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Great news


I’ve been absent for a while but I have amazing news!!! My brother is up and better then ever. He spent a month in a special brain rehabilitation hospital and now we are outpatient in the same hospitals patient housing!! He’s made amazing progress and it is hoped that he will be able to weight bare on June 6th. Every doctor and nurse he’s met has told us how amazing his progress has been and he should make a full recovery in a year or two. He has to be extra careful with his head as any tiny little bump could cause enough damage to kill him but for the most part he’s pretty much good to go. While he may never walk the same (with the small possibility of never walking again at all) but his life should get back to somewhat normal eventually. He won’t be allowed to drive or work for a couple years but what is the most important thing is that he get better and is as close to 100% as he’ll manage to get!

Also as of a week and a day ago I finally turned 18!! In order to move out I’ll just need to get a job and save some money but for now I’m staying with my mom and brother helping both of them out. The stress zits are for real though haha! I’d like to thank everyone who prayed for my brother and hoped he’d get better! And for everyone’s support in the hardest times of my life! I appreciate all of you and your kindness and support if very my appreciated!

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Firstly - Happy Belated 18th Birthday to you! 🎂🎁

Secondly - What great news about your brother. Hopefully he'll make further progress in his own time, as you know these things can't be rushed.

You & family are giving him amazing support, as well as supporting each other.

Big hugs to you. x


Lots of good news there Ccrowlu. Happy 18th birthday 🎂

Such positive news Cortney. It must be a huge relief for you & your family that he's made such huge steps towards recovery. Still needing your support but as things were so unsure only a few months back it has to be good news.

Congratulations on turning 18 🎂. I know priorities have changed & family takes precedence just now but you'll beat able to fly soon enough, think of it as being needed more. You've the rest of your life to look forward to. x

Great news

Congratulations on your 18th . I'm so pleased for your brother and your family . Just be kind to yourself I know you want to fly , but I'm not sure your mum will be able to let you go so soon . I'm glad you are staying with her for a while longer , don't rush the big wide world 🌎 will still be there ,but your journey has already begun . 🍾💐🤗xx

Glad your brother is on the mend. xxxx

This is great news 😁🤗

I'm so pleased to hear your brother is doing so well.

Happy Birthday for your 18th......I hope you find a great job.....well done you for staying to help your Mom with your brother.

Happy birthday and brilliant news regarding your brother! Well done for staying strong and supporting him and your mum.

Happy belated birthday to you. So pleased to hear your good news, everything is working out for you. You will soon have a new job and a home of your own, just give it a bit more time. Your mom and brother will be so grateful for your help. X

Happy 18th Birthday 🎂🎈🎉 Courtney. So pleased read about your brothers progress - answered prayers. Onwards and upwards for both of you now. Love and best wishes. X

It’s so nice when people have good news , so pleased for your brother . Good luck .

Dear Ccowlu,

I share your Happiness, you have made MY day too!

Love, and Prayers, to you Both.


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