Is this good news?

Is this good news?

Just had the results of my shoulder x ray. No arthritic changes to the joint are showing, despite the pain I am in but a lot of soft tissue damage.

So will see the physio soon and will tell her as she may want to change the treatment she is using. So that is the good news (!).

At present, shoulder is so painful, I am on Nurofen to try and dampen it down, heat pack to soothe and now my wrist and hand on the same side have flared up and I have nodules down the side of my hand which only appear during a flare.

Also mentioned to my consultant on Friday, the lump on my tongue. He had a look at it but suggested I see my GP and get a referral to ENT surgeon.

So seeing GP tomorrow afternoon and will also discuss with him my shoulder and the awful tiredness at the moment. Bit concerned about the lump although common sense tells me I probably caught my teeth on it and that is why it is sore, but my grandmother had an ulcer on her tongue which would not heal and was eventually operated on, losing half her tongue and it was a secondary cancer. They never did find the primary source. So as I said, I am rather worried at present, particularly with my history of cancer 18 years ago.

Took Tilly for a walk this morning - only down to the green and back but it nearly finished me off. Even my knees are complaining! She is a very gentle dog and doesn't pull and walks quietly beside me. - unlike Berry who charges around like a loon. Himself is taking Berry out this afternoon as at present I can't hold him if he pulls. He'll have a good run across the fields and wear off some of that energy. He is in his pen at present - butter wouldn't melt n his mouth. Tilly is in the hall waiting for me and Minniecat is in her bed on the radiator - she feels the cold. Talk about home comforts.

Anyway, that's my update - will let you know how I get on with the GP and whether he can reassure me or refer me to the oral surgeon. I think I would rather he referred me as at least tests can be done and a biopsy taken to rule out anything nasty! Consultant did say if the shoulder does not get better, he will inject it with a steroid. LavendarLady x

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I hope your shoulder and mouth get better. Its horrible having these heath scares isn't it, you think about all sorts of things. Do you do 20 minute naps for your tiredness? I find it helps quite a bit, profound rest, but not enough to get really into being asleep.

I hope you have the same wonderful sunshine we have here in Scotland this morning. I've been trying to look out of the window as much as possible just to see the light!


Morning LL,you are having a hard time of it aren't you. I sometimes think i would like a cat,but i have the next best thing,buster from next door,he soon lets you know what he wants. I haven't seen him lately as i haven't been out of the house. My chest is giving me a lot of trouble and i am sooo tired.

Love to you,sylvi.xxxx


Poor LL, try not to think the worst. !, not easy I know.. how long have you had the lump?. as in sure you are aware dentists are trained to spot potential mouth cancers. mine checks me each time.. it might be quicker than waiting for an ENT consultant and may set your mind as rest

Take care

Alison xx


Hi Summer, yes my dentist always checks my mouth and that would have been done in September. Certainly the dentist at the hospital who took out the infected wisdom tooth in October had a look round at the same time but didn't see anything untoward. I seem to have been noticing something on my tongue since Xmas although it has only really got very sore in the last couple of weeks.

The suggestion of the dentist is a good idea. Will see what GP says tomorrow and if necessary, make an appt for my dentist. LL x


Hi Ll, I had my shoulder injected by my Ortho. surgeon 2 years ago, the pain never cam back. I am limited in how far up I can reach above my head, like doing my hair, so I use the other hand! He offered to replace it, but I declined. Mosly because, since I live alone, my sons would say I had to go to the rehab hospital for a few weeks, and I would never want to leave Bridget that long. I would miss her terribl. Would also miss my life as it is.

I'm managing just fine, don't need everything replaced!

Been thinking of you, wondered what you had done about that lump on your tongue. If nothing else, it must be annoying.

I wonder if, since we are taking MTX. though at a much lower dose than Chemo. patients, maybe it would act as a preventative. Like to think so.

I will be anxious to know how things are going soon, Love, LoretXXX


Hi LL Do let us know how you get on at the GP's.Seeing the dentist seems a good idea too.

You are having a rough time at the moment.

