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i just got a phone call from pip i have got a home assesment on 16th of june at 10.30 i am very nervious i got help to fill in the form from my housing assosacion he was very helpfull he coppied what i had written to another form and sent the one i filled in back to me i asked if i could record the meeting and was told this was not allowed only audio recording is permited not sure what this is ,the health problems i have are overactive thyroid .eating phobia i have a gastronamy peg in my stomach and am fed via a syringe perifual neuropathy in my feet tennis elbow fibromyalgia osteophorisis overactive bladder .calcified tendinopathy in shoulder and arms osteo arthritus acute anxiety cataracts cramps in my legs at night .vertigo asthma this causes anxiety i sent in my last prescription list i have a self propelled whelchair but i cant propel myself due to the pain in my shoulders and arms .i have an assesment by the whelchair service on the 22nd of june as my doctor has put down patient has foot /leg pain in walking even short distances from her perifual neuropathy she also suffers from fibromyalgia and shoulder pain ,the specialist who diagnosed me with shoulder and arm pain has sent a letter which i included he put this is to confirm that sheila mason is under my care for bilateral shoulder problems she has got significant other medical problems and poor mobility and she is wheelchair bound there is no surgical treatment available for her shoulder problems and she has got signicant tendinitus in both shoulders which is causing signicant pain and dificulty with transfering and using any walking aids which is increasing her problems with mobility she may need appropritate escalation of her mobility aids because of her added problems with her shoulder .i cant prepare a meal i cant grip a pan or drain veg even with both hands my hand go like claws and they are cold all the time .i need help with the syringe to put the food into my stomach it hurts my hands a lot .i need help with my medication i use liquid medication and i forget if i have put it in the water to put down the syringe i cant remember if i have taken my inhalers and get anxious my husband has to help me have a bath i have a bath lift i cant lift my arms above my chest or wash my hair having osteoarthritus and osteoarthritus i cant bend to wash my lower body .my husband has to help me to dress if i have to go out if i am at home i wear my pyjamas and dressing gown as i ned help to use the toilet ,and i cant stand tight clothing i get very exhausted comunacating is very hard its exhausting talking to people i dont know i forget words peoples names my voice is sometimes slurred my memory is very bad i can be told something then its gone i hate talking to people as i forget words i get very stressed and panicky reading is dificult i read the first page turn over and i forget what i have read i dont like listening to tapes as i forget the story line mixing with people i avoid i feel self concious as though people are looking at me i dont go to restarants or to familys houses as i have had an eating phobia for many years i feel self concious the family still cant understand why i cant or dont eat and question me making me feel amxious i just want to hide i dont go anywhere by myself as i have panic attacks i am hopeless with money i use a calculator but its always the wrong amount by the time i get to the tills my stress leval is through the roof i just give them my purse thats when my husband takes over he pays the bils and does the shopping i cant plan a route i dont drive my husband once gave me the map i have no idea how to read a map it took us hours to get home my husband now has a sat nav my stomach is churning already i am so exhausted i go to sleep but when i wake i feel as though i have not slept bad dreams nightmares i dont know what to wear for the assesment as i said i normally wear my pjs and dressing gown i cant wear shoes they hurt my feet i wear slippers .help,advice please ,

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  • Hi sorry to hear what u going through I got home visit from pip on Monday bit worried hope urs goes ok X

  • hi tracy i hope yours goes ok as well let me know what it was like i willl keeep everything crossed for you sending softest hugs xxxxx

  • Thanks I will not looking forward to mines between 12-2 Take care X

  • I am sorry to hear your PiP assessment is causing you so much anxiety. As you are having a home assessment I would not worry about what you wear as long as it is comfortable for you .if you explain to the assessor that it is difficult for you to put shoes on and wear day clothes this would probably help your assessment as they can see the difficulties you come across day to day.

    Here is a link that may help you prepare for your assessment:


    If you would like to speak to us on the Helpline you are very welcome to ring us on 0800 298 7650.

  • hi alisson thank you i would like to talk to someone i contacted my doctor when i got the pip form to ask for a letter with my medical conditions on but he said i would be charged for it as i have an overactive bladder i wear incontinence pads size 4 i have a camode by the bed but i cant weight bear and am in agony with my feet my husband sleeps in the other bedroom but keeps his phone by the bed i have to get up 2 to 3 times a night ,after i have been in bed a couple of hours i get very bad cramps in my feet and calves and need help from my husband we keep a cold floor tile in the bedroom this does help but i need help its easier for my husband if i wear a nightdress and dressing gown when he has to help me to use the camode or toilet with the fibro i cant stand to be touched its very painfull i have a v shaped pillow that my husband puts under my arms and lifts me into my wheelchair its dificult for him i feel a burdon .to my family ,

  • From what I understand from other people, don't make a special effort with your self or your home - you need the assessor to see how you can't cope with some parts of daily life. And also have someone there with you to make notes, because then you have back up if their report doesn't match what was said on the day. It's also someone to prompt you about details which might go out of your head if you're feeling under pressure.

    I really hope it goes well for you.

