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What a day

I went with a friend to Omaha (50 miles away) to Laurentzen Gardens and we walked through the building and then on a path all the way to the gate at the end. I had my coat unzipped until the return walk. It was probably about 55 degrees but there was a breeze. The Gardens are so beautiful, at all times of the year. They were doing a presentation about dangerous plants today. I saw some venis flytraps and cactus and well-about everything. There were plants there that my Mom had in the house that I learned today were harmful or even deadly-if eaten. It was very interesting, and I got my exercise. They served free non-alcoholic drinks too, that had names attached; I had peach opiate and strawberry strycnine (sp). I wasn't all that impressed with the drinks, but hey, it was free & it was fun thinking of flirting with danger.

I have to take a deep breath every time I am with this friend. She is type A & thinks that she knows everything, (she is 30 years older than me). She's a trial, but I love her. I wasn't in the best mood this morning & really didn't want to go, but I didn't want to disappoint her. I had a good time while there, but the ride home was heated. Somehow we got on the subject of abortion & we were totally opposite. I tried to change the subject several times & she kept telling me her views. ugh. We did stop by the Baker's chocolate factory on the way home & she bought some & shared with me, so over-all, the day was pretty good.

Now I'm on a sugar high and will have to find something healthy for supper. The sunset was beautiful, pink across the entire sky.

Have a great evening,


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Hi there TW,

Just googled those gardens and they sound fab, lucky you in Omaha wow! We have Botanical gardens in Dublin, and some really great old trees and plants there. I love plants and gardens. Some lovely ones around Ireland.

Regarding your friend and the topic she introduced, that subject and religion and politics are best avoided on an afternoon trip, typeA that's a good one.

Why On earth did she want to discuss Abortion? That's strictly one for mothers daughters and sisters even at that really people should just have their ownk opinion, and ad that they do not judge others! Maybe there was something on her mind re this issue???

Anyhow, I had a quiet day, but am fostering a corgi pup tomorrow, along with my two dogs I better get some shut eye!

Isn't it great talking to people all over the world what did we ever do without the Internet?

Nite nite, Gina.


I like going to gardens. Last year we went to the eden project and the lost gardens of heligan,and we enjoyed ourselves very much. We are going back to cornwall again this year,but we are going further down. We are going ti st.ives, so hopefully we'll see some different gardens. We will go to lands end too. Hopefully this year i will be able walk if i get my operation in the spring.

Pleased to hear from you.

Love sylvi.xx


HI Tinwoman - sounds like you had a wonderful time out. I used to be a bit like your friend in my younger day - i ruined many a party prontificating on politics, capitalism and feminist issues but as i got older and had less and less social invitations and an ever decreasing circle of friends, i realised that it might be necessary to have a more open mind and to stop lecturing people.

Lovely to hear from you, the gardens sound wonderful, hope that is the start to a great week.


How trying for you! Nothing worse that being stuck in a car with someone determined to sound off:-(

The gardens do sound wonderful and I will follow Gina's example and Google them later:-) I'm lucky to live on the edge of a National Park [no development allowed] and have a good number of homes [stately and otherwise] that open their fabulous garden to the public, within an easy drive. Most of these are now managed by the National Trust or English Heritage and I can while away many a happy hour after a visit, imagining myself living there and how I would decorate it - in some other fantasy life where stairs and cold draughts aren't a problem!

Have a good week:-)

Cece x


What a shame to put such a negative slant on an otherwise delightful afternoon. Next time, maybe just say, "How about if we don't discuss anything controversial" or some other such suggestion.

I am such a nature lover, plants, trees, birds, rabbits, etc. Every year in Feb and March when we have a warming trend, I will be out there checking to see if there are any green things poking through the frozen tundra of Northern Ohio.

It is always so exciting to see something green for the first time. It is a reassurance that life goes on, and so depressing to discover some favorite plant didn't make it this year!

That is why I get stir crazy, or get S.A.D during this time of the year. Not that I can't find things to do, they are usually staring me in the face!

I do have a sun room, or as some call , a Florida room, where I have all my outdoor potted plants that I brought in last Fall. Many are still flowering, despite the cold temps..I refuse to heat it, but they do well, almost dormancy, some of them. In late Feb or March I will cut back all the plants and then as the temps outside warm up, I start to water them more and they will grow again and produce another season of flowers. Begonias and Geraniums are the ones that do the best that way. Gotta go feed the machines! Fed the cat already and she is napping. Cheers! I'll be back.xx Loret


I kept trying to change the subject yesterday, but she kept turning it back to the bad one. We were better after we stopped at the chocolate factory.

Loret: I got my first begonia last summer and brought it into my house. It is dropping all of it's stems & leaves. Perhaps I should cut it back or quit watering it as much as I do. It is not where the sun gets to it, I only have the kitchen where the sun hits. My alvera isn't doing well either & it gets the sun. Hmmmm. Years ago I used to have plants inside but then they all started dying so I think I developed a black thumb.

Well, I just walked, so now for breakfast as it's already 10:30. Think I'll make some waffles.


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