Not a good day!!!!!!!

Booked Friday off to have a nice long weekend and what happens? I get flare up. Wrist started to throb late yesterday afternoon and went to my friends for a girlie night. Had 2 lovely ice cold mojito's and some nibbles then by 10 o clock could not even hold a small plate in my left hand due to the pain which had spread right up my hand and into my fingers. Decided to stop there and go home to bed. Up most of the night with the pain. Today still very painful and wrist swollen. Tried to open tin of beans for the other halfs dinner before he went to watch the beloved reds (that's liverpool of course) half the tin shot across the kitchen units so he ended up with half a tin lol..... Just woken up from yet another sleep and don't know what to do with myself as can't drive today due to wrist. This illness is the pits!!

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with me the little flares can go as quickly as they come on, take some pain relief and chill and as for the other half tell him to do his own bl**dy dinner!! shouldn't he be looking after you today?

take care




To be fair he was but I decided I should open the beans so it's my own fault for being stubborn. Ha ha. The flare should ease off tomorrow as often last about 3 days.

Thanks Lynn.


I know what you mean, i'm a stubborn one too!!

I see that Liverpool only managed a 0-0 draw so probably a boring match for the hubby.

Liverpool is a great city, i love it, my son is at university up there, he is going to find us a cure for arthritis one day, that's what he tells me anyway :-)


Have you tried filling a sink with cold water and soak your hands in it. When my hands are hot and sore thats what i do. I hope this helps. Pity liverpool only drew. My son is a reds fan and he is working the cruise ships in the caribean.

Can you buy those tins that have a ring pull as i can get you a thingy for pulling it off,if you want me to get you one let me know.

Take care. sylvia.xx


Thanks sylvi. It did have ring pull but couldnt grip it with left hand which is why it tipped over. Anyone its only beans and they were his not mine. Ha. Where do you get all the gadgets from. Is it lakeland as we hav one in liverpool. Tell your son he has good taste in football. They only deserved a draw but never mind.


Ouch wrists have been my worst problem to date so I relate like mad - poor you. My right wrist is the most painful joint I've had to date and I'm right handed. Having a blessed reprieve just now as on Prednisolone - but I come off it next week so guess my brief spell driving again will be short lived.

A recent tale of woe regarding my own wrist to make you feel better about the beans and the not being able to drive.

One night I had to take my son to some orchestral rehearsal after his piano lesson (would you believe it he's actually a bit of a lad?!). It had to be me as hubby was working a nightshift. My son turned the ignition on and off for me and I had my splinted wrist stuck out okay all the way to town. After his piano I suggested going out for tea before the orchestra rehearsal but when we got to the hotel I realised I wouldn't be able to chop my food. By this time if felt like a full fracture.

My boy pointedly said he wasn't going to chop my food for me (well he's 16?!) and suggested I order something easy like pasta. I don't eat wheat so I just ordered a salad. They took hours to bring it and we only had ten minutes to gobble it down so waste of money and time - but got to orchestra just on time at least. I forgot to ask the boy to switch ignition on before dropping him off so I sat in this dark car park wondering what to do next. He came out again a minute later just as I was about to phone a friend for rescue.

He got in the car and turned the ignition on again for me and said "they forgot to leave the percussion out for me and no one has the key so if you drive me home fast I'll get to my drama rehearsal after all?!" .

So off we went but half way home (and I wasn't going fast at all) a hare ran out in front of the car. Horrible for the hare and for me but on top of everything my hubby had just sold this car earlier that day and the impact of the hare had knocked the front light out and damaged the plastic underbelly of the car! If I'd paid heed to my wrist in the first place I might have saved that hare and got more money for the car?

Oh If this is my new life with RA I'm well scunnered as they say in these parts. Just going to have to move nearer a bus route I guess? I do hope yours goes back down very soon. TT


can I recommend a 5 IN ONE OPENER which can open yes! 5 things including ring pull cans,, you can google suppliers for this boots on line do it but it was out of stock so an O.T person get me one ,so excited I didnt ask were it came from!


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