All set for my op tomorrow

Tomorrow is hysterectomy day. I have to be at the hospital for 11am as I'm on the afternoon list but I don't know what time I'll be going down. I've treated myself to a nice new dressing gown, slippers and nightie. Also taking a few healthy fruits and nuts to snack on...after the op...and a little bag of Thorntons choccies as a treat :-) yummy! Have taken my mtx as usual today on the advice of the specialist nurse. I hope to be back home very soon and look forward to catching up with you all. Love to all

Paula x

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  • Good luck will be thinking oe you

  • Good luck for tomorrow. hope all goes well . take it easy and let people wait on you. For a change. xx

  • Good luck Paula...I'm sure you will be in safe hands, looking forward to seeing you on here as soon as you're able to :) xx

  • Good luck and hope all goes well will be thinking of you


  • Good luck for tomo,will be thinking of you,take care love Michelle xxx

  • Hope goes swimmingly, and makes you feel better. Pollyx

  • good luck for tomorrow, time will fly and your op will be over in no time and you'll soon be chomping on your chocolates :)

  • Good luck Paula , hope by this time tomorrow you are well on the way to a good recovery.

    Take care :)

    Beth xx

  • Good luck Paula

    Mary x

  • Lots of luck for tomorrow, hope all goes well.

    Take care.

    Jill xx

  • my very very best wishes for a smooth operation and a speedy recovery x

  • Hope it all goes well :-)

    Dotty xx

  • Ditto - hope it all goes really well and those well deserved Thornton'schocs go down the hatch with great pleasure afterwards. Tilda xxx

  • Good luck.

    Be thinking of you.



  • Wishing you all the best Paula. Take care. Love Janet xxx

  • Wishing you well for today Paula,and i hope you will soon be up and about. I joke about mine being my 40th birthday present to myself as mine was done 23 days before my birthtday. You do as your told and don't over do it with this op.Love

  • Look forward to hearing from the new you. Agree with sylvi the best thing that happened to me. Sweet dreams from the anesthestic have a good recovery don't forget the next six weeks no heavier than a light kettle. Xxx

  • Good luck with your op I hope everything goes well and that you feel okay afterwards

  • All the best of luck and success, Paula. I have often said, that was the best thing I ever did for myself. Just enjoy others doing for you, for as long as you can get away with it! :) Loret xx

  • Good luck,speedy recovery.come back soon x x x

  • Good luck Paula,be thinking of you. Enjoy your chocs you deserve them x

  • So glad you've kitted yourself out for the occasion - the few times I've been in hospital I've suddenly seen my worn-out nightwear with new eyes & felt the shame! You sound very prepared and I hope the operation goes very smoothly. Best wishes,

    Luce xx

  • Good luck to you! Hope it all goes well, I'm sure it will. Be good and don't do anything you shouldn't or rush getting back to normal. It was very boring for me afterwards not doing anything and I did get back to work a bit too soon, but after 6 weeks I was climbing the walls! (Well, not really cos I wasnt allowed to do any climbing).

    Do what the dr. says, watch what you eat as you wont be able to burn up the calories for a while and good on you for the Thorntons - we all deserve a little treat.

    Let us know afterwards how you are.

    Lynn x

  • best wishes and good luck hope all goes well and a speedy recovery for you. Lena xx

  • Youll be nearly ready for the off, i hope it goes ok

    Xx cathie

  • Thank you all so much for the lovely thoughtful messages, you've made me feel very special. All I need now is a removal van for my huge bag! Have a good day and hope the sun shines for you x x x

  • It'll all be over soon. Thinking about you all day. X

  • Thinking about you, won't be long before you're up and about again. Good luck.

  • Good luck for tomorrow.

    When I had my hysterectomy I went in on crutches because of my RA and came out feeling so much better and carry my crutches. Thought I had found a cure for RA and didn't need my meds. Alas it was only a temporary remission but well worth those few months feeling very well.

    Found the following website very useful: hysterectomy-association.or...

  • Just wanted to wish you good luck for op and recovery. Thinking of U today.

    Caroline. X

  • Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  • Sorry Im late with my post been busy last few days and have been off line. Good luck with your op Paula and speedy recovery...will be thinking and praying for you.Lizaxxx

  • Thinking of you, take Care Shirley xx

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery xx

  • Hope all went well. X

  • Sorry Paula I am a bit late with my message. Hope that all goes well and that you are up an about very soon.

    Wendy xx

  • Thinking of you, get well soon xxx

  • Good luck Paula. I had mine 10 years ago best thing i ever had done. Take some polo mints in as well, they help with the trap wind after :-) . Make sure you do as you are told when you come home & you will recover with no problems. Xx Alison

  • Been there and learned not to rush things! Enjoy being waited on x

  • I am the same as Sylvi, Best thing that ever happened to me.

    Please as everyone says...... Do NOT overdo things. Don't even lift the kettle!

    I had mine 10 years ago and I have no regrets at all!!

    Hope you are doing ok


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