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Awake all night for a good cause

Hi all, despite having an almost totally locked shoulder on Thursday & a stiff knee all Friday, I stayed all night at my city's Relay for Life (cancer walk relay). I would do a lap or 2, then rest. Every time I got up I had to walk out my knee again but I completed 7 miles thru the night. I was the only one that didn't try to sleep. I had taken two 5 mg prednisones on Thurs & also 2 yesterday, so I was wired & I can't sleep without my sleeping pill either.

I got to know my fellow walkers some and saw some old friends there & caught up. The relay had on loud music all night & had various fun things to do almost every hour too. They had frozen chicken bowling, and a poker lap game (pick a card every lap), and a frozen t-shirt contest too. I had fun just watching.

When I got home at 7:15 this am, I took my shoes off & immediately stubbed my toe & it bled. I slept for 2 1/2 hours then got up & made food for our Singles potluck, where I led out & then did most of the clean-up. I feel great physically, but my brain is a bit tired. I found that I couldn't follow a conversation very well at the potluck, my brain just turned off at times. Now I'm home & on the internet instead of sleeping. I may take a nap later.

I'm going to Branson Missouri on Tues until Friday with my Dad, SMom & 3 nieces. Ages 13, 11 & 8. Branson is a big Country town, which I'm not into, but I think we'll have some fun. There will be a lot of walking, I've been told. As long as I recover from my night with no sleep, I think I'll be Ok. The only thing that I feel now is a sore behind, so maybe sitting in a lawn chair the rest of the night did that.

It has been 90 to 101 for over 2 weeks now, with only 6 minutes of rain in nearly a month. They are forecasting another week with this high heat. We are being asked (not mandatory yet) to only water 3 times a week for only an hour. I must admit that I'm cheating, but I am only using one small twist on the faucet instead of 3 twists, so I think I'm using about the same amount of water as they want. I have to water my garden in back then drag my hose (2 hoses connected) from the back yard to the front yard to water my bushes & hostas & flowers. I haven't found anyone to water for me yet while I'm gone. Oh to have an automatic sprinkler, but that takes money.

Have a good week.


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Hi Christine, yesterday on our news it was reported that you are having a drought plus high temperatures in some parts of the US, hope it doesn't last much longer for you.

Over here we've had the opposite. Flooding in some places and definitely more rain than even we are used to. The hosepipe bans have now been taken off so we can at least water the plants if we need to.

We are being told it's due to the gulf stream moving.

Yesterday the weather was good here and it looks like the rest of this coming week the weather should be better for us, so fingers cross especially for those visiting and taking part in the olympic games. At least visitors will see the UK as green as it gets here!

You did well with your Relay for Life, well done!

Judi xxxx


makes me tired just reading all you did in last day! Hope the nap has done you good and you enjoy your trip to town. I shuttle between a big city, and deep countryside. I like the city, but after a few days I just want to get back to my quiet hillside and listen to the cowbells ringing not police sirens. Hope your plants survive without you. Polly


That's pretty impressive Tinwoman.

I had to read the bit about frozen chicken bowling, lap poker and frozen t-shirt several times before it would compute. Quaint customs from your side of the Atlantic perhaps? Not that I'm pointing the finger - after all we have morris dancing and cheese rolling among our many, many strange and mysterious ways.

As Judi said, we've had pretty dire weather here for weeks now, rain, rain and more rain so a bit of sunshine has been most welcome.

Thanks for the blog,



Hi Judy, I never thought about it, that some might not know about these things.

I didn't do the frozen t-shirt game because it would be too hard on my hands, first with the cold & then with trying to wrest it open & untied. The frozen chicken bowling was fun to watch, especially with little kids trying it as well as adults. They just roll a frozen chicken into bowling pins & by the end of the hour it was really thawing out & there were holes in the packaging.

I have seen cheese rolling on tv, but I don't know what morris dancing is.

It was a fun night. Better yet, I feel great physically.



Good heavens, Christine! Me thinks that might be a bit of Prednisone overload?! But, great thta you did all that, and are still up to going to Missouri. That is alot of walking, from where you can park, and alot of hills. But, you will see some great shows too!

When you get home you are going to need to crash for a couple weeks! Stay well, be cool :) Loret


Hi Christine

Gosh you seem to be busy :) Well done for doing the walk. I hope you don't hurt to much in the near future.

My penpal (of 11.5 yrs) who lives in Nashville has emailed me to tell me about the heat wave you are having at the moment. Alas here we have had predominately rain and floods. Today was the first day in ages for most of us where we had decent weather late 70's at least. The amount of peps including us that bbq this afternoon - well all I can say is that the supermarkets needed the sales.

Have a nice time at Branson Missouri with your family. Is it a country fair?

Take care Joanne x


Joanne, Branson is open all year-round and is 'western' or country. There will be lots of country & Gospel music like Nashville has. I don't know much about it really though, yet. We are going to visit a Precious Moment museum, and we may go to Silver Dollar City-which is an amusement park with roller coasters, etc.

My Dad is planning the trip & he always wants us to see & do too much. He'll have to let us take our time, especially with my neices; one of whom was born disabled. She is really good with her motorized chair though, she can breeze by me within inches at a high rate of speed. I'll take some photos & share them when I get back.



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