer for it the next day!

That just goes to show the variability of RA!!!

Reckon I'd be worse if I had not had the massive steroid injection 3wks ago - perhaps that was masking the effects of being out?

Hope you are all well, unlike me laid up in bed resting in order to be able to go to work tomorrow :(

Very mugged of Joanne x

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  • Joanne, we all suffer for going out don't we. We went out for a lovely meal with luckyjoy(lisa) we had a lovely time and a few laughs and like you i nam suffering today,not as bad as you though, so i'm sending some nice gentle hugs your way. love sylvi.xx

  • Receiving those hugs Sylvi - thanks

    Hope you too are not suffering to much - still not fair.

    Take care Jx

  • Hi Sci

    Feeling the same after being at a wedding and overnight, but such fun!!


  • I know, took my son to look round a university 70 miles away yesterday. Arrived home shattered. Husband wanted me to pop round my sisters and BIL with him yesterday evening and couln't as shattered. Was in bed by 9.

  • But if you don't let your hair down once in a while you get equally fed up, so you can't win. And might as well go out and enjoy yourself once in a while. Holidays not far off! Px

  • Hi Polly

    I agree, but there is always a price to pay. That is what I am fed up with!

    Don't mind me I am moaning becuae my knees and hands/knuckles are aching!

    Cheers Joannex

  • So know how you all feel I babysitting Saturday nite,but suffered for it yesterday. And today. Do, t feel much better gentle hugs to you all xx

  • I'm in Orkney having a wonderful time, meeting up with special people. Most of the sights - stone circles and ancient things do require quite a long - for me- walk, so I'm doing one or two a day, which is about right to let the atmosphere sink in. But I've got a return of my red face which I think was triggered by a long journey in sunshine Sunday before last. All was well but on the Wednesday after taking methotrexate a red patch appeared and despite all my precautions has been spreading ever since. This is a magical place and I'm disappearing beneath my widebrimmed hat so I don't let the ra win! But commiserations to everyone who suffers after doing something nice xx

  • That sounds amazing Cathie, didn't realise that Orkney was home to such things, i am always really fascinated by all of that.

  • It was obviously a place of some consequence 3,000 years ago, there's a stone age village which was lost in the sand dunes, stone circles and all sorts. There seem to be many gifted people here too - tilda will know much more!

  • Cathie it sounds like a really interesting place to visit. Never been so far north.

    Enjoy your hols

    Joanne x

  • Poor you Joanne but at least you had a good time yesterday.

  • Snap - at least similar - went to Coventry yesterday to see ma-in-law and couldn't move when I got home - pain was so bad, and sooooo tired today! Hope you feel better soon x

  • Don't you think RA can be a b***h?

    Hope you have managed to recover?

    Take care x

  • If i had been at home you could have called in for a cuppa as i only live in bulkington.xx

  • cancelled holiday in elan valley leg is so painful cannot walk properly really upset as this is happening more and more, going for a bone scan when the nhs gets around to it K

  • Oh no, sorry to hear that you have had to cancell hols.

    Hope you get your bone scan sooner rather than later

    Take care hun


  • So sorry about holiday

    Its always a time when im reminded of things id like to do and cant well not so much. Hope you sort your leg out and can take it another time

    X c

  • Hi All

    Did not go into work today. Still sore & stiff. Spent the whole day in bed. I've step down to 2mg today for the rest of the wk with the oral steroids. Don't think my body likes that also.

    Fed up of going into work and that makes my ra worse.

    Here's hoping that the swelling & stiffness subsides soon!

    J :)

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