Shoulder Replacement Operation Success,

Had a "simpliciti" shoulder replacement on Thursday 23rd February. Was in private hospsital (BUPA paid) for a couple of nights and then home until consultants follow up and physio starts.

Although I see my Rehumy Consultant on the NHS as I take Enbrel and it is very expensive, she called into see me in the private hospital on her way home from work at the NHS hospital, at 8.40p.m. That's dedication.

Things feel promising. Have had two torn rofator cuff on right shoulder and one on the left. When my right shoulder was being replaced they found a third tear.

Feeling quite positive. This should sort out my problems with my shoulder.

I wonder which bit of me will need fixing next?


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Good to hear you are doing well Muffin (love the name). It was really nice of your consultant to call in to see you. I know they are well paid but they really do work long hours to earn it. x


There are still some decent doctors out there. The consultant who is going to be doing my knee rang saturday to see how i am so that was nice as well. hope you recover well an soon. sylvi.xx


It's heartening to hear that doctors are still showing dedication as you say. Hope you make a good recovery Muffin (yes great name!) and start coming on here to relieve the boredom while recovering from the op. TTx


Hi Muffin, very good news. Glad it all went well. I also have a torn rotator cuff which causes me a lot of pain but an operation has been ruled out for the present.

What exactly did they do? As I understand the rotator cuff can also be repaired in some way. LavendarLady x


I have had four rotator cuff repairs. Both shoulders were damaged with over-use when pushing my Mum in her wheelchair. I had the left one repaired, and it has been fine. On the right side, (I am right handed), it was repaired, after about 5 months I tore it again flushing a toilet, it was repaired then 7 months later I tore it again folding up the branches on the Christmas tree. The last tear was only discovered when I had the shoulder replacement, which has been done with a simpliciti replacement, which is new on the market and only been out 6 months.

When I had my rotator cuff repairs done, they were done by a Consiultant who works alongside my Rheumy. Consultant, and fortunately his speciality is the shoulder. He is a greay guy, has the most fantastic sense of humour and I have every faith in him. He has done other Ops for me and all has been well with those.

For the rotator cuffs I had them done individually, I went into hospital, had a general anesthetic and came home the next day. The procedure is done by inserting tools into the shoulder, stitching the tears and fastening them back to the shoulder joint. They also cut off a bit of the shoulder bone to make the cuff run more smoothly over it. After the Op a "fridge" unit is placed on the shoulder to keep the swelling down then you do home, complete with a CD of the operation! You have a sling on full time, including in bed for 3 weeks, you cannot actually use your shoulder at all immediately after the op. but slowly movement does return but then physio starts and slowly you ween yourself off the sling You have to be committed to the physio as it not you do not get your full movement back.

As the cuffs kept tearing I had X-rays to see if my shoulder bones were strong enough to take the replacement, and thankfully they were. On the x-ray you could see clearly the second rotator cuff repair anchor, like a screw, floating about in my shoulder, it had become detatched from the bone.

Hope this info gives you an insight into the rotator cuff repairs.

Good luck.



Thanks Muffin. Wow what a palaver! Think I'll leave it for the time being!~ Hope all goes well. LavendarLady x


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