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Not a good day today

Have just had 2 fairly good days wont say I was painfree but was less stiff and slept abit better but just had a dreadful nights sleep with pain and stiffness in hands. Thanks for your answers to my question on Rheumatoid factor. Only 2 weeks now till see Rheumy and hope to get a diagnosis. Then can get on with some treatment. Feels good to find this site can see how you are very supportive of each other and dont feel bad sounding off as you all in same position. folks at home dont always understand when you cant peel the potatoes.

thanks again


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Hi cris,I have sent you an inbox message I hope this helps you.i think this is the worst part waiting for 1 st appt,well it was for very new to RA too,and I know what you mean about the potatoes !!!! Take care Michelle xxx


yes, this is the worst bit and things should get better once you know what you're dealing with.

But potato skins are very tasty! Sorry if a bit flippant, but I live in France a lot of the time and many French people seem to think that potato skins are evil. The number of times I've served beautifully scrubbed new potatoes in their skins, only to have people solemnly sit at table peeling them while their dinner gets cold...... Like ironing, RA makes you adjust priorities and peeling veg is no longer one of mine... Pollyx


agree with u that potato skins are very tasty but not everyone thinks so in my house but they can do their own if they dnt like the skin. arent doin 2 much ironing either but cant say I miss that.


Cooking generally is a challenge, isn't it? I want to do it because I'm not going out to work now but my OH is plus I like good food & need it more than ever now. I went through a stage of producing horrible slops - partly because the whole business stretched me to the limit physically & partly because of trying to cut down on ingredients that might be bad for me.

Lately though the standard's risen considerably! I think that's because I'm learning short cuts and also beginning to understand that some of the simplest meals are the best.

Ironing?? Only ever did it for job interviews! Well, and sometimes just for a nice change.

Cris, I hope you get a good night's sleep tonight, it makes such a difference doesn't it? I'm sure you know that exercise can help with that, often works for me but not always.

Christina xx


have joined the gym and try to get 3 times a week but not always up to it. tried pilates too but limited in what can do with exercises but it does help. have worked thurs and friday and dont know if that has aggravated things.

cris xx


Hello Cris

I understand how you must be feeling, I was diagnosed at least a month ago by my doctor,

And am having to wait untill the 14th november to get any treatment it really gets me down, I have now been of work for 4 months and I really miss it, my job is a very demanding and physical, So I have all these questions( will I ever be able to return ) sorry to hear you have had a bad day hope you have a better one tommorrow, and I also know what you mean about spuds, have been trying to show my 14 year old daughter how to peel them,



my dghtr now 26 and she very supportive but married and not at home she trying to get through to OH but he not always receptive. hope things go OK 4 u on 14th Nov got my app 5th nov and hope things pos as got bad stiffness and pain as well as RF of 167 trying 2 think positive and hoping 2 get diagnosis and start tx. how did ur diagnosis go and why u waiting till nxt month 4 reatment decision

all the best and a big cyber hug

cris xxx


My Doctor diagnosed me, she took a blood test and my RF came back as 689, there is also a history in my family of RA ,

She then had to refer me to a rehumatioist, I was up and down the doctors and hosptial for

At least 7 weeks with 1 joint or another and this was before I was diagnosed,

I am on tramdol, Meloxicam and Amitriptyline to help me sleep at the moment,

Just can't wait to get on the right med.

Good luck on the 5th, let me no how you get on take care xxx


It seems that people dont believe us doesnt it. Why would you keep going with different joints if there was not an underlying problem.Especially if you have a strong family history of RA. At least you got sorted with pain meds and something to help you sleep. I am on ibuprofen and paracetamol only at moment also got some piroxicam gel but that doesnt seem to do anything..

good luck to you too.

cris xx


My doctor told me the reason that I was not diagnosed quicker was being I was seeing different doctors, I suppose she has to say that to protect themselfs, But it is hard to see the same doctor sometimes because of the waiting time, when you are in so much pain anyone will do that's why I went to A&E a lot, but I must admit she has been really good, after taking my blood on the Monday she had me back in on the Wednesday so that she could put me on the correct pain killers,

I don't no how I would cope without the tramdol and the Amitriptyline it helps me to sleep,

Before I took them I didn't sleep propertly for weeks ended up crying when I saw the doctor that diagnosed me in the end, I thought I was going mad!!!!!

Why don't you make a appointment to see your doctor and get them to put you on something stronger being you have at least two weeks before your appointment,

Good luck cris and we are not mad!!!!!!



I am at a practice with only 1 dr and he said he didnt know what else to give me but the piroxicam. I cant take anything with codeine and am not coping too badly at the moment apart from yesterday. seems to be more of a background pain at the moment until a particular joint flares up. If that happens again ill go and see if I can get anything stronger



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