What a day,i want to forget.

What a day,i want to forget.

Where to start,got up at 5.30am this morning after having a bad night again. Thought i would put on my laptop on. Wrong,it b""""y crashed. I get vey frustrated when things go wrong and i don't know how to correct them. The day just went from bad to worse, i ache oh do i ache. Rang a man who fixes the computer upstairs to come and sort it out. He arranged to come out this afternoon. First we went to asda and i hated going around there, i used the stores scooters,but if i got bumped into once it happened 5-6 times. By the time we got home i was just about had it. I had a cry before we went to asda. The computer man came and he was here for a good couple of hours and the good news is i'm back online.

Hubby and daughter went to bedworth to finish off the shopping and did a few other bits while i stayed at home with the computer man. When they came home hubby took me up the village to pay the papers and to get some flowers and milk. When we got up there i had another cry in the car,all because i ache and tired.

When i got home the computer man was still here. He charged us £70 which was not too bad,because if had to go online and get a disc to correct the laptop it have taken 7days to get here and then there was no quarentee that we could fix it on our own. So lovely people i'm up and running. I'm still in pain,but at least i'm in touch with everyone.

A little bit of nice news,when we went up the village i got some mistletoe. I like having it in the house at christmas as i think it will bring good luck,so something nice did happen today.

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  • Hope tomorrow is a better one for you Sylvi, being in constant pain and also unable to sleep through the night is b..... awfull. No wonder you had a weep.

    I actually slept through last night for the first time in weeks. It felt odd as it's now the exception not the rule! I am hoping my new treatment (rituximab) might be making a little difference but its only 1 night so early days yet!

    Hope you have hung the mistletoe somewhere you can get lots of kisses with Father Christmas!

    Charlie x

  • Sorry to hear you had such a bad day. Fingers crossed for you that tomorrow's better & hope you have a good sleep tonight as must be tired out. Polly

  • Oh dear Sylvi you sound so exhausted after such a nasty day.

    Thats the problem with RA isn't it? We never know what to expect from day to day. Hope you have a good night and sleep well.Maybe tomorrow will be different in a good way.

    Take care xx

  • Best of luck for a better day today. Its snowing here nd I have just had to drive in it which scares me to death. Ooo mistletoe how romantic! That hubby of yours better be prepared haha take care xxxxxx

  • oh poor you slyvi,

    i hope you feel less teary today, and that the pain eases off a bit, i totally understand how you feel. glad the laptop is fixed, i dont know how id manage without one. take care of urself,

    thinking of u,

    laney xxx

  • Thank you ladies, What sleep i had was of better quality at least. Hubby went to a legion meeting last night and had mince pies and it has made him bad all night with acid. He was up and down al night so of course i didn't get a whole nights sleep. My knees are very hot today and it is very cold here today, no snow yet thank goodness.


  • Hi Sylvi, glad what sleep you had was of a better quality last night and sorry your hubby suffered courtesy of the mince pies.

    Hot knees - not so good, hope they ease off soon.

    Just had a flurry of snow down here in Kent, not enough yet to settle. I hate it.

    Judi xxxx

  • I can't stand hearing about mince pies and not having any! I have the mincemeat and apples and citrus and all the other ingredients, sooo, as soon as I get the Oatmeal Raisen cookies going, I'm going to make a mincemeat pie! There is also a recipe for Mincemeat cookies!!!!

    Gotta get moving, it's 11am and I have accomplished nothing but getting dressed. Might go have a cup of coffee while it's hot first!

  • i used to make my own mincemeat,but i can't do it know. Nobody in my house eats them only me. I've got ones with iced topping instead of pastry.

    Coffee sounds good, i don't take sugar in mine. xx

  • Hope you are feeling better today!.. in down in the dumps my washing machine packed up last night!!

  • What is it with time of year everything breaking down. I can't get my laptop to go again this morning so am upstairs on the family computer. I do feel for you with the washer,your well and truly screwed without it aren't you.

    Sit summer and make a cuppa whatever your poison is and if you drink put a brandy in it.

    Sylvi. xx

  • Was so pleased to have managed to clean my cooker ......... now the grill doesn't work (don't you just love it). Bloomin typical.

    Judi xxxx

  • My top oven is without a thermostat at the moment and the man who is supposed to fix it is dawdling. My lap[top has gone the bloke who did it yesterday has come and taken it with him as he has better facilities at home to sort it out.

    I don't know whats wrong with me today i'm all out of sorts. I'm tired so i think i will go and take a nap and see if that helps.

    What is it with machines they don't last long do they.


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