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Hi All

I've had intermitten lower back pain for the last 3 or 4 days. I haven't take and pain relief for it as its been caused by severe constipation and thus pain releif does not work. I finally went today - but have releived my back - good news, but had loose stools/diarrhoea in the morning, so I was confined to the house.

Had a lovely day with my family and hubby did a bbq, everyone stayed at home, my eldest son astounded his father by volunteering to moe and strim the lawn, youngest walked Millie the dog if I promised he could have half a glass of cider with our meal, really had a good afternoon.

My knees (both) & right wrist & elbow were sore by now - I think due to the heat, so I took 1 coco (first in a few days) went for a nap, well I did not get up until 9.30 this evening. Well I guess it was over due, but I was suppose to skype with my American penpal this afternoon at 6, missed that and now I can't sleep, and it's 12.50am.

Those of you who know me, know I rarely blog at nite, as since this yr, I generally sleep well and at nite time. However since starting Cimzia (anti tnf), it has meant that I now no longer sleep during the day - not for long any way or other wise I can't sleep at nite, due the amount of energy I have of late. I was also awake last nite 1.30 - 5.15 am. I should of come down and blogged last nite also. So I'm wondering does this mean I have joined the "night shift bloggers"? What do you think Sylvi???

Ok, just put the kettle on to make some tea. I am gonna investigate what sky has to offer in the wee hrs.

Will most probably c u same time tomorrow evening?

Take care all Jx

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Hey J,guess whose awake and suffering??? yep good old me again,i'm like a bad penny now!!! I am really pleased something is working for you,i want some of that please. I feel worse now than when i was diagnosed 9yrs ago. I have loved sitting in the sun yesterday,but boy does the extreme heat affect me. I'm already in a flare as i have had so much trouble with my health since xmas. Mtx now seems to make my breathing bad among other things. I just wish the lovely weather would come in gently so those of us with ra can get acclimatised to it,not this damn cold then hot weather we have been having.

I hope that you have been able to go back to bed and get some sleep.



went back to bed about 2.30ish, but continued to watch tv, until about 3.30 when I was tired enough that I naturally dosed off about 4.

Sorry to hear that mtx is causing breathing problems. If any consolation I too am being affected by the weather, be it milder than I have experienced previously. I have sought the shade and not ventured out as its reached the temperature that affects the joints - for me its mid 20's when I start to experience sore/stiffness.



Joanne, my inflammation markers are up. they should be below 11 they were 19 last week when i had a blood test so heavens knows what they are now. I think you can safely say i'm in a flare. Thank goodness i don't work now as i wouldn't be fit for anything now.

Take care


Do early morning bloggers count in the club?

I was up at 5.30 again this morning but managed to resist switching my laptop on until now.

Isn't it strange how the change in temperature affects us? Maybe it's to do with air pressure or something. We are a weird and wonderful bundle of aches and pains aren't we?

I have become rather addicted to this site though. So many lovely, lovely people to talk to.

Keep eating the prunes



Yep most definately Creaky

I use to take prune juice every morning - it looks like I am gonna be needing its services again. I've put it on list to purchase when we next do our weekly shop!

Cheers x


We will have to form a night time forum for those of us who can't sleep. Now what shall we call ourselves, noddies how about that for starters............


look out for my blog tonite, as I have managed to fall asleep for a short while this afternoon, so I am expecting to have the problem of sleep again tonite.

it will be under the heading Noddies or Night owls -what do you think.

Ok C U tonite,



Well I'm a noddie 'cos I nod off as soon as it gets dark....or that's what it feels like. I hate not sleeping well, so really feel for you. It makes me achy and grumpy for at least the next day, if not more. Glad your blockage has gone, and really hope Cimzia let's you enjoy the rest of the holiday, and preferably not just in the middle of the night. Pollyx


Me to Polly,

But I think it might settle down ni time. I have only taken 2 doses of Cimzia so far. I will have to sleep at nites when the new term starts in Septemeber or I will not be able to get up and teach. It's ok now going to bed really late, as I get up much later, but would need to get up earlier for work.

I'm not complaining as the cimzia so far has been a good postive expereince. I like having energy to do stuff, it makes a welcome & nice change!!!


