Hi All

Got my first infection since being prescribed cimzia. I have probably had it for about two wks, but its got sufficiently worse now that I am forced to stop the cimzia and had to seek medical attention.

Gp prescribed amoxycillin 500mg yesterday and together with coco's I am managing the worse affects of this cold + sore throat & glands ok (upper respiratory tract infection). I am just tired and sleeping more during the day.

I took mtx on tuesday before I got the antibiotic, as I reasoned I was on a lower dose and I am considering taking them also next wk as I flare very quickly once I am of mtx.

Really worried that the ra symptoms will return now that I am of cimzia - well I am really scared to be honest.

Planning to return to work (as wed & thurs are day off), tomorrow and hope it won't be to horrendous. Will evaluate over the wkend if I need to take time of. Hope I won't though as I am trying to save it for when the ra rares its ugly head, which no doubt it will do at some point!

Take care all

Joanne x

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  • Hi Joanne,

    I am sorry to hear you are unwell, Please let me know how you get on, as I think my Cons will stop my cimzia too!

    Try to rest ( I know its not easy) and hope the antibiotics kick in soon!

    Take care,

    Pen :)

  • hope you feel better, soon, i am on antibiotics, for a ear infection. was giving drops , but had to go back after 3days , as they were not working , why they not give , , the antibiotics,first, but on no make you go back, .. take care, jo.x

  • Joanne, i hope you soon feel better. Love sylvi.xx

  • I'm on penicillin too for my infected finger - she was going to put me on 7 days but read that antibiotics can increase the potential toxicity of the MTX so she has put me on it for 5 days only and if it gets worse they will increase the dose. Now I know why it's complicated with the MTX more but I certainly wouldn't stop taking it if I were you Joanne - don't anticipate getting a flare because you will have some in your system still and the antibiotics may work quickly. Shame when things were going so well though but you'll get back on it soon if you look after yourself well as possible now. Tilda x

  • Tilda, hope your okay and get better soon xx

  • hope you feel better soon Joanne, sound rotten :(

    I really don't know how quickly anti-tnfs leave the system, do you? hopefully your mtx dose will keep you covered xx

  • Hope you're feeling better. My rheumy nurse says that anti tnfs take double the frequency of the injection to leave your system, I think this means it would be 4 weeks for cimzia so hopefully you'll be ok.


  • Hi All

    Did not go into today as my throat was still a bit sore this morning. The infection syptoms have improved. I still need to rest as my knees are now aching with use, as well as my right hip in particular when I go up and down stairs. So I plan to rest up further over the weekend and hopefully I will be well enough to go in on Monday.

    Thanks for all your kind words & support

    Have a great wkend

    Joanne x

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