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Operation cancelled at eleventh hour and night time joint pain

Dad was due to have his operation at 2pm this afternoon (wed) well thats what were told at 10.15 this morning when we rang.

We were therefore both out when dad tried to ring at 1pm it was cancelled due to no intensive care bed, dad has been waiting since the end of july for this operation, mum stayed last night and was set to stay for 14 days. I was up in the night with elbow and knee joint pain as well as usual hand pain

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Sorry to hear that Summer. It is such a stressful time and this doesnt help with the RA does it. Have they said when the op is going to be done. It sounds like Allanah all over again and with your experiences and treatment by your local NHS it is another blow to your feelings about them I'm sure.Hope Dad gets his op soon.

thinking of you and yours crisxx


Hi Summer, so sorry to hear the much anticipated op for your dad was cancelled. Was any explanation given (other than no ICU bed available?) Surely they could have gone ahead with the op and then moved him to ICU later or am I being naive. Do hope you get another date quickly. I think it is disgraceful he has had to wait so long and personally I would be taking the hospital apart stone by stone - perhaps a complaint is in order?

Do hope you are feeling a little better yourself and the pain in your joints is beginning to improve.

My shoulder is giving me hell at present (the one which was operated on in August) but the consultant did say that would happen from time to time so back on the pain killers.

Lots of love, keep in touch, LavendarLady x


Oh no how awful for you and for both of your parents too. I'm so sorry - I think Lavender Lady is right to say that the only way to make progress is to complain formally as Allanah did but I imagine it's hard for you professionally to do this. Perhaps your mum can write and make a formal complaint though and you could help her if necessary? Big hugs and really hope your RA gives you some let up soon - the stress will be awful your end. Tilda xx


Summer,How dreadful for you and your mum. I can't undrstand how they can cancel an cancer operation on an elderly gentleman like that. It won't help you or your mum. I hope and pray you get another date shortly and that you don't have a flare. All my love to you and your family.xxxx


It must be really devastating after making all them plains, Even worst for your dad who has had to wait so long anyway for this operation, They don't seem to relies how this affects patients like your dad, Everyone is very nerves as it is when having a operation, especial for something like cancer, Hope you hear very soon,

Lots of hugs and xx


So sorry Summer, lets hope he gets another date through quickly.

Thinking about you all.



It must be torture to go through all that anticipation only to be told at the last minute...

I'm sure that a complaint would be justified, but you may not feel up to it at the moment. I hope you can have a bit of relaxation to help with your pain in the next few days. What are the chances of a new date? Lots of solidarity



Really sorry to hear that your Dad was cancelled at the last minute. Have they kept him in so that he can have the op when there is a bed?

Take care of yourselves

Wendy xx


no sent him home he has to go back in next tue for op hopefully!! next wed he will be in over xmas


so sorry to hear that Alison, fingers crossed for next week (I'll do the fingers crossing for you!! :) )



Thanks wiliby I am emotionally rung out


I feel so sorry for you and ur dad,fingers crossed for nt week.lots of love Michelle xx


Hi Summer, hope your dad gets his op at long last. Sending healing thoughts for you both and plenty of hugs for you. You've got my number if you want to talk.

Love LavendarLady xx


Summer I am so annoyed for you that is just so unfair - I do hope he gets it next week.


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