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a date for my knee op

got a phone call today with a date for my knee op, it's going to be on 23rd July......

one problem I go on holiday on 11th August, but i think i should still be ok!!!!!!! (she says!!) We are travelling from Newcastle to Southsea, so quite a drive but might have to have a stop over somewhere now, Just won't be able to do all the things we wanted to do, but hey at least it's a break and we all need a break.

If I find i cant manage there is always the option of hiring a wheelchair whilst there.

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I'm having my knee done on the 17th of this month and we are going to cornwall on the 23rd june.

I hope that everything goes well for you.



And for you too x


That's a bit of a long wait, so hope you can manage ok until then. Maybe you could ask the hospital or the red cross about lending you a wheelchair so you've got one just in case? Polly


as long as it's in the required 18 weeks it's not a long wait!!

thanks for the advice about the red cross i have contacted the red cross in Portsmouth about hiring a wheelchair, just in case.


Hope all goes well with the op and enjoy your holiday. I'm sure you'll be ready for the break by then.

On a operate note Aston, are you involved with the Newcastle groups plans to greet Dr Martin Lee when he gets up this way?? I'd really like to help out if I can. xx


operate???? I'm sure you'll know I mean separate. lol x


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