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Trigger finger and more

Hi everyone, I posted just over a week ago about problems with trigger finger. If you remember I had a steroid injection into the base of my finger. Well it has made no difference and yesterday I saw my GP again as I was in so much pain and three fingers were now locking. He said he wouldn't repeat the injection as my hand was very swollen and he didn't think it would work anyway. He mentioned how cold my hands were and asked if I had only just got to the surgery and not had chance to warm up. I told him I had been waiting approx. 10 minutes and my hands do go very cold from time to time. He mentioned Reynauds Disease and I said I do tend to go cold in the evening and have to put on extra layers. He is now referring me to the Orthopaedic Department, he couldn't say if they will try the injection again or may recommend trigger finger release surgery, which I have had on the other hand a few years ago. I have been signed off work and will be reassessed weekly before returning to work. Hope I get it sorted quickly as I am worried about my job, they have been ok so far but I have had a few weeks off and all the time for appointments too. Has anyone got experience of Reynauds and how it is treated.

Sue. X

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Hi Sue, I get trigger finger but not as bad as you, mine has actually moved fingers. I find it gets bad when my RA is playing up. I haven't had any specific treatment for it.

Reynard also seems part of the package,keeping hands and feet warm is a challenge.

We also like walking in the country,I wear a pair of thin silk gloves under my thick gloves it does help,


Sorry I not able to be of more use.

Regards Mike


Sorry to hear it may not be as simple this time Sue. Oddly I always had trouble with cold hands, feet too, but recently they're always warm particularly my hands. So I don't know anything about Raynauds other than what I've picked up from here but hopefully those who do will be along to answer your questions. Do let us know how you get on at Orthopaedics though won't you. x

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There is a very active Raynauds society who have a website too. It depends how bad it is not I know some of the people I met in our day unit were having similar infusions for severe Raynauds bit my friend has it and she only needs heated gloves to help her condition xx hope your finger sorts soon too x


Thanks for your replies, I will keep you updated and will do some research and see what I can find out. Enjoy your day. X

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I had something similar when my problems first started. I woke up one morning and the index and middle finger were locked and there was stabbing pain in my thumb joints. There was pain and stiffness up both arms to the elbow. After two weeks, the right hand got slightly better but the left hand went stiff (and following in quick succession my elbows and right shoulder).

I eventually got a diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis/rheumatoid arthritis. Strangely, recently the ring finger and little finger on my right hand locked.

The most effective way of unlocking my fingers has been electro acupuncture. It was really amazing - the electric current made my fingers move and they had been totally jammed. I tried two separate sessions, which brought immense pain relief and flexibility so then I booked a course. I started taking Chinese herbal medicine then which makes a massive difference to pain relief and flexibility - and I get a flare up if I don't take it.

You could try electro acupuncture. It is harmless and not expensive for a couple of sessions, though of course the bills add up over a period of time (but it is cheaper than losing your job). I could not work until I tried it. I am a secretary and could not type or even write my name: I dropped/smashed all my crockery, dropped and broke the hoover/iron/kettle, could not pour a cup of tea or fill a kettle, turn a key, pull a zip, button anything, write my name. I was left in that disgusting state for around nine months - a six month wait for a rheumatology NHS appt, a private rheumatologist who said he thought it was gout but did no tests and a GP who just wanted me to pay privately (which I did, to no avail). I also saw a physio and osteopath who both helped slightly. The physio said it was rheumatoid arthritis and to get a second opinion. the osteopath said the places I had severe pain and swelling (particularly the knuckles) were classic rheumatoid arthritis signs.


Hya.Happygranny 1958. I have Raynauds, my fingers go pure white when there cold, then really sore when the blood starts going back into them when they heat up.

I also had a injection for trigger finger and when it started on other fingers I was sent for a nerve study test, which says I had borderline carpal tunnel. Whicb you sometimes get with RA. Don't know if what you have is the same, but might be worth asking to be refered for a nerve study test. Hope you get get sorted soon. X


Thank you, I have been referred to Orthopaedic Department so have to wait for the letter now, I have had carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists several years ago and the nerve study test, not sure if they will do the nerve test this time but I would think that is likely. My fingers haven't gone white, just icy cold and three fingers on the same hand locking constantly, very painful.


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