How do I know if Cimzia is working for me?

Morning peeps🙂what a thunderstorm we had last night, in Essex, eh?

My question is as I said in my title. I started Cimzia in December 2016 (had a loading dose -2 injections - for first few) and have continued bi-weekly since. My last blood tests (2 weeks ago) showed that my crp has dropped to <1 and my esr is now 13, which is great! Some of my other counts are a bit up and down though - including neutrafils being below range now. However, I still have to take 3 etoricoxib tablets (aroxia) daily plus paracetamol 4 times a day for the pain! I'm off to the Pain Clinic Friday so will try and sort something out regarding pain medication then. But shouldn't I start feeling less sore, less tired and have more energy by now? All my joints are still so sore, albeit more flexible. I still can't bend down (knees too painful) and I can't stand the pain if I'm anything more than lightly touched! I do like to share a glass of wine occasionally with my OH so I don't want to take painkillers which would stop me from doing that if possible. I have 20mg metoject (mtx pen) Monday, sulfasalazine 800mg (4 a day) and Cimzia bi-weekly. These are my main meds, but I also take painkillers as said earlier, omeprazole (2 a day) folic acid (4 a week) cynacobalamin (B12 tablet) daily, magnesium tablet daily, calceos (calcium and vitD) twice daily. Any help would be appreciated - thanks ☺

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  • Just a little concern.....etoricoxib is a once a day medication, and you said you are taking it 3 times per day! Have just double checked, and it is definitely once a day, at the appropriate dose...max of 120mg for gout, 90mg for RD, 60mg for OA. Hope you're not overdosing as it can affect the heart. M xx

  • Sorry for the confusion- I take 3 tablets once a day 😊thanks for the concern x

  • Won't you know the answer to that question if your symptoms improve or disappear? If they do, then it is working!

  • Can you ask to have an ultrasound check on the most painful joints? I have low inflammation blood markers, but my rheumy goes by what she sees under ultrasound. So she believes me that things are painful when her screen goes bright red, even tho' my ESR & CRP are under 5.

    If you are taking all that lotand still have active inflammation then to me it suggests medicine review might be in order.

  • Hmmm...thanks.

  • I think we are all different and what works for one doesn' always work for someone else. Even though Humira controls the inflammation and damage to my joints, I still need pain killers, and pred 5 mg. I was well controlled on voltarol r until they stopped making it and my GP took the opportunity not to prescribe Indemeticin due to the risk factor, and my age, so I was given max dose of naproxen, unfortunately I also developed OA in my back 14 months ago, so need it for that as well, doesn't quite cut it though, I also exercise. I certainly know if I forget to take it. Have been gardening recently and makes the pain worse. I also have b12 injections, 3 monthly and just 7.5 mtx weekly. Also have OP and so Calceos 2 a day, folic acid 6 days a week and have Hashi so high dose thyroxine and lansoprazol. Med induced bp so meds for that and take paracetamol before bed. Can't have Humira and Mtx for approx 3 weeks due to cataract op on Thursday, so suffering at the moment. Hope you discuss with your pain clinic your concerns. All the best X

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