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Help me boost my immune system!

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Hey all, hope you are keeping warm on this dreadful day!

I am very excited because I'm going on holiday to Cuba on Tuesday, however... I have just come down with my 3rd cold/flu within about 2 months and I feel very weak and wheezy. The issue is that I recently started my loading dose of Cimzia biologic injections, and I'm also on steroids, so I'm guessing my immune system isn't going to fight this cold off easily. I'm due to have my next two Cimzia injections on Monday, (a short 12 hours before my 10 hour flight!) and I'm worried if I am still ill that the nurse will tell me I can't have them. I don't want to miss them after just starting my loading dose because I know I need to keep up a regular dose in my body for 6 weeks to give the drug a fighting chance of working.

I don't think there is much point going to the GP as (excuse grossness), I can tell this is a virus rather than an infection based on the clear colour of my flem/snot (ew), so there's not much point getting antibiotics.

I've also got a lot to do before Monday to ensure all my work is done - I can't risk having time out of the office, and I have two birthday parties this weekend. (Why does life not slow down? I'm sure this is why I'm always ill!)

Please send tips and advice on how to get as well as possible over the next few days despite my busy schedule! I'm currently living off lemsips, drinking lots of water and herbal teas and I'm eating pretty well, but I can always add more superfoods to my diet!

Cheers guys!

15 Replies
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Hi...if it was me I’d be saying NO to some of the stuff you have to do before you may be difficult..but do you really need to go to two birthday parties..if you do maybe just pop in a for a bit? I don’t mean to scare you but I’m not allowed my medication if I have a cold etc and especially not if I’m feeling unwell...your immune system is already boosted that’s why you’ve got medication to lower it.?! Sorry to be blunt but you need REST and REST especially if this cold is Reoccuring!! Hope you feel better soon and have a great holiday..sounds like you need it 😊

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Simba1992 in reply to 3LittleBirds2

Good advice😊One thing though that seems to be a common misunderstanding is that the immunesystem is already boosted as it is in fact not working as it should. The inflammatory reaction is not stopped as it should. We do not have a strong immunesystem, but a dysregulated one. It's always a good idea give our body the best fuel to fight infections.

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3LittleBirds2 in reply to Simba1992

Ah I didn’t realise that..I was under the impression we didn’t need to take anything to boost it! 😊

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Savannahseger in reply to Simba1992

Thanks for the info! I just want to support my immune system to function as it should :)

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Savannahseger in reply to 3LittleBirds2

Hi, thank you for your advice. I do agree i need to get as much rest as possible. After work tonight my boyfriend has said he will cook dinner so I can rest, and the parties are only day time - one is a 10th birthday at a trampoline park which I'm supervising (think I'll just stand on the side!) and another is an afternoon lunch. Other than that I will be putting my feet up I think and trying to get more rest. Just fingers crossed it works and I can get over this cold by Monday :)

And yes, definitely definitely definitely need this holiday. It's been a long year and I haven't taken a single break really. Having nothing to do for 2 weeks will completely baffle me! But I'm hoping it will also sort me out aha.


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3LittleBirds2 in reply to Savannahseger

Ah good...sorry if I sounded blunt 😊 but you need to look after yourself especially when you first start taking your medication. I know how hard it is though, I work full time in a very demanding job...I’m off at the moment as infections and then Rituximab have knocked me for I thought s@d it I’m taking some time out and deal with the consequences when I go back. I’m not usually very good at following my own advice Though. Have a fantastic time and hope you get to relax xxxx

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Savannahseger in reply to 3LittleBirds2

No not at all, I need to be told to slow down lol. It's as if I need permission to rest! yes this is the downside of this disease - feeling like we can carry on and do a normal schedule and then being completely knocked back! I've had quite a lot of time off over the past few months though with various infections, doctors appointments, bad flare days etc, so I just feel like I have to push through now even though It makes it worse :( Thankfully it's an easy few days in the office before I go away, nothing too demanding.

Sorry to hear you are also unwell! Sending good vibes and hoping you feel better soon!

Thank you so much x

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3LittleBirds2 in reply to Savannahseger

Thank you! Let us know how your treatment goes and of course your holiday! Good luck xx

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Hi S, due to your immune system being suppressed as well as not working properly, best to take extra care as advised by others.

Boost your immune system with kiwi fruit, any red berry pure juice eg cranberry with pomegranate/whatever, garlic, etc.

I also take Boswellia (frankincense) capsules and turmeric curcumin capsules. (Good studies have shown those two together act just as well as celocoxib never mind benefits to the immune system.)

Our bodies will only be as good as how they’re treated. With so many toxins around eg C8 from Teflon is highly toxic, we must maximise health.

I hope you go with advice from nurse etc and have a great holiday.

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Savannahseger in reply to charisma

Thank you, I will do my best.

Thanks for the fruit recommendations, I think I'll get some on the way home and make a smoothie for breakfast. I might even cook with some fresh turmeric tomorrow.

I definitely agree!

Thank you, fingers crossed the nurse sees me fit for injections and holiday :) x

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I have recently got over 'an almost chest infection'. I picked up a very nasty cough a couple of weeks ago and it went straight to my chest (my weak spot). There is a really nasty hacking cough bug going round.

Having had a chest infection in 2012 and 2013; took me 8 weeks to recover from the second one, I now employ all the tricks going.

1 - this is the main one - REST REST REST

2 - steam inhalation 3 times a day - nothing in the water

3 - vitamin C

4 - ginger tea - just boiling water with a slice of fresh ginger

5 - 1/4tsp of Turmeric with half a glass of hot full fat milk, twice a day, nothing to eat or drink for at least half an hour afterwards - this is a cure for chesty coughs used by the Indians and Chinese for 4000 years

6 - and my favourite - a Margarita before bed! Combination of alcohol, lime and salt does the trick

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Savannahseger in reply to Joy_1

Ahh thank you so much for your tips!!! You sound like a pro 😊 I will definitely give it all a go. I was sent home from work early today so I'm ticking the rest box. Going to try the steam inhalation first thing in the morning and as for everything else I will see what I can get hold of.

Thank you! :)

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Blackcurrant juice made with hot water always gives me a boost. I think the weather and rest in Cuba will sort your virus out in no time. It’s maybe your body telling you to slow down. My mum in law swears by putting vick on her feet instead of rubbing it on her chest before bed. Can’t say I liked the sensation much but I did feel a little better next day. Zinc and vitamin c should stop infection coming back that’s if your allowed to take it with current meds.

Enjoy Cuba so jealous wish I was going 😂

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Savannahseger in reply to Leics

Those tips are different from the usual!! I may just give it a go you know 😊 thank you for the advice and the well wishes!

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Leics in reply to Savannahseger

You’re welcome can’t hurt anyway.

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