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not sure what is going on with me at the moment , it could be i am not in the right place .

over the last few months i have being getting some pain and stiffness in two or three joints now . my doctor at first put this down to wear and tare from my rugby days .

with the last set of blood tests he now wants me to see a specialist . he isnt very forth coming with info , all i did hear him say , not to me personally ,, but in a letter i only assume to the specialist .. referring to rhoomatiod arthritis ( sorry about the spelling )

now waiting for a letter or a call with a date and given some diclofenic ( again )

over the past few weeks i have being doing alot of reading and scared myself stupid , with what does the future hold .. ( not good ) suppose i will not be playing anymore rugby .

if any spare . i could do with some cyber hugs right now ..

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  • Hi notts and welcome to the site you will find that people on here are very welcoming and supportive. The new world of technology makes it so easy for us to find information on just about anything doesnt it, unfortunately not all of it is of good quality. Yes RA can be a frightening disease and have some horrible side-effects but the majority of sufferers get very good control and minimal disability if treated early and your GP has clearly taken relevant bloods and referred you early but most importantly taken you seriously. Some of us do not unfortunately have the same. When I went to see the rheumy he said to me dont be surfing the net as it will scare you stiff especially wi********ia. We will give you the relevant information.

    I have not yet had RA confirmed but was told it was probable and should get a firm diagnosis this week.

    You will find that this group of people are very supportive and knowledgeable.

    gentle hugs


  • This is probably the worst bit, around getting diagnosed. I remember I scared myself stupid too, and was convinced I'd be in a wheelchair in months. But with modern treatments it's not that bad, and most people respond very well to them and go on and have a 95% normal life. I've never been particularly sporty, but now walk 4 or 5 miles a day which is remarkable for me as pre-RA I never did more than totter to a bus stop, so it doesn't have to stop you in your tracks. The most important thing is to try to keep positive, and eat/sleep well while you're waiting to see specialist. Keep a note of your symptoms, and start a list of the questions you'll want to ask. And here's lots of cyber hugs too... Polly

  • Hello Notts, I know what you mean about the internet, But the best thing you have done for yourself at the moment is joining this loving and caring site,... I haven't started my Meds yet,

    because of a high liver function test, But have a appointment this morning to hopefully start them.

    People on here have really helped me get though this deceases over the past 4 months, Rheumatoid artist can be a very lonely place, but you have us here now to help and give you all our experience, Keep us up dated, Lots of hugs and xx

  • hello shirlthegirl . i am puzzled and confused . will i need a liver test . ? how is that done . ? . i have got question after question to ask . is it possible to message you , on here ? is that ok ?

  • If you are looking for information, stick to reputable sites - recognised charities, or things with an NHS link. Yes, it's scary, but it also ought to tell you how seriously to take it - it's good that your doctor is on the ball, and that will help you get the early diagnosis/intervention that you need. It's really important that you get all the tests done and follow any treatment they give you. With early diagnosis, lots of people return to almost the life they were living before. I got back to horseriding within a few months, so you may well be back on a rugby pitch - don't depair. I found that doctors were keen for me to meet my own aspirations. There was never any question of "Well, you'll have to give that up."

    Do remember to be kind to yourself. Don't overdo anything, rest a lot, eat well. It all helps. RA is a whole body disease so you have to treat your whole body well.

    Good luck.


  • Morning notts.please don't worry.i was in your situation April time,had to wait til July to see a consultant,and diagnosed early sep with RA and started methotrexate soon now on week 12 and doing loads better than before,so please don't worry.once they sort you out with diagnosis and meds you will then be on the right does take time for meds to kick in but it is worth the wait.this site is a godsend to me.and I read lots which sent me into a panic mode,but RA can be treated and it is when its not treated you need to you are doing everything you can and now waiting for letter.exactly my position in April.cyber hugs and my best wishes to you love MichellePs you read some of my past blogs and it could be you writing it.hope this helps xx

  • Hi notts

    Nothing i can add what others havnt already said. Im newly diagnosed and only been on meds since April but this site has been a godsend/lifeline. There are so many lovely people who unfortunately have this disease but they are so very knowledgeable.

    Sending huge cyber hugs. Take care and let us know how you get on?



  • thanks everybody ..

    does methotrexate work ?

  • thanks everybody ..

    does methotrexate work ?

  • Methotrexate has worked very well for me notts & i've been on it over two years with only a few small problems. As you are presumably in good shape physically apart from the joint problems you should be in a good position to tolerate methotrexate and may have fewer mobility problems than a formerly inactive person might, if it is RA. RA sites do seem to emphasiise worst case scenarios or maybe that is what tends to leap out at you.. In fact it is a very variable disease with many people having relatively minor symptoms from the start & even people whose symptoms get bad at some point often respond so well to the drugs that they get back to normal or very close to normal.

    Yes the first bit is the worst, that's for certain. And if it is RA looks like theyve got it really early which is very good news indeed, anyone will tell you that. Good luck to you.

  • Methotrexate works well for lots of people, which is why it's the drug they usually prescribe first. Don't scare yourself with the leaflets - lots of people don't get any of the side effects or very few of them or very mildly. Methtrexate is the drug which got me back on my horse!

  • Dear Notts

    It is completely understandable that you would have a lot of questions at this stage, and I wonder if you are aware of the NRAS Helpline? You are welcome to call or email us if you have any questions about RA that you think we might be able to help with. Our contact details are:

    Tel: 0800 298 7650 (9.30-4.30 Mon-Fri)


    Kind regards


    (NRAS Helpline)

  • notts dont get to dispondent with it i had loads of pain in 1991 then after 12 months it whent

    in 2005 came back took me longer with swimming pain free again till april 2012

    so it just depends which inflamotory one you have mate.


    but if all your aaches go i can only say to you DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN PACK AS MUCH STUFF IN WHILE YA FIT AGAIN AND LIVE EVERY DAY



    if this goes again you wont half see me pack some stuff in mate i wont have time for sleep LOL

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