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I am only 4 months into RA diagnosis, and am on 25mg MTX. I was congratulating myself two weeks ago that i had escaped all of the colds going about. I should have bitten my tongue off. I have had this nasty head cold for nearly 2 weeks now, and it is still not going away. I have inhaled enough menthol crystals to make my eyes water.

As this is my first time with an infection, is this the way it goes?? It is just dragging on and on. Ironically was to get my flu jab last week but can't because of the cold. Today i feel like the left side of my head from nose to ear is totally bunged up and, while it is not painful, i am getting an annoying pulse in the ear. I am exhausted with it.

I don't have a temp so don't think i need any antibiotics. Is this the way it is going to be?

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  • It depends a bit how many cold viruses you have been exposed to in the past that you have already developed antibodies to. If you have had a good variety already then you will find that it is only a bit more than other people.

    But VERY frequent hand washing is the key. Most of the viruses are spread by hand/nose touching, then hands to other people or hands to objects they touch. Small children smear their nose contents everywhere! So everywhere you go, you keep washing your hands and attempt not to touch your own nose!

    You can't escape a certain amount of sneeze spreading or from people with sore throats talking to you (which also spreads small droplets which you breathe in) but try to keep your own mouth shut and at a distance, allowing your nose to filter out the virus laden droplets. Some people also find that it helps to wash out their noses with salt solution or spray, or use a gel that you can buy over the counter to put in your nose to trap the virus containing droplets.

    I don't find now-a-days that I have any more infections than most other people despite the immune suppression. Don't let it affect your socialising!

  • Thank you for your voice of reason.

  • RA is a result of an over-active immune system, and the drugs help by damping it down a few notches. But you still have an immune system, it's jut a bit compromised. So if you are otherwise in reasonable health there shouldn't be too much of a difference. I find things perhaps take a fraction longer to heal or get over, but not by much. Perhaps you just walked into an absolute stinker of a cold? Hope it departs quickly now.

  • Do you know I am beginning to think it is just this year's bad dose. Thanks. .

  • Go to the GP as MTX is usually stopped with an infection I believe. My Leflodamide defiantly is and from a common cold I had bacterial pneumonia last July. 3 lots of antibiotics the final one Doxycline was the one that worked no idea why if its effective its held back might have stopped me being so ill at any rate. I don't like taking antibiotics but sometimes no choice so check with your GP please. I'd add I was on holiday in Russia so a very bad cold and it was cold too.

  • Thank you for that, I have had to have doxycycline in the past for sinus/ throat related infections. Wil take your advice if it doesn't improve.

  • I had flu once at the early stage of my RA. I went to the GP and had some antibiotic. My body were in pain after taking the antibiotic and the Chinese cough mixture with great herbs.

    When I visited my rheumy, I told her of the pain. Then she said that when I had the flu, I needed the antibiotic to fight the disease hence it would push up my immune system. That would also attack my own joints because my immune system already confused. In addition, because I took the herbs kind of Chinese mixture, again the herbs help to increase my immune system therefore my body would be in greater pain.

    My rheumy told me in future, if I ever sick, made sure I took the booklet along of all the medications that I took when I visited my GP and I should not take any supplement until she approved it. She also said if I ever sick beside the RA, while taking my antibiotic, I should stop my mxt and arava.

    I will be seeing my rheumy in Nov, I will get her confirmation again on this.

  • Will remember that thank you Amy lee.

  • With an auto-immune system that's compromised you need to have the best food intake possible, imo to help keep your body in as peek a condition as possible. Every day think about the quality of food & drink you are eating and make it the best your body deserves.

  • Trying to eat lots of vit c fruit, and home made soup is comforting and healthy. Thanks for your response Andy.

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