Hi Sci

Night time ramblings eh!! Maybe its being off school and knowing you dont have to drag yourself out of bed at unearthly hours, !! I sleep better when I know I have to be up, strange but true! I am a terrible late night person and often blog at midnight but its helpful when i'm at festivals so cant have it all ways!! Glad u started the anti tnf, good news. I have had 2 Humira and had throat infections both times! Got one today so expecting a Dr visit this week....ever the pessimist ha ha xx Axx


:( Sorry to hear about your throat infections.

I hope this improves. If infection keep rearing its ugly head, ask gp to give you a longer course of antibiotics to ensure that the infection fully clears up!

Good luck with the humira - hope it works for you

Joanne x


i find things easier to do at night time too and seem to be a little bit more clear headed when the sun goes down for some reason.

glad you're not bunged up anymore, i've found that lactulose works wonders when i can't go, it can be bought over the counter too so you don't need a prescription for it :)


Hi Ratty

Thanks for the suggestion of lactose? Is it a sugar? I will remember to ask pharmacist for that if prune juice proves inaffective.

Cheers Joanne x


it's some kind of undigestible fibre i think, it's a stool softner and a laxative. it works by drawing fluid into the bowels so it shouldn't cause painful spasms like senna does.

it's very sweet and gloopy and around £6.50 for a 500ml bottle and you'd usually take 15ml to 30ml at night.

it's called lactulouse..

don't take it if you've got to go somewhere the next day though... it can be very effective! ;)


Ratty can I just take it of my own back, or do I need to refer back to rheumy team? i.e does this affect blood results???



Poor you with the bunged up Joanne! I got so bunged up when I took Naproxen that I could hardly move - swapped the emergency in my ankle for one in my colon! I eat dried prunes and figs in my gluten free muesli and it's the figs that really work for me!

I wonder if the insomnia is down to excitement that you're getting relief at last? I find I get insomnia if I'm nervous or excited. At the moment I'm getting it nightly - I wake about 3 am and that's it for at least 2 hours but I don't come on here as that would just reinforce my bad habit I feel!

The other night I woke and fretted for 2 hours about my 50th birthday coming in the New Year. I had planned to have a proper party in the hotel down the hill with a band and dancing as a priority. I danced the night away at a friend's 60th 6 weeks ago and it was the best tonic in the world - i took my stick and just kept my ankle as still as possible but the Naproxen did it's job btrilliantly and that's been the last of my ankle tendonitis for now. I really do want a dance night with the same blues band for my 50th but the trouble is I don't know how I will cope with inviting everyone I feel I need to invite. A lot of them are older and too sedate to dance - or haven't my inclination and that will be an issue as I like the music to be loud? So anyway I started fretting about who I had to invite and it became about 200 people so I got freaked out and decided I should just go away and drag husband to a concert - one I can dance at maybe? Not quite the same but I know that having a party is going to be totally overwhelming and just not sure that I'll be up to it?!

Other sources of anxiety led insomnia - my rheumy apt on Thursday. The hospital just phoned this evening and spoke to my OH and said just checking your wife's remembered her appointment at 5pm. He said "oh yes - she's not likely to forget that is she?!" as if......??????!

I've written my list and it's a tad long - the poor guy will be wiped out and he still has another day up here of patients to follow so I'm trying to edit as I don't want him saying "keep that woman away from me - make sure another year passes before I see her again!"

Good luck tonight. TTx


Hi T

Is this the long awaited appt with rheumy consultant? Good luck with that and remember to up date us asap. Where all offering you support spiritually!

T is the heat affecting you? I am having to plan my days early morning then early evening. In between times in the shade of the house, I do not even go out into the garden as its too warm now. Oh well better warm than cold, damp weather.

My mind is to active at nights. I don't feel tired and just toss and turn in bed. I've gone from being exhausted even after I sleep to energised as if I could run a marathon. In reality I can't but that's what it feel like now.

I try not to worry about things - anti d's help there.

Ok have a good sleep T, I think I am gonna be up again tonite.

Take care,



it shouldn't affect your blood results but you could phone your rheumy up just to make sure.

i was prescribed it because my antidepressants bunged me up, but that was before i had developed joints problems.

i'm not taking anything other than pain killers at the moments because my rheumy is waiting until he see inflamation before prescribing steroids or methatrexate..


Cheers hun - much appreciated it

:) Jx


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