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Severe pain in foot !!!

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Hi everyone I’m worried about my foot I have RA diagnosed in 2009 and it’s mainly affected the right side of my body particularly my hand but 3 weeks ago I noticed my right ankle is all swollen up I’m finding weight near extremely difficult .......I’ve been on methotrexate sulfalalazine to no Benefit now I’m under a new rheumatology team in a different hospital and I’m frightened they are going to put steroid injections in it !!!!.........could my foot be an indication that the disease is getting worse .......are steroids the answer ???

Thanks for taking the time to read this !!!

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A fresh review by a new team will hopefully be really useful to you. Tell them about your concerns. Ask them what they think is going on and what the options are. Good luck!

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Thanks norisa for your input.....I’m going to write down some of my hopes and fears to the new team !!!

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Good! Nras do a good booklet that is probably available to be downloaded called Living Better With RA. There is a section about making decisions about treatment. In an ideal world you would get answers to all these questions, but if not you can ask for opinions/experience of others on this site and phone Nras if required.

Hello Lise, most of the research I’ve read indicates that RA often shows in the feet first, is generally misdiagnosed as something else and some years later, when it shows up elsewhere, the RA diagnosis is given. So, things seem to be a bit different for you. But to answer your question: if doctors think that yr foot/ankle might be helped by a steroid injection, then, it’s nothing to be scared of - usually those injections work very well - to the point where you might wonder why you thought they were a bad idea :)

As Norisa pointed out, a fresh approach can often lead to beneficial treatment outcomes - new eyes and all that. And yes, NRAS have some great downloadable resources on everything to do with this illness.

Hope you can get back to us on how you are going, cheers Deb :)

God morning, I was interested to read your comment regarding RA down the right side. I guess there are exceptions to everything, but RA is very much a symmetrical disease. Hope our get some answers.

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Hi juneann I have RA due to a rare disease called Castleman’s disease knock on effect is RA and POEMS disease Mybe the castleman’s disease is contributing to me mainly having issues with my right side

All the best !!!

Hi I have the same issue at this present moment, my feet swell, the underside swells and I cant pu pressure on them. I say them but it could be left or right.

I just elivate my feet unitl it calms down. I have had RA since 2010 and I find that over the times medication changes, however I have been on many surveys and had many different types of drugs, this was mainley to the aggresivness of my RA which took 18 months to control. If the medication does not work tell your specialist and he will possible try something different.

All the best.

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