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Just to bring you up to date with the saga of the rotator cuff and pain in the shin bone. Had the scan on Tuesday - results to GP by Wednesday who gave me a copy of the scan results which confirmed what I had said for a long time - something was tearing in the shoulder. There is a large full thickness tear in one of the tendons, the end of the collar bone is loose and wobbly (I expect it will ping out one of these days) and various other bits and pieces are damaged. Saw my RA consultant today who said that the operation to repair the tendon is long and complicated and he wouldn't recommend it. Rather glad about that as had my share of ops in the past and I don't react well to anaesthetic as allergic to morphine. (Would be very expensive being a heroin addict I think!) It can't repair it self apparently so he is recommending to GP, some physio to strenthen the area and apparently other muscles and tendons take over the job of the damaged ones. The pain in the shin is not RA - thank God - as RA only affects the joints. He had a look at it but thinks it is muscle or tendon being overstretched.

He doesn't need to see me now for 3 months (unless I get a bad flare up in the meantime) - he may increase the MTX to 20 mg as the Enbrel is not working as well as it should but he doesn't think I am bad enough to change to Rixumitab (or whatever it is called). So I will see him in November and see how things are. The steroid injection a month ago seems to have done the trick generally and the warmer weather has helped.

Taking my cousin to Peterborough station today to catch the East Coast up to Durham. She has been staying with me this week - so we have been out and about. Took her to see stunning Ely Cathedral yesterday and we had lunch in the cathedral cafe. It was pouring with rain but by the time we came out, it was beginning to clear up. Went out for a meal last night to our local wine bar on the quay which was lovely. A beautiful sunset over the river after all the rain and the horrendous storm the day before. I was caught in it coming back from the dentist - the rain was stair rods, floods over the road, couldn't see a thing because of the mist coming up with the rain, and everyone travelling at 10 miles an hour. We used to live in Ely so know the cathedral well. also got a free pass for the rest of the year as well! Can't be bad.

Plumbers are here today sorting out the bidet taps so will be able to wash my feet again. Ha Ha.b lol. LavendarLady x

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  • Glad to hear you got an answer to your prob. Even if it can't be put right so to speak knowing what's causing it can help. Sounds like you had a lovely time with your cousin. Must get myself one of those footbaths lol have a good day Babs xx

  • good news some physio/ hydro should sort you out.. ely cathedral meant to be very nice xx

  • I do like your blogs LavenderLady and was especially happy to see you posted one today but where's my LEMON TART!!!! ;)

    hehe, it's okay, I can see you've been busy :)

    Glad you've got an answer at last and it's not the RA..

  • Hi Wiliby - I see greed is taking over this blog! Only kidding. I use the recipe for Hestons Lemon Tart - delicious. Serves 6 here it is.

    375g frozen shortcrust pastry. 4 unwaxed lemons. (juice of 4, finely grated zest of 3). 170g unsalted butter, cubed. 220g golden caster sugar. 5 free range eggs. l medium egg yolk beaten. Roll out pastry, preheat oven to 180oC or Gas Mark 4. Place pastry into 23cm tin, prick with fork and leave in fridge for 30 minutes. Put baking sheet and baking beans into tin and bake for 20 minutes. While case is cooling, zest 3 lemons and reserve then roll all 4 lemons to release the juice, juice them and measure out 150 ml. Put butter and sugar into pan with juice, zest and eggs. Place over medium heat and stir until butter has melted and sugar has dissolved,. increase heat to medium high and allow to simmer and stir for 5 seconds then remove from heat. Pass through a sieve into a bowl, cover with cling film and leave in fridge to cool for 30 minutes. When cold pour the lemon filling into the case, place in fridge for at least 1 hour until set and serve with cream, creme fraiche, strawberries, raspberries etc or whatever takes your fancy,.

    Will do the Ice Box Cake recipe another day. LavendarLady x

  • I am greedy :?

    I think I mat just try that out after all, thank-you for taking, i'm not normally bossy, just when a puddings involved!!!

    Your meal sounds soooo yummy tonight, yes very jealous :)

    Have a good night and thanks again x

  • might not mat doh

  • nice recipe xx

  • then again, lemon tart may be a tad tricky, I manage to get rice crispy cakes wrong x

  • Hi Dotty, yes your blogs are a drop of brightness!!

    I was told exactly the same about my Rotator Cuff! I didn't fancy the op neither because I knew someone who had the same and ended up (after some time mind) with a fused shoulder joint! So it's easier to put up with the fact that you have to be careful with what you do with it!! I still use the exercise the phsyio gave me back then (going back a couple of years) and use them for both shoulders to keep the muscles supple! Still got my bit of green stretchy stuff, which I think is getting perished!

    And what's all this about Lemon Tarts - my favourite... I made a beaut of a lemon drizzle cake t'other day, and even if I say so myself, it were loverly... Not that I had that much because I was going to sell it!

    Take care

    Julie xx

  • hi, I come from ely, though i don't live there now. What did you think of the cathedral? It is a lovely place, did you see the window by the font, on a sunny day it looks real. Also the lady chapel is worth a visit with all that clear glass. Hope you had a good day


  • Hi Sylvi, yes it is a beautiful cathedral and one of my favourites. Durham is the other one. We lived just outside Ely for 3 years and the cathedral was our place of worship. Have also been down for recitals, concerts etc since we moved to Norfolk. I have always loved the Lady Chapel but the statue of Mary is awful - I think they could have got something better - it looks like something out of Shrek! Lighted candles in St. Ethelreda's Shrine for my parents and left a prayer card for them as well. I agree the windows are out of this world. LavendarLady xx

  • The journey to Peterborough on Friday was a nightmare caused by an accident on the A47 which meant everyone was held up. We detoured off round Wisbech and managed to get back onto the A47 at Thorney but the whole journey took 2 hours when normally it takes 45 minutes! My cousin missed her train but we managed to book her on the next one although no reserved seat. A very nice young man helped her put her case on the rack and she got a seat in the unreserved coach. She rang me to say she had arrived home having got to Durham to find no taxi (which she had booked!). He did eventually turn up with lots of excuses but at least she got home at a reasonable hour.

    Got in from shopping this morning to find Berry has destroyed a recipe book of mine, torn up a lot of mail (Himself was not pleased but I told him he should not have left it there!). Very subdued dog who is very wary round me at the moment having had a good telling off. Himself has taken himself off to do the bar at the club and taken Tilly with him. I am going down to my son's for an hour and then guests tonight for a Moroccan Tagine with Couscous, chocolate pots, strawberries and cream. Hope that makes you all jealous!

    Love LavendarLady x

  • any chance of the tagaine recipe too??

  • Will see what I can do and let you have it. May send it via the message system so as not to clog up the blogs unless everyone else wants it as well! LL

  • I have had torn rotator cuffs, had operations on both shoulders, the right one in october and the left in january. Whilst using the right one more due to the op on my left, I tore my right one again. had an op to repair the rotator cuff again, this time it is taking a bit longer to repair but Surgeon brillant. Would never consider not having had the surgery as my shoulders are much better for it. I also have had lots of surgery but if it happens a fourth time, I would hesitate in having it done all over again.

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