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Son has covid - update

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Tried to dodge this outbreak by finishing work early only for my son to test positive today. He has been fatigued since the weekend and sneezing . He did lateral flow tests every day all negative. Wednesday said I really don’t feel well . He had a high temperature ( he suffers with unexplained high temperatures quite regularly) again did a lateral flow test still negative. By Wednesday evening he had a temperature of 40.9 we struggled to get it down . Eventually we got it to 40.1. He then got the the chills and a bad headache and terrible sweats. Did a lateral flow Thursday still negative so took him for a PCR where he tested positive. He is staying in his room now but I feel it’s a bit late. Lovely Christmas present for him.

Update. Son feeling better but lost his taste and smell and has a sore throat. He’s hoping they come back for Christmas dinner. He must be board in his room he’s actually cleaning it 😂😂 unheard of.

My sister has just tested positive and again the lateral flow tests were negative. She has been seeing our father every day this week . She is rather poorly . She has had 3 jabs and is a healthy person normally.

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Oh no you still maybe ok my friends son caught it same negative they are both in there 70 s and they never got it . Hope your ok 🎅🏼😷

Hope your son feels better soon 👍

Hope he gets better soon J. I hope you and hubby haven't caught it.

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J1707 in reply to springcross

Bless him he is worried. He wants us to have regular PCR tests as the lateral flows were negative. A lot worry about for an 18 year old . He should be care free at that age .

Thanks for the good wishes everyone

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springcross in reply to J1707

I agree with him, sensible son. Hopefully though, it will all be gone by Christmas but in the meantime, it is a lot of worry for him and for you and hubby too.

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Knip in reply to J1707

I agree with you wholeheartedly. Have you had a could be worth doing just to put his mind at rest. A lot of folk have it asymptomatically. He sounds a lovely lad. x

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J1707 in reply to Knip

Hi I have a PCR test thankfully negative so far. Won’t rely on the LFD I will have another PCR Monday.x

Poor lad! Yes, it's a horrible thing to happen especially at his age and the time of year. I do hope he gets better very soon and doesn't share it with the family

Oh bless him , well let's hope he's fine for Xmas as most people I heard had it 3/4 days xxx yes shame you need tested but with your jabs you might be lucky x

I am so sorry to hear this and send my heartfelt wishes to your son and to you. I hope he feels better soon and that you and the family stay safe. Take care and let us know how you are wont you xxx

Bless him i hope he soon recoverys from it. xxx

Hi A

Oh no -I really can't believe it. I'm so sorry to hear this - for his and your sake. As you say, he shouldn't be having to worry about this sort of thing, but then again, neither should you.

I hope he feels better very soon and that you and your hubby don't pick it up. Keeping everything crossed for all of you xxx🤞🤞

Oh I’m so sorry, I really feel for you and it’s so hard for the kids. If it’s any consolation I didn’t catch it from the 9 and 5 year olds even though the 5 year old was struggling to stay at a distance. And the stress and worry in the house was just unbearable.I hope your tests are negative and stay negative and you can have some form of Christmas together once the worst of the stress is over.

Sending all Kind and supportive thoughts xxx

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Knip in reply to

I think our boosters are coming into play G.

in reply to Knip

Definitely. Most adults I know who have recently caught it have been healthy and just due their booster or literally just had it. Those who had theirs September/October seem to be avoiding infection 🤞🏻

Poor chap! I do hope he feels better soon and that the rest of you can avoid getting it. A most unwelcome surprise Christmas "gift"!Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a much better New Year!

Hope he recovers soon hun.Take it easy and take care of yourself. Im here if you need me x

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J1707 in reply to Ms-D

Thanks xx

Wishing your son a speedy recovery and that the rest of your family will be ok. Fingers crossed you don't get it.

Oh I'm so sorry to read this and I hope he's better very soon. A strange co-incidence we were going to babysit this evening but my son has rang the baby granddaughter has been in nursery for past two days with another whose mum has tested positive. So they have tested her and still negative but it might be tad early so better safe than sorry. We dropped over a few fairy cakes for them and a chilli to reheat as if she's got it so will they. She just looks a bit peaky if you know what I mean. It's really ripping through the country now. Fingers crossed and they are vaccinated but it is still a worry. Let us know how he is and you try to stay safe. x

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J1707 in reply to medway-lady

Thank you . Hope your granddaughter is ok . It would be a-shame if it spoilt her Christmas. X

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Knip in reply to medway-lady

Greater London is rife with it! Guess you probably come under that. x

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J1707 in reply to Knip

No I’m in the west midlands. It’s rife . On Friday we had 12 staff testing positive out of 22 . Lord knows what it will he like after Christmas x

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Knip in reply to J1707

Try to stay safe...remember that each one of us matters! It's not just ourselves but our families too. 🙂

Hope your son gets well soon and you stay wellx

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J1707 in reply to Domhem

Thank you

Such a shame for you all but hope he doesn't feel too ill with it and the rest of you don't catch it.

