Yay I did it , hopefully a new start ..trying to feel positive

Hello every body feeling pleased with myself the nurse has just been and Ive had my loading dose (2 injections ) of Cimzia and I did it myself :))) ....funny stuff like injecting hair gel it's all thick but I did it different to Methx injections , stung a little but the benefits hopefully will be good ....I have so much inflammation that hosp gave me a steroid yesterday to give Cimzia the chance to a settle in so in about 4 weeks when steroid wears off I will know if it's working ...onwards and upwards now making lots of decisions re work place etc and gonna try and treat this like a fresh start ...we'll see :) ..thanks for all your advice etc this part few weeks re Cimzia etc .... Hope u all have a pain free weekend xxxx

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  • fab news claire....this will be a new start for you and I'm praying it's everything you have wished, big hugs xx

  • I do hope so. I've had a good experience of cimzia so hope u have the same.

  • So delighted claire- I know how hard it an ego learn and adapt to do this. Everything crossed that you get the results really quickly


  • Well done Claire, hoping that this works well for you:-)

    Cece x

  • Glad you got started without any problems, and I hope it helps you much as it has me.

    You comment that the Cimzia was rather thick. How long had it been since you took it out of the fridge? Had you opened the box? Were the syringes fully up to room temperature ?

    My fridge is quite cold so I take the syringe out the pack 30 minutes before injecting to make sure it is at room temperature. The bubbles move much more freely when you are getting ready to inject when it is at room temperature and I think it doesn't nip so much.

    Just some things to think about in two weeks time.

  • Hiya , I think I meant thicker than methotrexate injections ...the nurse took it out of the fridge ( also very cold) but only for about 15 minutes so yeah I reckon I'll take it out for a bit longer next time especially as the bubbles didn't move very freely as you've mentioned ... thanks for the advice :)

  • I think you will find easier if it is out for 30 minutes as the pack info says. My nurse told me today take it before she arrived for her appointment.

  • Thank you everybody it really helps to share all this with people that really know what changes RA/meds can make to your life x

  • Well done, I feel reassured reading about your experience as I'm about to go through the same thing myself in a few weeks' time when I learn how to self-inject with Humira. I am still really scared but it's the anticipation, just want to get it over with now. Thanks again for sharing and well done x

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