    Dotty x

  • hi dotty i had my assesment today she came at 10 30 .very pleasant asking me about all my health problems when i was diagnosed ex rays my mind went blank luckily my husband was with me i had a lot written down she asked about what i do in the house we went into the kitchin i was still in my wheelchair witch i cant propell she asked me to put some water in a pan and take it to the hob i asked her how i cant propel my wheelchair i dont have anywhere do carry the water i tried and ended up spliling in on the floor my husband was furious she asked if i can plan a route i cant drive never have the last time we went away my husband gave me the map i sent him the wrong way he got a sat nav i cant deal with money or shopping i have agraphobia and acute anxiety i have an eating phobia and have a gastronamy peg in my stomach my husband has to give me my food and medication my husband has to dress and undress me as i cant raise my arms above my head i have a bath lift my husband has to help me to have a bath and wash me and my hair i have an overactive bladder i am always in the toilet and again i need help from my husband he has to help me in the night to use the camode i also get very bad cramps in my feeet and legs again i need help from darren my husband the medical she asked me to press her fingers i could not do that it hurt me a lot she asked me to turn my head to the left and right i only did it half way then to cross my arms then hands behind my back i failed then she asked me to stand my husband had to help me out of my whelchair and hold me up i took 2 steps and screamed with pain she just said no more thats ok it seemed forever my memory was bad she was here for 2 hours she then said that was it and i would hear in about 6 weeks my husband kept interupting it was when i forgot i was very anxious and talked to much i told her that i dont see many people and when i am anxious i talk a lot she said that she did as well i am so exhausted want to sleep keep everything crossed ,xxx

  • Although it sounds a horrible, draining experience, it sounds like it went well in terms of her seeing that there were a lot of things you can't do.

    Try to put it out of your mind until you hear.

    Dotty xxx

  • hi dotty sorry just got your message and yes it was draining 2 hours is a long time to sit and try to remember dates when i was diagnosed as she had nothing from my doctor and i had no letters from the specialists who diagnosed me well onlu one letter plus i had cronic fibro fog but now its just waiting 6 weeks is such a long time that willl be stressfull take care xxx

  • Mine next Wednesday at 9.30, good luck to you all + Hugs. Leon.

  • hi just got a letter my assesment is being done by capita anyone else had capita what should i expect any tips please when i get anxious i tend to talk a lot nerves is this a bad thing my partner will be with me he is my full time carer ,

  • Hi Sheila, it's a worrying time, but it does sound like you will probably qualify, if you can make sure the assessor knows about all the problems you've described to us. Here are some 'tips':

    Wear what you normally wear. PJs and slippers are fine.

    Don't make a special effort with your house. The assessor won't look round it. However, s/he might take account of anything s/he sees. So for instance, if it's a long way between your front door and your chair, but you walk that quickly and easily, s/he will take that as evidence of your mobility. And if your form says you've got aids and adaptations like rails or bath boards, then s/he'll notice whether or not they're actually there.

    It's good your husband will be with you. You have said he is your full-time carer, it is best if he is. If he can't be there for any reason, arrange for someone else to be with you instead.

    It might be worth asking the person who helped you fill in the form whether he can come for the home assessment too. That may not be possible, but I reckon it's worth asking.

    Show the assessor copies of ALL medical letters, test results, occupational therapy letters and x-Ray reports that give details of your health conditions and problems. You may have sent these with your paper application, but it's useful to have them again. The assessors like this kind of 'objective evidence' more than they like what you tell them - the people who don't qualify often seem to be the people who don't have this kind of 'proof'.

    Tell the assessor what you've told us. Tell her/him about your problems with getting dressed, washing, cooking, feeding yourself, using the toilet and keeping clean and dry, getting around, communicating, managing your money and making decisions. Tell him/her about your anxiety.

    It is especially important to tell him/her if you need help or you need to use any aid or special equipment. Tell her/him about rails, shoe horns, sock aids, special cooking equipment, jar openers, bath boards, long handled back scrubbers... ANYTHING you use to help you... Including your husband! ;)

    S/he may also ask you questions about other aspects of your life like shopping or going to work. These are not assessed, as such, but they check that what you say is consistent all round. So if you said on the form you have trouble walking 20m, but then you say you can whiz round Tescos in 10 mins, the assessor may decide you don't actually have enough trouble walking to qualify.

    I talk a lot with nerves too. I don't think that's a bad thing. (And I got my PIP!) It would only be a problem if you have said on your form you can't talk for yourself!

    Good luck! :)

  • hi thank you problem is i dont have any letters or ex ray results i did ask my doctor for a letter with my medical conditions but he said i would be charged he sent me a letter to say capita will send my doctor a form designed to get all the informatuion they need this isd a detailed six page form and there is plenty of room on the formfor my gp to writein detail any conditions you may have so ime a bit stuck not knowing what he has put i dont have a good surgery in 2014 i had test done as i had a very bad cough normally if a doctor has bad news for you you will be asked to go to the surgery but she phoned me and told me she had my results she told me i had lung cancer i gave up smoking after many tests i still have the nodes on my lungs but they are benine so very stressed .

  • sorry forgot my memory is very bad ,ime sure this is a problem with fibro and not sleeping ,

  • Have you had any rheumatologist appointments within the past year or so, Sheila? Or has your GP referred you to see any other health practitioners or specialists? If so, that specialist will have written a letter to your GP afterwards, and you have a right to a copy of it. You can just call up the receptionist and say "Can I have a copy of all the letters from my rheumatologist, please?" It is worth doing, because then the assessor has some 'proof' of your diagnoses, not just your word for it!

  • hi flow i saw a rheumatologist 10 years ago i have seen a few specialists i saw a orthapedic specialist in april i have a letter from him i have been referred to see see a specialist at the hospital for overactive bladder .i did phone the surgery but was told that capita would send a form to my doctor to fill in that was last week i phoned this morning and was told that they had not received the form yet so just have to wait and see

  • The letter from your ortho will help. The more concrete evidence you have of your health conditions and problems, the better. Sadly assessors don't always believe what we tell them...

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