Traveling to France with Cimzia injection

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I have recently started treatment with Cimzia injections every two weeks. I'm planning to fly to France ( budget airline) has anyone done this carrying injections with them ? I have a letter from the company that supplies the meds & would take them in a small cold bag with gel cold packs, so I think all the liquid elements would be under the 100ml specification. We only Carry hand luggage so they would be in that.  Has anyone had any problems with meds at airports ?

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  • Have only done it once but it was fine. No problems. Now adjust timing of injections to avoid having to take them whilst away. 

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  • As long as you have the letter and a cool bag you shouldn't have any problems. 

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  • I've travelled before with Enbrel and Mtx injections never had a problem, I've got two letters one from healthcare at home who deliver the drugs and one from my consultant.  I just show them the letters and what's what with everything.  

    If your only taking hand luggage I would email the airline and state that you've got temperature controlled drugs that can't go into the hold and request an additional bag to take on board extra to your normal carry on bag, I've done this several times with Monarch and they have let me do it.  I don't think that they can refuse (there was adverts on the TV a while back telling diabetics that they are allowed an extra bag for their injections).  Just print all correspondence off to show at checkin and boarding incase there is a problem.  We need these drugs and why should we have to use part of our luggage allowance to take them with us. xx

  • That is interesting, I will look into that, thank you

  • Hi- can I jump in on this thread please? 😊

    I'm travelling by plane to Rome then on a med cruise and flying back from Barcelona.  I'm only taking prednisolone-  giving mtx a miss for 2 wks- ok'd by consultant) and paracetamol,  naproxen only just incase. What do I need to do to travel with them? I asked the hospital pharmacist but she didn't know. 

    Also , I'll need to take cyanocobalamin(b12) and Fultium  (d3) along with primrose oil and glucosamine😊

  • Just a copy of your prescription

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  • Thanks ☺my prescription reads like a major novel!! 😆

  • I think I might have the sequel!! Xx

  • Ha ha ha :)

  • Can I suggest you also look at the travel bags produced Medactiv. You will probably get more reliable temperature control during your journey. They have several products giving useful travel times up to 36 hours. Cimzia needs to be kept between 2C and 8C and Medactiv products allow this.

  • Over the past 6 years, I have traveled domestically and internationally  numerous times with various types of syringes.  I have always packed them in a carry on bag. There has never been any problem whatsoever, not even a question. 

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