It seems as if, when we have RA, there's always something else to cope with healthwise.I've found that most of my medical appts are not RA related.

Hope all goes well at the GP's.

Take care xxx


Sorry to hear that you are having such a trying time:-(

I find that once cancer has paid a visit, the fear of it returning never really goes away - making us more aware of lumps, bumps and sore spots. When our joints are flaring everything seems worse, so be kind to yourself and rest up - this too will pass. I'm glad that you feel able to come on here and talk about your worries:-)

The dentist sounds like a very good idea.

Gentle cyber hugs,

Cece x


Hi everyone. Been to see GP who tells me that the lump on the tongue is what is called a resulting cyst. It is fluid filled and does not normally cause any problems. However, I have to keep an eye on it and if it gets any bigger or becomes a hard lump I have to go back and see him.

The GP did explain what a cancer lump would look like on the tongue which isn't me at the moment, thank god.

He has also given me some more Diclofenac to take as and when the pain in my shoulder gets too unbearable - these are as suppositories to protect my stomach. He has also advised me to take 1000mg of painkillers going to bed to try and get a good night's sleep. My blood pressure is fine apparently. GP confirmed he had received the x-rays and it is soft tissue damage which gets inflamed and becomes very sore and painful. He is very understanding as he suffers terrible pain himself in his feet and ankle and has to get up at 6 to take pain killers to enable him to function at all during the day.

Been to the chemist and also bought a Tens machine with heat and massage which the pharmacist says they have had good reports about. So will see if that helps as well. Also got some co-codamol to try at night rather than the paracetemol. Onwards and Upwards - just about to have a cup of tea with a jam doughnut and figure out how the TENS machine works!

Thanks for all your support. Love LavendarLady x


Thank heavens, Ll, and thanks for letting us know already. The tea and doughnut sounds so wonderful, and I can manage the tea easily, but don't have any doughnuts, nor am I supposed to. Closest thing I have is a large, double layered chocolate cake, with fudge frosting, I made over the weekend, but it's in the freezer. Made it to have on hand when company comes. Guess I could have saltine crackers (soda crackers) and put jam on them. :)

Right now I came in here to take an early nap, as Miss Bridget woke me too early this morning! I need to get my newspaper column composed and sent to the office, so they can do the page set up by Friday., so I will nap first, then really hit the books!

So relieved to learn you are OK, hope your shoulder settles. Did anyone mention the Rotator Cuff as being the soft tissue that is damaged? Usually that can respond to Physio, it does take time to heal. My grandaughter just had her's repaired. She injured it playing basketball last year, and as this is her last year in school, she wants to be able to play softball this Spring and Summer. Very short and simple procedure and isnot yet doing the Physio, but will soon.

I'm going to nap with Bridget, maybe I should stay on her schedule. LOL, she sleeps all day, I'd never get anything done! Have a lovely evening. Love, Loret xx


Thanks Loret. Love the sound of the chocolate cake with the frosting. It wouldn't last long in my house, although I do have a Mississippi Mud Pie cake in my freezer out of temptation's way! I do like my jam doughnuts - real comfort food.

Shoulder is still painful today but dosed up with pain killers and anti inflammatories. Intend having a quiet restful week. Daughter in law has just phoned to see if I need anything doing.

Yes, it is the rotator cuff which is causing a lot of problems and the physio works on that and the collar bone which is not anchored very securly apparently. It is so strange it is just the one joint at present which is giving me grief. My daughter in law's mother also has RA and her knee has given way so we think the weather doesn't help either.

Who or what is Miss Bridget? Is it the cat? If she is anything like my Burmese Minniecat, she sleeps all day too. A lovely life. Two meals a day and lots of petting! Love LL x


Miss Bridget is my lovely tortoise shell, long haired Maine Coon cat. I think she loves me! Most mornings she wakes me up by patting on my face, then a light mew, then a louder meee-oow! She is very vocal :) and I love her back, she is my buddy, my Velcro cat, sticks to me no matter where I am! Love ya, L.xx


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