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Bad Nite!!!

Hi All

Had a bad nite as I woke up with wrist pain 3ish, toyed with the idea of coming down onto the pc, but the house was cold, so decided not to. Its ususal for me to wake up during the nights.

Woke up this morning and I have no doubt I have caught an infection. My throat was screaming and I ached all over - generally. The infection must be setting of my ra, as my right wrist is now swollen and I am expereincing actual pain in it (both, but more so the right). Both hands have heat in them.

I could not bare another trip to the doctors and more medication, so I have lived of pain relief and the resting splints that I got from the physio yesterday, which have proved to be a god send, as I have slept with it on all day and the wrist actually feels better now.

My son is still of school and does not seem to be getting better, so I might have to take him after all down to the doctor tomorrow. I am sure I have caught his infection.

Goof news I put in for a repeat prescription on monday and it was delivered today this afternoon. I must of done something right, not completely understanding what I did, but it seems the pharmacy has sorted it out, so I will pop in and thank them sometime.

Hope all is well with everyone,

Have a pain free evening

Sci xx

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Pleased you pharmacy sorted you out..they benefit from your business too mind!. Hope you feel better soon, any infection/ virus can trigger an RA flare unfortunately ! xx

Take care get well soon x


You should have come online as i was there. Pete was too,he's a card i can tell you. My hands and knees are sore as well.It was my knees that got me up. I have a pink snuggle that i put on when i come downstairs so i don't get cold,more often than not i end up going to sleep.

I haven't felt well for a week now. My rheumy told me to go and see the gp,but i don't feel up to facing him. All i get told is rest and put up with it,or i get more drugs.

I hope you are not getting the infection that your son has.

You take care my darling.

Sylvi. xx


Hope you slept better last night.

It seems to have been my turn today, have to be up early today anyway because off hospital appointment today is the day I get my theraputic shoes or boots as they advised me to pick boots for the ankle support.

I've got a meal out tonight with friends so I hope to catch up on some sleep this afternoon after hospital and work.

Hope today is a better day for you X x

Julie x


Hi Sci, sounds as if you have succumbed to the bug which is doing the rounds. My hubby and me have had it for the last 10 days and it is a cracker. He's now gone back to work - for him to take time off and also cancel his golf last Sunday means he was really bad. I also went back to work on Monday as well feeling better but still coughing.

I do find any infection triggers off the RA and usually it is my wrists which start so I try to keep them covered up and warm. Himself bought me a slanket 2 Xmas's ago and it was the best present I had. It is so warm and I can curl up in it and be nice and toasty. The cat thinks so too!

Keep warm and rest as much as you can. rotten being awake at 3 a.m. I sometimes go downstairs, make myself some tea, switch on the convector heater and rest in my recliner until I feel sleepy again. But often just stay warm in bed rather than get up in the cold. Do you have a small portable reading light handy? They are a godsend if you can't sleep and don't want to disturb the other half as they just illuminate the pages you are looking at rather than spreading light around the room.

Hope you will soon feel better. I have physio this morning on my shoulder and she is hoping to do a bit more work on it now that it has been injected again.

Love LavendarLady x


Thanks LL

My wrists have followed your pattern. I feel the same today as I had yesterday.

Docs says its viral and my son is getting better, it just it is lingering and taking its time to clear. I guess he is off for the rest of the wk.


hi Sci....

hope your feeling better >>> im on the sofa for the day my right arm kills should of had both jabs in the same arm and not in the arm i use ha ha ha ... my other half has a cold and wen he sneezes he sneezes everywhere and i have moaned at him constantly and now thank god he has gone out and given me a bit of peace

hope you and your little one feels better soon

debs xx


You can cure your RA, this method is used 100 years ago, please watch this video

And after you watch it, search the one titled what is autho hemoterapy

I have three works of research about this method, if you do it you will cure

Best regards and my best wishes to you

Pacifico Escobar from Colombia South America


We would always encourage everyone to ask for scientific evidence when considering non-standard treatments for any conditions.

As far as NRAS and the British Society of Rheumatology (BSR) are aware there is currently no cure for rheumatoid arthritis.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate

NRAS Helpline


Hate to burst your bubble, but, with all the research going on, in many countries all over the world, I feel confident in saying, there is no cure for RA, and anybody offering such is likely a fraud. Just can't believe everything we hear, or read!


I agree, more than likely any relief is psychological and proves the power of the mind!


Hi all

Just want to say thanks for all your comment.

Feel the same as yesterday, son is of for the rest of the wk, hopefully the infection with will clear by next monday.

Slept better as in I was awak at 2.30, took more pain relief and I was not awake long before the drugs took affect and I was asleep again.

Take care all

Joanne x

PS. - I am a a great beleiver in science any suggest of a new treatment would have to have a full scientific study supporting it and be supported by this country medical establishment!


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