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Horrible Heel Pain

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Hi. I’m wondering if anyone has horrible heel pain. Rheumy says it’s Achilles tendinitis and no ideas. It’s been over s year now. Any ideas at all welcome.

Seeing podiatrist next week but all they’ve ever offered is shots of cortisone into joints. No more thank you. Doesn’t help and HURTS!

I’ve got a colonoscopy Monday, 1st since partial colectomy and anxious it might be more weird now w the ra.

Bless this forum its the only place I can comfortably share. ❤️❤️❤️

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If it is Achilles tendinitis then why should injecting the joint help anyway? Has podiatrist at least talked you through the exercises you can do to help? As my son in law gets it (he runs...) and for him ice and stretching exercises are the only thing that helps.

I also have RA and cortisone into the foot is the absolute worst! I've had three foot surgeries and they were all successful. Ask your podiatrist to evaluate you for tarsal tunnel syndrome. Also Lyrica helped tremendously for the neuropathy, but be vigilant for weight gain.

I hope your other tests come back normal. Good luck!

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Thank you.

Lyrica was VERY bad for me and didn’t work.

Ask about Plantar Fasciitis.

It’s extremely painful in the heel. Your tendon comes off of its place. Every step it like walking on shredded glass.

I got it from wearing shoes that were too flexible and my tendon stretched too much and rip off. I crawled on hands and knees for two months. I refused cortisone shots in my feet. I was prescribed a drug call Enablix or something similar. It was a god send. Then one day I went to renew my script, the pharmacist told me the drug was recalled. Apparently it could eat away the Valve to your heart! however, I was healed enough by then to manage. There are other safe drugs out there to treat this, all anti inflammatories.

I guess just make sure your diagnosis is correct. When I hear anyone say they have heel pain, I remember my own.

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I have this too and my heel swells, so uncomfortable. I was told to ice my foot and do calf stretches. I don’t know if you walk barefoot but I was told to wear shoes with a thick sole.

Like others have said, there are lots of things that can happen with feet and heels, so maybe worth asking for a podiatry referral.

Good luck with the colonoscopy. My mum had a right sided colectomy and finds the scopes painful until they give her extra pain relief and sedation. Make sure they know first as it’s different for you to other people. Hope it goes as well as these things can go.

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I do wear a lot of flip flops all summer. And uggs in the winter.

Ouch, hurts to type this morning.

Thanks tho!

Something to bear in mind- after doing excercises for plantar fasciitis for 18 months, buying recommended shoes, and being patient as told to by all professionals it turned out to be a broken heel!

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Omg. Thanks 🙏🏻

Sorry to hear you have this. I have had achillies tendonitis in both legs for over two years, plus plantar fasciitis both feet. I went private to see an orthopaedic consultant who confirmed with ultrasound but said he thought most of the problem was RA. He suggested shock wave therapy for both tendons at £3000 per leg, but this has to be used in caution with people with inflammatory conditions, so said see the rheumatologist first.

My rheumologist disagrees and says it must be a mechanical problem. Podiatry at hospital were no help, just gave me off the shelf insoles.

I went private to get some physio therapy which helped and I was a bit more mobile, but I found if I even slightly stretch the tendons too much I'm back to square one.

Best thing I found was dorsiflexion boots to wear in bed (like a soft moon boot). They keep your foot at a 90 degree angle to you leg so the tendon isn't shortening as you sleep. You can buy them online, got mine via


I'm still waiting (one year now!) for an appointment at the foot clinic, referred by my rheumatologist. So I'llsee what they say. In the meantime I feel the active inflammation has gone, but I'm still hobbling first thing and restricted to how much walking I can do. Good trainers and moonboots at night just keep me mobile.

Good luck and hope you find something that helps, if you do, let us know!

Best wishes, Fiona

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Thanks so much!

I have had sore heels for years. Podiatrist and rheumy both said to stretch and exercise a chillies. Does help to a point but have realised it's good old inflammation /arthritis as a general body shot of steroid takes it away but always comes back. Mone is also at the back and sides of heels. Very painful.

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