Hope he feels better soon my son had it in October it’s horrible we gave him his own cutlery plate cup and he and we wore masks when he left his room which was only for toilet bath delivered food to him and gloves to collect and literally 2 weeks masks and disinfectant later he was ok and we didn’t get it including 2 other children… hope you’re just the same and get through it this way xxx hugs it’s so hard

Well wishes to you all

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Knip in reply to Ssmart


Had he had one if his vaccinations?Sounds horrible.

Keep that temperature down with paracetamol and also ibuprofen unless he has any medical contraindications!

Cool flannel,fan,

Plentiful fluids

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J1707 in reply to summer32A

Thanks. He’s had 2 vaccines due 3rd this Monday.

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summer32A in reply to J1707

Gosh worrying that a potentially healthy young man with two vaccinations is that poorly

Hoping that he’ll soon be better and that you escape ( the virus, not the house)

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J1707 in reply to janmary

😂feel like escaping the house

I have the same here 2 daughters and missus are all positive, partner has had symptoms she put down to a cold as she works with children since Sunday and been coughing and spluttering all over me especially at nighttime, but I'm negative so let's pray your jabs have worked! I honestly don't know how I haven't got!!So if it is the jabs the its amazing, fingers crosssed for you!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

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Knip in reply to Dave74

It'a so encouraging to hear of so many CEV people not getting it when it's in their household.

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Dave74 in reply to Knip

I've actually been for another Pcr this morning to be sure as I can't believe it myself even though lateral flow is negative this morning also!! But my partner was negative on all her lft before her pcr positive, even the day after? It's so weird!!! 😊

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Knip in reply to Dave74

I know it's just plain crazy Dave!

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J1707 in reply to Dave74

🤞you escape

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Green230461 in reply to Dave74

Hope you stay well 🎄

in reply to Green230461

I know, I don‘t know how I escaped but I think it‘s the extra jabs etc so fingers crossed for everyone 🤞🏻

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Knip in reply to Dave74

Same as my son Dave. He felt so sure that he'd contract it...but he was boosted at the beginning of October so I think that's the key. His wife and children have been told now, not to have any PCR tests until three months up. Guess it must show positive for that long after you've had it. They are fine I have to say, and his wife only had a sore throat and aches and pains which she just carried on with, not dreaming it was C19.

Hope things improve soon. Know its not nice . Our 4year old grand daughter has been face to face with a child last weekend who 2 hours after being together had a positive lft then pcr. I'm trying to be gracious about the parents as they never said he was not feeling too well. So far negative lfts for the family. But her father has a brain tumour and our daughter is about to give birth any day now.Thinking of you all


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J1707 in reply to Ruth12345

It’s such a worry. An extra worry on top of normal life. Oh do tell us when the baby is born . Be good to hear happy news x

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Ruth12345 in reply to J1707

Thankyou I will. Midwife says if my daughter has civid baby will have to be taken as soon as born and given to husband and if he has covid the baby comes to us. We have all been isolating except son in law who is a teacher and last day was yesterday. He has only just gone back to work on vases return after brain op.Like many at the moment, we have our challenges. Yes will definately say when baby is born.

You all take care


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Knip in reply to Ruth12345

...and we are thinking of you Ruth. xx

Hope and pray you are safe and well 🎄

in reply to Ruth12345

Other people‘s selfish behaviour is so hard to bear at the moment. And then you get told they don’t care because we all have to „learn to live with covid“ and it‘s ok for them as they feel they are „low risk“!

