wedding weekend oh what a weding!!!

wedding weekend oh what a weding!!!

Well lovely people here i am returned home exhausted. Got ulcers in my mouth ache like hell,but boy was it worth it.The car needs to go into the garage as soon as they get the part for it. We nursed it down to cambrigde to my cousins and then we booked into our hotel and then we went back to my cousins for evening meal. By the time we got back to the hotel i was shattered so i went to bed. Saturday and here we are getting ready for the wedding. I went with trousers and top and glad i did. Went to my cousins as we didn't know the way to the register office,despite i used to go there all the time in my youth. When we got there we had to pay £5 for the privilige of parking for the wedding. Moaned like hell about it too. The groom got there with his best man, but wait for it,the bride came on her motorbike. White ankle boots,short dress and a wreath on her head. She looked a picture i can tell you. She is an artist and the groom is a photographer and they have a unit where they paint and that was where the reception was held.It was a russian reception so we all took food and drink,it was surprinsly relaxing and enjoyable. I sat outside in the sun and i can't the sun on my chest.The weather was really great,better weather than when we were in cornwall in june. The afternoon went very well,but by about 4pm i started to flag quite quickly, went back to our hotel and i had a rest. Then later on we met my cousin and her daughter met us at the hotel where we stayed for a meal. It was a chinese restaurant and we had a lovely meal and evening.

This morning we went to my cousins for breakfast and a couple of cups of tea. We left at about 11am and nursed the poor old car home,happily we got home safely and now i'm just letting it all go, and no i won't moan about my aches and pains,thats for another blog.

Thats me finished waffling for the time being.


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  • Hi Sylvi, glad you had such a good day despite the exhaustion and the aches and pains. The bride looks lovely on her motorbike. Glad you got home safely - sounds as if you need to change the car fairly soon! LavendarLady x

  • Hi, God i hope not, we've only had it a couple of years. Though it wasn't new when we got it. It was very exhausting weekend,but we did enjoy it.nWhen i get sent some photos i will try and post them on here. xx

  • looks like you had a good one Sylvia, well worth all the running. Bride looks beautiful

  • Sounded great fun xx

  • Sounds like you all had a great time , I hope you recover soon lol untill the next one that is.

  • Yes people i did have a lovely time well worth all the agony. More about when i blog later. I just thought it was a good idea to have a cheering story for a change and it was such an unusual wedding and relaxing. I've been to three weddings this year all very nice with some lovely people, but i have to say and not just because its a family one,it was the most relaxing wedding that i've been to. No airs and graces.Everybody talked to each other,people i have never even met,from everywhere in the world. The best man was australian,but he was a steward on ba and he flew in from bankok early on the day od the wedding. There were germans,spainish,the bride was from the former ussr, now i believe its the ukraine.

    Thank you all for reading my blog and commenting on it.


  • hi sylvi

    glad you had great time - sounds like lots of interesting people.

    isnt it fab to hear all what is going on people flying here, there and everywhere - so exciting.


  • It was fun,despite the aches and pains and stress. Can't remember so many people from different nations. Posted another photo on another blog i wrote,you want to look at photo on there. xx

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