Oh what a night!!!!!!!!

Oh what a night!!!!!!!!

Good morning to you all. First some nice news. It is my hubbys 72 birthday and without him i couldn't manage what i am going through at the moment.

Well as the title says what a night,i spent most of it on the toilet and i didn't sleep very well either. I had weird dreams about a friend of mine and handbags,don't ask,she is such a diva by her own admission. She has had a band put in and she has lot a of weight. Anyway it was a very difficult night and i was down here at five this morning. Nothing new there thank goodness. I took my meds and had a drink of milk and i hoped that they would stay in,well they were absorbed before i was back on the loo. Anyway i have taken matters into my own hands and took some immodium. I only took one instead of the two prescribed to be on the safe side. We will see how that goes anyway. I have emailed my dietician to see if this is right at this time.

This is me at my heaviest. Have a good day to you all.xxxxx

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  • Happy birthday to hubby have a great day

  • Sorry you didn't have a good night, can't imagine what your going through, I do hope the dreaded toilet visits stop soon.

    Happy 72nd birthday to your OH, hope he has a good day.


  • Hi Sylvi,

    Happy Birthday to Hubby.

    Have a nice day.

    Jane x

  • Hi Sylvi,

    Sorry to here that you have stuck on throne all night. Here's hopping it will settle down very soon. Best wishes to your H. Smiler X

  • Must have been the night for it. Obviously it's all going on in your head with dreaming.

    Happy birthday wishes to your hubby & hope you can enjoy his special day with him. x

  • Happy Birthday to your husband Just be careful I suppose it will take a bit of getting use to , finding what is best for you to eat good luck x Dawn

  • Hi Sylvi- good to get it all out so to speak. Imodium is a life saver. I found that the intermittent diarrhea could strike at any time so I always carried a bit with me. Works like a dream for me...my new best friend since starting DMARDS. I wondered if wild dreams were part of the side effects too! Who knows.

    Good luck managing the side effects and taking care of yourself. Be kind to yourself most of all. Glad you have a great support in your hubby.

    Cheers Doreen

  • Think as you have just had your op and not feeling so good and loose bowels you should maybe talk to your GP in case of problems. Xx

  • My dietician has said the same and tomorrow if i am still like it i will. Though i have to say i have had more soup today i have not been too bad. I had soup at 11, 1,and 2.30 and it has helped. I had a good old howl after lunch and i went and laid down though i didn't sleep due to the noise next door by the treemen i have rested which has helped.

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