Knee op & rituximab infusion

There seems to be some progress on my next knee op (thank heavens I've only got 2!) I've received the letter saying I can expect the op within the 12 week limit. And the rheumy says that he'll delay my rituximab until 2 weeks after the op. The waiting list people say I can expect the op by the end of March beginning of April.

I'm a bit apprehensive about my RA at the moment as I have the shivery feeling you get with a flare, but the rheumy suggests I go to GP to check I havent got an infection. Tomorrow is a bit full up but I'll try for Monday appointment. Rheumy is also offering me another steroid jab but I'll see how I cope without.

Does anyone else find that if they have to get up a bit in the night you're less stiff than you are if you sleep through ?

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Yay! That's good news. Hope you don't have a flare, maybe it's one of those nearly flares that happen with a bit of stress ....

Not sure about night time ....'possibly' I think is the answer. It's a bit like evenings, I feel happier if I really relax and get into a film or something but can end up awful stiff. Maybe less so if I fidget but then that's not ideal either.


Thanks, postle2! I find that I tense up when I'm in a semi-flare which isnt great. ANyway we got new bedding - duvet cover etc for tonight and that might make me feel better.


Good news! It's easier to hang on if you can see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, at least I always find that. M x

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Oh, Good! That's very encouraging, though I do hope you aren't getting g an infection. They won't touch my knees until my RA is under control and I'm off steroids.

Yes, if I sleep soundly (which is rare), I am stiffer in the mornings than if I toss and turn and makes trips to the loo. But on balance, I'd rather have the sleep. J x


I hope they do your knees soon. My rheumy knows it may not be controlled by the time I get my op but has said he'll order the ritiximab so I can have it two weeks after the op. So it'll be a bit late but not too much I hope. This is providing all goes according to plan. I think it's useful to compare notes, Jo, it gives us information-ammunition



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