Shoulder Operation

Shoulder Operation

Saw the consultant yesterday and he has confirmed one of the tendons in my shoulder is catching on the bone and he intends to chip away at the bone with his little chisel to make some more space. It will be done under a local anaesthetic using a shoulder block so I won't feel anything but will be sitting awake and chatting to the theatre staff! How weird is that? He will also try to repair the tear in the tendon as well. He put my shoulder through some exercises and you could hear the clicking noise from the collar bone as well.

It will mean an overnight stay in hospital. I will be sent home with my arm in a sling, pain killers, and exercises to do. The sling stays put for a day or so only as I have to get the shoulder moving as soon as possible apparently. Wom't be able to drive for a while and it takes up to 6 weeks to settle down. We are now trying to find a date which fits in between our booked holidays. He also referred to me as having "youth on my side!. That's a laugh but as he often deals with people in their nineties I suppose I should be flattered to be considered young, reasonably fit and fairly active!

Himself has an infected toe so is hobbling around. He saw the GP today (I thought it was gout!) and has antibiotics and cream to use as he has a touch of athletes foot as well. Ha - he certainly isn't an athlete! I don't know why but it is always his feet which are affected

He is due to have a minor foot operation on the 16th July so won't be able to drive for 48 hours. My Endoscopy is the 19th so at least he can take me there and bring me back. My son tells me I do not need a sedative. That's what he thinks!

So now we wait for a date - hope it won't be too long and that it is all over and done with before we go to Cyprus at the end of September. Aviva have confirmed authorisation - just need the procedure code and a date and it is all systems go. At least with a local anaesthetic I won't get the problems I usually get with a general which makes me very ill.

Will update once I know more. LavendarLady xx

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  • It sounds like a lot to face but if the end result is going to make you more able& comfortable happy for you that its going to happen soon. With a holiday planned for you &HO to relax & recharge batteries hope date comes through soon.

    Take care of yourself in the meantime! Alison x

  • Hope things will be easier for you

  • Am so glad to hear you can get something done. I banged my shoulder a few months ago and my consultant told me i had totally burst it and there is no way it can be repaired as its like trying to stitch to gether a dishcloth with it all holes. It can be so sore at times pain driving me up the walls. So all of you that have RA please be careful not to bang yourself. Good luck with operation.

  • I don't know if i would like to be alert whilst they were working on me, i think i would rather be dreaming. You do seem to have a good team around you LL so i am happy for you that you are getting it all sorted out.

  • I'm with Mads on that one, I don't want to see the details and would prefer to be under a general. But I'm sure better in terms of fewer after effects, so probably best decision. Hope they at least put up a screen so you don't actually have to watch him and his little chisel. When I had my knee re shaped, afterwards the surgeon wanted to show me the photos of how carefully he'd sculpted it as he seemed very proud of his artistry. So I'm sure I have his initials chiselled into my kneecap somewhere. Px

  • Hi Helix & Mads, it doesn't bother me not after having both cataracts done, having a double break in a wrist set 3 years ago and then looking at the x rays after! I am pretty sure he will chisel his initials on my shoulder as well! I react very badly to a general anaesthetic as allergic to morphine so usually end up with BP and body core dropping alarmingly, being specialed by a nurse taking vitals every 15 minutes (in case I suddenly conk out), under a space blanket to try and keep me warm (I am shivering so violently I almost fall off the bed!) and then violently sick for ages afterwards. Even when they only use a tiny amount of morphine and pump me full of paracetemol I still get the reaction. So having it done under a local will be a doddle.

    I don't think they screen as otherwise he couldn't get at the shoulder properly but I would imagine I will have my head turned away and chat to someone on my left instead. Heard from his secretary yesterday and have let her have my holiday dates to work round. Been onto Aviva and they have confirmed no problem with funding just have to let them know the admission date and the procedure code which I now have. Just waiting now for an admission date - hope they can fit it in between Cowes week mid August and going to Cyprus at the end of September!

    Himself's foot is a little better - the antibiotics are working. So by the time we get to the airport on Sunday for our Irish break, he should be ok. LavendarLady x

  • Where abouts in ireland are you going as i live in northern ireland. Bring your waterproofs as raining as usual. Enjoy your hols

  • We're off to Donegal area with some trips up to Malin Head and the Giant's Causeway and then into Belfast to meet up with some friends before we fly back on Thursday. I looked at the long range forecast and told Himself we needed macs and an umbrella! LavendarLady x

  • Donegal is beautiful. Giants causway has been on tv as new opening on tv ,Complaining it was very costly to get in. Bring the bank

  • I've just had my second arthroscopic decompression which is what you're talking about and it has been well worth going through.mine were both general a but didn't mind shoulders feel loads better and the pain in them is now much more bearable.recovery is slow going but Lots of rest and sling wearing are ok.just don't rush it afterwards.ive had a torn tendon following my last op.basically your muscles need to refit to hold everything in place and this can be time consuming.good luck


  • Thanks Callendargirl. That's very helpful. will let you all know how I get on with the op once I've had it. Very glad your op went ok and the shoulder is now much better. When mine is really playing up I could cheerfully chop it off just to get some relief from the pain.

    No I will take it easy afterwards - my friend says I have a tendency to try to do too much too soon (when I had breast cancer she found me on the floor the week after being discharged from hospital, scrubbing it - I did use the other arm!). LavendarLady x

  • I hope the op goes ok Lavender is the local the consultants suggestion?. I think that is more scary than the endoscopy.. I had one last year and without sedation it was ok the nurse convinced me it would be fine it was a bit daunting but they numb your throat with a spray xx

  • He suggested a general but when I told him how I reacted and that my GP had mentioned a shoulder block, he then explained how it would work and that I wouldn't feel anything but would hear him tapping with his chisel. (I did suggest he got the Black and Decker out but I think he missed the point of that comment!).

    Looks like it will be the 18th August - just waiting for final confirmation.

    Thanks for the info re the Endoscopy - my son said much the same thing so will see how I feel on the day. Off to Ireland on Sunday for a few days so will have a bit of a rest. LavendarLady x

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