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PIP Accessment

Hi all thats me home after 5 days in hospital for elbow surgery. Recocering slower than I would like but got the pip letter today saying I was to go for accessment next week elbow throbing and cant use sticks yet as still got bursitis in hips and not able to put preasure on elbow for stirdiness has anyone got good advice that I can do appointment in 2 weeks about 20 + miles away.



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I'm not sure but I would be calling them ASAP to tell them of your current situation. I know you can change the appointment once.

Hope you start to recover from your operation

All the best



Ask them for a home visit

Tell them you are physically unable to attend their offices at the moment


thanks will do


Hi Bully915,

I am going to try to look for the potential positives in what must feel like an impossible challenge right now. In two weeks you might be considerably further down the road to post-op. recovery than you can imagine right now.

Do you have someone who can go with you to the appointment?

Do you have access to a wheelchair?

Have you considered the option of going by taxi?

I appreciate that that might appear an unjustifiable expense, but when you consider how much you stand to lose if you do not get the PIP award you are hoping to get.

Also if you can possibly manage the assessment appointment when you are so clearly struggling, then you might just stand a better chance of being awarded the level of PIP you really deserve.

We are always advised that we should fill in PIP and similar forms stating how things are on our very worst days, well when they assess you on a bad day it could actually work to your advantage in the longer term.

I believe that under certain circumstances it is possible to request a home visit, for your assessment, but I am not up to date on the current regulations.

When and where your assessment takes place, I hope you consider the decision they come to to be fair.

They have been threatening me with a PIP assessment for almost 4 years now and I am still waiting. I know that with the prospect of potentially losing both my car and my home if the decision went against me, this has had a very negative impact on both my physical and mental health since 2013.

Past experience has, sadly, left me with very little confidence that there is any fairness, sense or reason in the process of who gets what. When I had my last DLA appeal my local Welfare Right's Officer was there representing another case. Her assessment of the situation was that:-

1). The Chairperson did not know his social law.

2). The Doctor had no understanding of his role in the proceedings.

3). The Lay person was the only one of the 3 of them to gain her respect.

She told them bluntly that the decision they had made in her case did not comply with the law and gave them the option to make an appropriate phone call to seek relevant advice, or that she would tell them where to find the relevant information down to the specific paragraph. They opted to make the phone call and her client got the appropriate award.

Hopefully things are better in your neck of the woods and that you get an assessor who knows his or her job.



Thanks at moment not able to drive or travel far as not able to use sticks as not able to weight bear and other is swollen with RA bursitis on both hips apart from that good lol


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My advice would be to see if relative or friend could take you and borrow a wheelchair.It will show how you really are struggling. Emphasise how you just can't manage to do things now that you used to.etc.Take extra paperwork on what you had done and appointments etc...good luck.I had one very kind lady assess me

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hi the assessment people will give you another date they will only do it once x


Ring and they will give you somewhere much nearer. They did this for me.Then get someone to take you in a chair- I think you can hire them/ borrow them from eg age concern. Def ring them though. They do home visits to, as someone else said.Good luck!


thanks will check it out


Hi! I live in Northern Ireland & a friend of mine is unable to go to the pip interview so a girl from pip did a home visit. She was awarded the pip. So I suggest you phone your pip office & state your predication.


Thanks have just asked for home visit


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