Yet another restless night..... don't you just love a good 'ole flare up?! 😝😀

Yet another restless night..... don't you just love a good 'ole flare up?! 😝😀

So fed up right now.... had a rubbish appointment at the usually great GP's today,even writing down a list of the questions I needed answers to as I keep forgetting,or getting fobbed off by the rheumatologist consultant,but the GP was so far behind(very unlike him) that the pre booked appointment was rushed and I'm still none the wiser as to any answers from my list of questions,or latest blood results! If I can muster the strength tomorrow then I'll try and get hold of the rheumy nurse,as something needs to be done,and soon before I get even lower on my downward spiral.

I also need to chase the insurance up from when someone very kindly rear ended my 4month old car while we were sat stationary on the a12 - it's the medical report that's held it up this long,although after reading my copy last week,it's almost like it's written for someone completely different!! This happened on the 1st of October last year,so to me this has dragged on for far too long.... as it is I'm already out of pocket almost Β£500 on Physio alone,as you can imagine the force needed to hit an xc60 so hard that it moves an 80kg Powerchair that's locked into place in the boot,and that force has smacked straight into my back(already had 3 ops on for fusion/ decompression) plus it's obviously had a huge impact on my body flaring just as my meds were beginning to finally work after being on this little lot since Jan..., so all in,last year I think I had about 2 1/2 weeks of being almost normal before this happened... joys!! I know it should be an open and shut case,with the other driver admitting liability(pretty hard for him not to when I was stationary and he ended up wedged under the back of my car😝) But I just can't understand how a Motability insurance solicitors can be that bad that they haven't even acknowledged the email I sent last week listing all of the faults with the report,and also how I expect to see the so called Dr on rogue traders anytime soon!! I can seriously see me losing it with them over the phone too (of course,a premium rate number that you have to ring them on.... luckily I have a freephone number I use and just keep hassling whoever answers til they pick up and put me through - why should I keep being out of pocket?!) As it is,I'm now back on anti depressants because just as I think I'm getting better then a lovely little flare raises its head and reminds me I'm no longer in charge of my body - I went out for two hours with mum this morning just to get out of the house,and boy am I paying the price for it nowπŸ˜©πŸ€’πŸ€• I've been falling asleep at the drop of a hat all week during the day,and then wide awake again,and uncomfortable during the night.... the only good things are that the cats are slowly coming around to the pup,so if you can bear the noise(and she is very quiet for a small dog,I made sure of that when we first got her)then it's great fun to finally watch the girls all run around like fruitcakes(yay,it's not just me in the house πŸ˜‚) the cats are jumping in and out of hiding places and patting the dog just hard enough to make her bark or jump,and then it's just like watching the whole room getting torn to shreds again,.... it's fun,but I do feel really guilty that I've now got a dog and pretty much just after I got her I've been ill since - I know she doesn't care as she can't stand the cold anyway,but it still makes you feel even more down,and so the circle carries on!!

Sorry for my rant,just needed to let off some steam,and to people who hopefully understand without me having to explain to them why I constantly feel so crap,and that I can't just put on my shoes and snap out of it - I don't get that said often,but when it is,it's usually with the other person beating a retreat pretty sharpish at the same time!!

Thanks for listening,and here's to you guys having a better time than me at the minute x

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  • Rant away,you don't have to put up with idiot lawyers,I have an excellent one,as I had abig firm once before who despite their TV adverts of a caring company, are bloody useless. Swapped to my new guys and was spoken to like a real person ,its not hard to change them either, so don't put up with this. Sorry about the flare I know they are absolute agony. So rant rant away,if you want to change please feel free to PM me.warmest Craig

  • I work on the premise if any firm advertises on TV....a very expensive way to advertise.....they are making too much money out of their clients.

    Think of all those complaints about double glazing companies!

  • Yep,you're definitely right there.

    I was going to speak to insurance firm today to chase things up,but didn't get woken up til 3pm this afternoon when the dog barked to be let out !!! This flare has literally knocked me for six and I'm losing days at a time without even realising it!😞

  • Well rest is the answer Njk...if your dog is tiny ,cut a dog could sleep all day!

    I took a tranquilliser for for the first time ever last night &'could not believe my eye when saw it was 7.30am!

    Can't wait to take another one tonight & see if I get another 8 hours!

    I hope your flare soon settles!

  • Thanks AgedCrone

    I have been on at him about a cat flap as it means the cats would have the run of the house and enclosed garden too(they're house cats) but he keeps moaning about the poss chill coming from a cat flap - my parents have one and dad is always meaning about the wind blowing through!

    I'm about to take my meds for tonight,and fingers crossed I get some more solid rest.... I just can't believe a dog of only 13 1/2 weeks can sleep all day before needing to be let out,but then again,babies do nothing but sleep too,don't they?! πŸ˜‚

    Here's hoping you get another good nights rest

    Nicki x

  • You can get cat flaps with some sort of magnetic catch that operates with something in the animals doesn't blow Open! So no drafts

    They have one one next door..but their cats like coming in thru my patio door & if I leave it open I will find the two of them on my bed!

  • Well,My neighbour would love to find my cats on her bed(she works long hours and doesn't have her own pets for first time in years) but as we've got an enclosed garden(would never have believed how good they were til the cat over the road constantly got into the other part of our garden,and even ontop of our shed,but just couldn't get into the enclosed part (it's the angles the brackets and netting is set at that does all the hard work) plus,in the summer,as the enclosed garden is on the side where our downstairs windows are,and we have a very secure gate to prevent anyone else getting in,we leave them open all night so they can come and go as they please(aluminium Insect screens with pvc coated netting made up with a cat flap cut into one of them to be on safe side for bites etc)our male cat Thomas made sure the little fella from across the road didn't try his luck again - thom's a proper old street cat rescue,and when it comes to it,most dogs would run a mile from him,let alone a young male catπŸ˜‚πŸ˜» I'd definitely recommend getting one of these garden enclosure kits to anyone who wasn't 100% sure - I'd be lost without mine.

  • I love your dooggie!!!! He's so cute !!

    And to answer your question I do love a good old flare up !!!!! Nothing makes you feel quite as useless!!!!

    Where would we be without them??????!!!!!!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  • Thanks Phoo2

    Minnie is a Maltese - she's just under 14wks of age at the minute,and as much as my life is hard at the minute because of my flare,there's definitely no way I'd be without her at all 😍

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