What a lovely day

Hi all thought i would share with you all. What a lovely day today. I actual walked down to the sea side today. One mile and two tenths oh i fill so good !!!!!. Had the biggest lunch you ever saw. Quite a few drinks to boot. Still standing.

I brought a shooting stick with a rubber end its fabulous. I can know sit down when ever i want to. Today i did not need to but i know it was there if i need it. It kind of give me the confidance to have a go.

No pain from yesterday hoovering car out. Swelling on the hands and if honest knuckles are a bit stiff not to much else wrong today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Think meds are kicking in know thank the lord. Steroids might also be helping oh i don't care can do normal things its so wonderful.

I don't want to offend anyone i am very sorry for those that can't manage simple things in life. But it has been so long for me it was like wining the lotto. Best wishes to all xx

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  • Brilliant, i am well jel!! no kidding its great when the meds work and you can do things. and on such a lovely day , the shooting stick is a good idea, might try it ! And you could not offend us, you just deserve it..at last xx

  • Thank you your to kind. Hope your drugs kick in for you to soon xx

  • How lovely! I don't know why I haven't tried a shooting stick myself, I have thought of it. And no offence taken - if we don't share & celebrate the good stuff RA starts to look much grimmer than it actually is. Hope you continue just as brilliantly. x

  • Thank you i think shooting sticks all round!!!! They are brill xx

  • Ahhh that's so refreshing to read....I thinks it's great when someone posts a positive blog, that's what we all hope and wish for that the meds work and that we can lead fairly normal lives. Glad you had a lovely day and long may it continue! X

  • Thank you x

  • Thats good to hear. Glad you had a lovely day. I enjoy reading blogs where we ra sufferers can enjoy something which to others comes naturally.




  • Thank you just wish all us RA sufferers get normal days. Its so wonderful when you can do, As opposed to can't .

    Before RA i took things for granted which now when i see others doing just that it makes me envious which is not a nice quality. x

  • Glad to hear you had such a good day, it's brilliant news that things are going so well. :-)

    Paula x

  • Thank you long may it last!!! x

  • So lovely to read a happy Sunday blog:))) so pleased for you,keep it up love Michelle xxx

  • So lovely to read a happy Sunday blog:))) so pleased for you,keep it up love Michelle xxx

  • think its to do with the sun shine x

  • Yeh always makes me feel a lot better :))) we tidied the back garden,washed the bedding,all my ironing done,and went out for dinner yum yum !!! Lol xx

  • Sounds like you have had a bust day, lunch is always better when you don't have to cook it !!!!!!!!! x

  • Definitely !! And we're home now having a caramel latte,just brought a tassimo,I well recommend it !! Mmmmmm mmmm lol xxx

  • That sounds lovely x

  • sounds great to live by the sea x

  • yes but you take it for grated x

  • Lovely to hear somebody so happy & positive! Glad you had such a good day xx

  • Thank you x

  • Doesn't it lift you up when you have a good day and the meds are doing what they are supposed to do. The stick sounds fab,but i don't think it would hold my weight,he he. Keep on the good work as they say.xxx

  • Thank you syllvi x

  • By the sea, by the sea...I know there is a song somewhere with those words! Your post does conjure up the lovely image of sun and sand and the lapping of the waves kissing the shore...Romantic isn't it? Especially that it is such an accomplishment! :) Enjoy every minute. Then rest! Loretxx

  • Yes romantic and heathy x

  • Listen we all know what it's like when you feel well and able to do all the ordinary things we watch others do. It is always good for the rest of us too to see that the meds really do work. Great to hear a success story, well done you! X

  • Thanks hope it lasts a while x

  • Its lovely to hear from people when the meds work. As you say long may it last. Take care x

  • Thanks x

  • Now really we jel, u improving and I always wanted to live by the sea. I suppose the yorkmoors make it for it but on a nice day the seaside is the place xx

  • Hi Allanah hope the sun is out were you are it is here. Yes seaside is lovely all year but when you live by it you take it for granted. I really love the Yorkshire moors had a fella that live their. Meet him when he was working on the channel tunnel. off to work now hope you have a good day xx

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