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What a day


Was going for my normal mtx blood test. No biggy, as I was getting into the car my husband was getting out to see if I was ok, forgot to put the handbrake on, car started to roll backwards, I couldn’t hop along with the momentum and the door took me off of my feet, down into the road I fell foot facing backwards. Now in hospital with a broken ankle awaiting surgery hopefully in the morning to have it pinned. All I needed on top of my RA.

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Oh no, what a day for you. So sorry to hear this. Hope the op goes well and sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Big hugs to you.. hope all goes well in the morning xxxxx

That is an awful experience for you ! I hope you make a quick recovery 🤞🏻

Omg that’s awful like you say that’s all you needed hope you feel better soon x

Thank you everyone for your kind wishes x


Oh no! Wishing you well. Sorry for your husband too!

Oops! Bet hubby is going to be a really, really good nurse when you get home!!!

Hope the op goes well.....& you are up & about very soon.

Sorry to hear of your day. Thinking of you. Let us know how you get on. X

Oh crap! Wishing you to heal up good!

Oh no .just another weak spot for RA to set in .this disease is horrible .

Oh no, what a day indeed! You must have been very frightened! Good luck with your ankle.

oh Nooo, hope the operation goes well and get well soon . Big hug


Oh no...do sorry to hear that. What a flipping pain. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Poor you, how scary!! Your husband owes you big time....unless he can miraculously turn this around to be ‘your fault!!’ 🙄Hope all goes well with the op & you’re soon feeling better.

He has tried that but with no success.😆

Haha..good girl!! Hope surgery went well & you’re recovering ok? Make sure he makes up for it & spoils you!! 🤗😊x

How awful! I'm wishing you the speediest of recoveries. Huge hugs


oh no that's not good. Hope the surgery goes well !

Thanks everyone the op was cancelled today, hopefully tomorrow as my RA pain feels worse with just lying around

Best wishes, hope you get sorted tomorrow. X

Oh my that sounded awful hope all goes well and hubby is forgiven xx

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Yes it was an accident. Although he feels really bad.

Oh mummyola, what can I say to make you feel better? I really hope the arthritis is controlled. Stress makes it worse so try to relax......

Very sorry, wish you a speedy recovery. It's always something it seems, so unfair.

They of wisdom drs have said we will try a glass fibre cast first to see if that works, so I might not need surgery, as there is a danger with infection with diabetes and RA 🤞it works. They said will take longer than normal but anything is better than an op.

Had my op on Monday, feeling better but still in a lot of pain. Awaiting when I can go home. There are a few more aids needed, hubby had a stair lift fitted for me yesterday, they say I will need a wheelchair for a few weeks, not keen but needs must. My RA has not been to bad because of all the pain killers I am on. Going to ask the rhumy dr if I can stay on a few of them.🤞the ankle will develop arthritis in it so the dr told me, as it has a pin in it and it’s fused. But I’ll learn to live with it, it will added to the rest.

Hi, I’m so sorry just seen this post, poor you!!! I do hope you’ve been able to go home by now & are feeling a bit more comfortable? Take care ☺️ x

No still in hospital been three weeks now. They are having a POW wow tomorrow to discuss my release,

feels like how I imagine prison to be having never being there, 😆I hope they think I have recovered sufficiently after my op two weeks ago Monday, to go home, it’s my limited movement they are concerned about, but my RA has been behaving it’s self while I’ve been here so 🤞I can go home

Oh how awful for you!!!! We can be in casts together!

Mine is for Achilles tendinitis.

I hope you got to choose your color! ♿️ (that’s me, and a lot of us I suspect) in a hurry.....

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Can’t choose a colour it’s going to be a grey air boot

Hi, I do hope you can go home this week. So much better to recuperate in your own home, where you can relax....Then,relaxing will help the ‘recovery process!!’ Everything crossed for you!!!🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞😊

Looks like another week of it here, then another review in the middle of the week, it’s the equipment and care package that is delaying the discharge, I’m in hospital in a different borough so it’s getting mine to agree everything. 😬

Oh what a pain...literally!! Nothng’s ever straight forward is it? I’m sure sometimes they do it on purpose...just because they can!! But then I guess it usually all comes down to cost. So frustrating when it’s completely out of your hands.😡 Hope you’re not in too much pain & things get sorted soon.🙂



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