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Severe foot pain for over 2 years- in my 30's and can't run errands

SURGERY FOR HALLUX VALGUS and BUNIONECTOMY scheduled. Will this help pain in first webspace and pain under second toe (that has started to lift). The second toe is shorter than my first.

I never get a second matching opinion. MRI, X-ray, and ultrasound show hypoechoic area in second and third webspace, hallux limitus (arthritis not too bad), and mild hallux valgus with sesamoid slightly moved into 1st webspace. The pain in the first webspace is extreme and swells. The pain under my second toe at the ball AND where the second toe attaches to the foot is also severe. When I wear thick soled sandals a snap happens in the first webspace (maybe impinging nerve), but it's NOT like an electric shock. The second toe is lifting up.

The joint itself doesn't hurt normally, but hurts now after having ultrasound therapy and cortisone shot. The cortisone was over a week ago. The physical therapy several weeks ago.

The Podiatric surgeon will remove the bunion and correct the hallux valgus with internal fixation using orthopro implant. Does the surgical plan make sense? Did you have this surgery and if so did it help pain in the first webspace and under the second toe where it attaches and second toe at ball of foot?

For two and a half years I can walk a little bit okay without much pain, but can't even do household chores, barely run errands, normal every day activities become so painful and throbbing that I end up limping and having to sit down because I can't walk on it.

I'm only in my 30's and was bummed when I had to stop running years ago because of a knee problem and now would be grateful just to walk again for more than a few minutes.

Have you had this surgery? Has it helped? Could it be something else? (Side note: I have a lot of other pain: electric shocks in 3 of the 4 webspaces of the foot, cramping of the foot, tailbone pain and back pain/cracking mid-back) but I think the back has been worsened from my gait change.

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I had a bunionectomy some years ago, about a year before my diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis. If something like that happened now I'd take all the facts and terminology on board - my life has been rather more medicalised, if you like - but back then I just knew I was having my bunion off!

What I do know is that the joint was subluxed i.e. nearly dislocated. The main tendon associated with the big toe was therefore completely slack & useless so was removed. I have a fairly long metal implant that looks like a bicycle chain on x-rays.

The operation was a stonking success. My foot is now so strong and remarkably supple, no rigidity whatsoever. The recovery period was long and extremely tedious, I admit I hated that bit, but ultimately it was worth it. My main reason for wanting the surgery at the time was cosmetic. Only long afterwards did I realise that standing and walking on hard surfaces had become much easier, much more comfortable. I think the big toe joint is crucial for balance and although my big old bunion didn't usually hurt, I reckon its instability had a knock on effect on much of my body.

Unfortunately I then got PsA .... damn! But good orthopaedic surgeons can do marvels for bunions. Good luck with surgery. If the recovery gets you down, be sure to come here for a good old moan, I for one will be happy to remind you that there should be a lot of light at the end of the tunnel!


Thank you. Am concerned because walking causes tremendous pain, but not on the bunion itself much as should be expected so I hope its the right thing to do. Do you remember how long 'till you could walk without pain after surgery. They're moving the big toe and securing w/ a screw also.


There was some pain the first few days but after that I remember discomfort rather than pain. My foot was in plaster initially, then a hideous rigid shoe. Weight-bearing wasn't about pain so much, more about when it was safe to put weight on the front part of the foot and I think it was 6 weeks at the very least before I got to that stage.

I had a screw put in and still can't understand how come I can wiggle my toe!


Hope everything goes well for you .I was in my local hospital at six thirty yesterday morning to have my bunion removed,after waiting for two hours i was told that they had lost my mrsa swab results.As you can imagine i was furious,and am making a complaint .Good luck


Hi Aloha

Sorry to hear about your sore feet! Whilst I have no experience of surgery sorry I can totally empathise about sore feet. Mine are awful. I was working and developed very sore feet and had to go off sick, the specialist said I had developed posterior tibial tendon disfunction in both feet and had special insoles made. They didn't improve too much until I had steroids but by then I had lost my job because of sick time. Now they are bad again and it hurts to stand. My back pain is also bad and I feel I need steroids but rheumy has other ideas.

I wish you well for your op.

Take care

Kiki x


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