I‘m so sorry you’re in that position and I really hope everyone stays well and that baby arrives safely and can stay with mum & dad!!xxx

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Knip in reply to Ruth12345

Our grandchildren caught it at school and to be fair the children don't usually feel at all unwell. Ours obviously stayed home once the school said they had been in contact with other children, but at the time it wasn't the law that they had to do so. Just hope the reports of the new strain are correct and that it will be milder. xx

Sorry to hear this and I hope he feels better soon. The lateral flow tests don’t seem very accurate. In my experience I tested positive in August following a pcr test, itself following a ‘ping’ from the app, I was lucky to have no symptoms at all but all the lateral flow tests I did- even on the very day of the positive pcr- were negative..Rather worrying when you consider how many people rely on lateral flow tests to itell them their ‘covid status’.

Hi. Sorry your son has the dreaded covid. But he’s young. I’m sure he’ll improve soon. It’s sweet he feels guilty. Some of it is obviously because of your chronic health conditions. It’s scary the lateral flow tests were negative for so long. My brother lives in the States. He came over last Thurs. We went for a drink last Sat. Lovely to catch up. He rushed about alot in ghose few days. He’s an auctioneer for Christie’s. So he was here on business. Plus he saw a couple of friends & me. Then he went home last Sun. On Thurs, he texted me. He’s got bloody covid. (He’s 57). We’re wondering if he got it on the plane or of course London. Last night i felt a bit strange. (Throat stuff). But today i feel ok. Can be confusiong for middle aged women, as i’m going through the meno p. So dry mouth. Hot flushes. Plus dry eyes. Another plus. I’m on alot of steroid eye drops for Iritis & that can cause dry eyes & when you apply the drops, they go down the throat causing dry mouth, scratchy throat stuff & of course the RA can be the aches & pains. So maybe there are more middle aged women that aren’t bothering to do the tests, as they dismiss it & put it down to the ‘change’.

Anyway. Good luck with your son. Hope you all have a ‘safe’ Christmas. X

I’m so sorry for all of you! How miserable…. I hope he’s much better soon and that you are ok, thinking of you! 😊

So sorry to hear how ill your son feels and really hope that you won't go down with it. Such a worry for you seeing him so unwell. I also hope that he starts to recover a bit better before Christmas. I know he is now self isolating at home, as my son did when his wife wasn't well recently. She had aches and pains and a sore very minor symptoms relatively speaking. She did daily lateral flow tests which were all negative but when her two little ones were asked to have a PCR because it was rife in their classes at school, she was tested as well, by which time she was without symptoms. They were all PCR positive. He can't believe that he hasn't contracted, it to date, being CEV. It knocks our faith in relying on the home kits and their inaccuracy and might be partially why the virus is spreading so rapidly. Please keep us in the loop as to how he is going on. God Bless, xx

Sorry I'm behind on everything, gawd this is pants for you all.

Hope he isn't too bad and hope you all don't get it x

My daughter tested positive yesterday she had a sore throat and was very choked up Like your son she did lateral tests all negative but yesterday it was positive I feel so sorry for her as her whole family has to isolate now. She has 3 kids ( well 17 16 and 13) It couldn’t happen at a worst time 🥺

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J1707 in reply to Mumcon

These tests are useless but we all rely on them.

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Ruth12345 in reply to Mumcon

Gosh. Really hope she only gets a light touch and is well soon 💐

in reply to Mumcon

So worrying and such bad timing. I hope they stay well with it x

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Mumcon in reply to

Thank you x

This is a very worrying time, I hope he gets better soon. I’ve been feeling so fatigued the past week, the minute I get up even I’m so sleepy, I decided it’s either auto immune related or covid so did a test yesterday and it’s negative. My daughter said the school she works in is rife atm and they have to test themselves every day, but it’s worrying that your sons lateral flow kept showing negative. Best wishes to you all xx

So sorry to hear your news. Hope you are better for Christmas it is such a worrying time again when we should all be happy with the ones we love. Look after yourself and stay strong. 🎄🎅🏻🤶🏻

So sorry to hear this J. I have only just read your post. My daughter has joined the same club and will be in isolation till Christmas Day. Her husband is negative at the moment. I hope your son feels better soon. My daughter says it feels more like a heavy cold ATM but she has had a temperature. I hope you can manage to keep clear of the virus. It all feels so precarious right now.

Only just read this J, so sorry to hear your news. How is your son doing this morning? Will be keeping my fingers crossed that you don’t catch it. Xx

I've just seen this post.So sorry to hear about your son.

I hope you manage to stay virus free.

So sorry for replying so late on your post. I am so sorry to hear that your son had covid. I really hope he is not too ill. Thinking of you all and hoping that covid packs it’s bags and let’s you have a nice Christmas xx

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