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Just got back from my Pip assesment this afternoon. I was awarded until 2017 but got called in today. Not sure why but could it be because I had to leave my full time job and start claiming benefits ? Just have to wait for the outcome in 4 to 6 weeks. I feel stressed to hell today because I dont know how I will manage if this is taken away. Ive already had to put my house up for sale as I have difficulty with the stairs now.


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  • I was awarded till September 2017and call in this June I have been awarded till 2018 but to be assessed again in December 2017 crazy!

  • Crazy indeed. After all none of us asked to suffer like this.

  • Hi it is rediclous that the disabled are hammered and stressed to breaking point by this Tory Government

  • Hi thanks for your comment. I feel sick to my stomach after to today. Stress levels through the roof ! One person asking questions and another sitting observing. Crazy what we all have to go through.

  • Bad enough having the stress of answering the questions without someone observing as well. Sounds intimidating. Nobody chooses to be ill.

  • Do you think it might be the examiner who is being assessed by the observer ?

    There have been so many complaints about unqualified assessors ........maybe miraculously ...somebody has listened & is testing those who have had complaints against them?

  • A very good point. I was just so stressed at the time I didn't consider that.

  • It might just be their normal reassessment timetable. They seem to be starting the reassessment stuff a full six months before your award expires.

  • I think you'll find people are being reassessed and called in, 12 months before their award is due to end.

  • If you look at your award letter there is reassessment recommend date and the small print says they can do this 12 before award ends or in charge of illness condition they can call you in

  • Hi Trish, best of luck with your result snd hope you can take a relaxed breath now. Regarding the move, is a stair lift not an option for you? Far cheaper than moving.

  • Thanks for your comments . The simple fact is I can't afford to make any adjustments to my home now since I had to leave work. I'm not sure what help is available if any.

  • Oh bless u my love, well once you have your PIP sorted or before why dont you ring your authority who will arrange for an occupational therapist to do a home assessment for you, they will do any rails you need for support etc and a friend of mine was going to have to move because of her bath in a private rental house but they put her in a wet room instead.

    They may well help you with a stair lift and i do know there are companies who rent them by the month and if its a long term rental they come to around £10 per week, but there are also a few charities who do grants to help but i have to be honest i dont know how it works for home owners. Are you confident looking up things on your internet or if not get a friend or family member to help you maybe. Im sure we can get you there or part way there if that is all that is forcing you to move. If i can help in any way from a distance please ask. Leon.

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