What a horrible day!

Is anyone else stuck in today with all this awful rain? I went to my GP this morning for my sick note and was pleased that he gave me a two month note instead of the usual 4wk one. I do hate going as it makes me feel like a naughty child asking for sweets. By the time I came out again it was throwing down with rain. The dogs have not been walked and that's the way it's staying today. I'd like to read my book but I'm afraid the only unread one I have is a really creepy horror! I don't want to read it as my OH is going to Dubai for a week on Sunday and I'll be scared to sleep in the dark on my own. I hope you are all keeping well and looking forward to the weekend.

Paula x

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  • I agree Paula it is a horrible day, I've just pottered about this morning. Been on exercise bike (turbo trainer) for the 2nd time this week, let's hope I can keep that going. Also have been really brave and phoned about swimming lessons, so just waiting for a space to do 1-1. It's something I've wanted to do for ages but gave always been a bit frightened.

    Gonna watch the tennis this afternoon, my feet have been painful over the last 10 days or so, particularly balls of my feet, so will be ready for a sit down.

    I love creepy, scary thrillers, wouldn't be withouty kindle.

    Hope it brightens up later,

    Mary x

  • Hi Paula

    I've just potterted and like you I won't go out with the dog in this weather. She would not go out into the back garden, which may cause a bit of a dilema later - we'll see.

    I am hoping to get a sick not tomorrow, so I know what you mean, although I am not feeling to bad about getting one as work have not been supportive of late!

    Enjoy the rest of your day, they said we might get some sunshine in the afternoon, as the rain is moving North - hope so for both our sakes.

    Take care Joanne x

  • Thanks for that Joanne lol...I'm in the north!!! well north west but I think that means it's heading my way! I'm on ESA right now while looking for work as my contract with DWP ended just before I got ra leaving me high and dry. There does seem to be a lot of unsupportive employers out there if this forum is anything to go by.

    Paula x

  • I'm so jealous of your Kindle Mary, I've told OH I'd love one for Christmas. Holding books is not easy with ra :-( Good for you, calling up about swimming lessons. It's really brave to learn as an adult but it'll be so worth it to you. I swim 3 times a week for about 40 mins each time and it really is the best exercise I've tried. I get pain in the balls of my feet too but find it's really eased since buying some sketchers Tone-Up shoes. I used to always walk barefoot around the house before ra but never anymore. I don't know what shoes you wear but these are really worth a try, it's like walking on soft cushions.

    Paula x

  • Thanks for that Paula, I am looking forward to the swimming hopefully I won't have to wait too long and get cold feet if you don't hear I'm doing it by all means pester me lol.

    I got my kindle for Xmas, it's so easy to hold, I hope you OH or Santa brings one for you.

    Thanks for the heads up on the sketchers will look into them.

    Mary x

  • Hi Girls,

    Weather's a bit rubbish here also but my daughter's dog (which lives with me) is an 'all weather dog' so won't be put off. Thank goodness it's my daughter's responsibility to come back home and walk her every day otherwise I'd be flying horizontally behind her as my legs don't move fast enough.

    Hey Mary, I'm impressed with the swimming lessons. I'm sure you'll love it!

    I quite fancy a Kindle, better find myself an OH before next Christmas.


  • A Kindle is definitely worthwhile - until my Mum bought me mine for Christmas last year, I was reduced to reading for 30 minutes at a time, otherwise my hands were agony, and my fingers locked around the book! The best thing is, you can always rest it on a cushion on your lap, and not use your hands at all, except to change page. A real Godsend to those of us with less than functional hands!

    Sara xx

  • Well everyone so far there has been very little or no rain in cornwall today. We are on our way back home tomorrow, with the rain coming with us. I will be glad to go home.

    Hope you all are not suffering too much from the rain.


  • Its been awful in West Wales too this afternoon. So fed up of the rain now. Do any of you use an ipad instead of a Kindle? I have also been having trouble holding books. Was wondering about an ipad as then Icould go to bed and read and also keep in touch on facebook etc(lazy I know)

  • Hi, I have recently discovered there are lots of books to read online for free. You don't need a kindle. I think the books tend to be ones that were written many years ago. So that would be many of the classics. Brontes. Jane Austen. Agatha Christie has some good stories, and Arthur Conan Doyle too.

    But you still need to sit at your computer, or lap top.

    Worth a look?

    I think one site is called Read Central. But there are lots of others.

  • weather is horrid in the south west too x

  • Yesterday I felt to ill to enjoy the sunshine here but today has been much better.

    I feel bad even admitting this but the weather here has been fab for almost 2 whole days while you people south have these awful downpours. Pure blue skies with the odd little cloud whisping past and too hot for the dog and myself to cope with - we went and worked in the studio (well the dog slept but that's the equivalent of working hard for him!). I walked him round the back of our home town tonight and we had a lovely time - I kept stopping to take photos while he had a good sniff and cow poos and dog poos and sheep poos and horse poos! We did have thick fog for a few days before that though - but no rain so far. I'm dreading driving down to Scotland now - why leave Orkney when it's the best place in the world just now?!

    I listen to the radio while I work - Radio 4 and Radio Scotland are my two main channels. There's usually something good on iplayer or the other listen agains otherwise.

    I do hope you can locate a book or something un -scary to read Paula. I'm such a wimp that I can't even listen to the Archers just now! Glad you've got your 2 month sick note at least. Tilda xx

  • i Paula, I know what you mean, I always think they will say no you are fit for work and that really scares me as when I gave in my notice the home closed so no job to go to anyway and the thought of going on job seekers looking for something I can do blows my mind. I still have one month at a time sick notes. on a good note though, had letter from DLA saying they are writing to my GP, my sister says this is good because they haven't said no straight away, I'm only worried that because she has only seen me once (new surgery since moving back home) that she could be negative like the letter to consultant she sent saying that I had had my BP checked regularly when it had only been checked once. My sister says that I have a problem with these Professionals, I KNOW I WONDER WHY.....Ps the weathers been p**ts but the sun shines with clear blue skies at 8pm funny ha ha. plus my waterproof cover soaked though the garden chair covers so have to get a wet bottom even if I chanced the gap between clouds. think I'll move to Scotland.

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