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Saw rhuemy today as haven't been feeling great over past couple of months. He prescribed leflunomide. Feeling a little fed up, if honest. He wanted me to try this as a way of delaying more surgery if possible. He says the surgery is inevitable but because I've had so much over the past two years, to delay it, if possible is best.

I also had IM steroid injection (sore!!) although not sure why as I've never experienced relief with any steroids.

Jus a bit worried at taking another drug on top of Mtx, biologics and arcoxia.

What experience have you guys had on it? Is it easy in terms of any side effects?

Thank you in advance


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I can't give you any advice on Lef....but I can send you a big hug :)

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Ah, thank you sue - gratefully received

I have also just been prescribed leflunomide, will be interesting to see how we get on. x

Anything that delays surgery after what you've gone through in such a comparatively short time since diagnosis has to be worth a shot Marie, do you not think? LEF is my 4th DMARD, started it back in Nov & if anything it's been the the easiest, no side effects, all right a little more hair in my brush in the early weeks but just as it did with MTX it settled quickly. I was a tad hesitant with the thought of needing to have a washout if I didn't respond well or had horrendous side effects after going through what I did on SSZ (my first bad experience of a DMARD) but you've to trust in your Rheumy's experience. If you're unsure or hesitant though do talk it through again.

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Thank you NMHs

Intellectually, I absolutely agree and I've no desire to have surgery ever again. However, I know that it has to happen and there is a part of me that wants to say just put me under and do the bleeding lot and then I can maybe just get on with life !

I'm just not looking forward to taking anymore heavy duty drugs as I struggle with them as it is.

I had SSZ about 18 months ago but it did nothing fir me whatsoever.

I will go with it as I do trust my rhuemy but I'd asked everyone here as a way of getting some idea of what the reality of taking it panned out.

As always, thank you for your input and encouraging words.

Hope you and H are well.


Dear Marie, so sorry your having such a rough time lately,I carnt give any advice my old Rhumey suggested Lef but I felt a was doing ok on the biologics so didn't take it up.Hope things improve for you soon.

Kind regards Mike

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Thanks mike, I appreciate it.


No experience of the drug, but It sounds like you're really going through it atm and I feel for you. Best of luck with all of it. E x

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Thank you


I haven't had this one so couldn't comment but it must be worth a go if it delays undergoing even more surgery. I'm so sorry you're going through all this. Huge hugs


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Thank you Jan


I haven't had this so can't advise. Just hope it helps & delays surgery.

I've to make a decision about going on tocilizumab 😳

Take care & gentle hugs xx

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Thank you Rebecca and the best of luck to you


I've been taking it for over 2 years and its great.

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