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Has anyone been refused PIP ? I applied for pip benefit Aug 2013 after many complaints I finally got my assesment in june. The lady said I'd have no issues being awarded it. So 5th week since the assesment and I phoned dwp they said I haven't been awarded it. Am now waiting for the letter to tell me why then I will call to ask to be reconsidered. I am so angry and upset after waiting a year for this. Struggling to work as it is now will have to work extra :-( has anyone had luck in appealing?

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Hi Lolly I was on incapacity Benefit 2007 / 2013 when in 2013 it was changing to PiP I had to go for a medical only to be told I will not be getting benefit from Dec 2013, I am fit for work was what I was told I have Rhuematoid Arthritis, had a shoulder joint replaced in 2010 which has left me with restricted movement, I am also suffering with a trapped nerve in my Left shoulder, I appealed against the decision only for it to be turned down,

I have 8 months to go before I am 65. Then I can get my state Pension.


I think it's an awful system and it should be the medical professionals job to make the decision I'm intrigued to see what the letter says and so stressed not sure I trust myself to phone the dwp without getting angry at then :-s


this is terrible. such a way to treat people with such disabilities. does turning 65 make a difference. i turn 65 in April next year, will that make any difference to me. i know from the site that anyone who was 65 on 2013 will still continue to get their payments. i have heard that if you think you should have the payment that you should keep applying. i was told that if you are on any other benifits that they are stopped until a decision is made.....i'm really concerned about having to face all this next year. keep trying PB. X


Incapacity Benefit changed to ESA...Employment Support Allowance. PiP replaces DLA.


Hi Lolly,

I am sorry to hear about the problems you are having with trying to claim PIP. Sadly you are not alone and we hear of a lot of problems relating to claiming, the length of time it takes to process and the outcomes.

I have put a link here to our publication on PIP, which is available to download. Chapter 6 is about what to do if you are not happy with the decision, which I hope you will find helpful.

If you would like a hard copy of the publication , please do give us a call and we can send one to you.

Our main number is : 01628 823524 and Helpline is : 0800 298 7650.

Helpline is open Mon -Fri 9.30am-4.30pm

With best wishes



What is Pip. Please I am on ESA


PIP is Personal Independence Payment which is replacing Disability Living Allowance.


Ok thanks for your reply


Crikey, that was a quick reply to my reply!! LOL!


You must have read/ seen on the news that the DWP have targets and that they can only pass so many people per week per centre. It's got nothing to do with how ill/immobile/ disabled you are. They are failing people on purpose and hoping you don't appeal. If you have enough evidence then ask for a reconsideration/appeal and you will almost certainly be awarded the benefit....and it will be backdated!

Unfortunately, I've been through all this with ESA two years ago and am presently waiting to be reassessed. I have no doubt I will be shafted yet again but will follow the process and make a complaint of maladministration yet again!!


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