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After being told I had DLA for life I have had to fill in a form for PIP which I posted back to them during January. This week I got a letter telling me how much I would receive after April and the next day got a letter saying I had to go for an assessment at a local hospital with a health care professional. I cant sleep for worrying about it and can they really make a decision on how my RA, OA and osteoporosis affects my daily life? Has anyone on the site received PIP for mobility as people I talk to say no one gets it and will my age go against me? Please try to put my mind to rest I just see myself becoming a recluse if I loose my car.

Thanks for reading my rant hugs to all

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Hi fizbom

It seems to be really difficult for people, this change over from

DLA to PIP and made much more

Difficult by having a system stacked against the more vulnerable

In society . However, I have the enhanced rate of both care and mobility elements so have faith that they will be able to

Properly assess and support you.

Very best of wishes


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fizbom in reply to Eiram50

Thank you for your support will let you know outcome x

Yes I got high mobility and medium care. Get lots of evidence from doctors letters etc and get help from nras or citizens advice. Xx

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fizbom in reply to allanah

I sent them all my rhumy letters and photos of my hands looking like a bunch of bananas! I phoned the doctor and they haven't been in contact with them? So its all down to on 'DAY' it's so true that if you look ok they think there's nothing wrong with Behind the smile is a very apt slogan!! Thanks for your help.

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allanah in reply to fizbom

On the day just tell them all your difficulties, both physically and mentally. What you can't do is very important as when the say how are you and you answer. Fine, that's your answer! But your not fine and tell them of the stress of going from lifetime dla to being assessed yet again. My assessor was good. I took my husband and she listened to all he has to do. Tell her when your embarrassed but tell her the physical problems( or him lol)

Good luck, should be fine xx get a copy of therefore, ask for the number to phone next day for it. Then you can see if what you said matches.

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fizbom in reply to allanah

Thank you we do tend to we're fine but inside we are not I just feel so scared of losing the one thing that means keeping in touch with the outside world lol xxx

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margarete-72 in reply to fizbom

I agree with you letters and Dr's not sure help

Everything you have received is normal as the April ref was probably triggered as you are still on DLA, im afraid everyone on DLA regardless of award is having to go through this process and re apply for PIP which does not take into account your DLA history. As for you question re mobility many many people do get mobility on PIP and i can tell you that i had it on DLA and i got it on PIP. Part of the issue is that the distance you are able to walk to qualify for PIP is different from the old DLA rules. I hope your assessment goes well and you get your full entitlement.


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fizbom in reply to Leonwp

Thank you xxx

I have my pip assessment this week 2nd attempt was rejected last time but I'm not as good as I was the last time.

Some of you mention consultant letters etc should be used.

I have mentioned it to my GP that I am applying but not consultant as not seen them since January 2016 on diagnosis.

I have reduced my hours at work by almost half and my outgoings is more than my income. Getting more in debt. My partner has not worked for 27 years with his own problems.

Should I take my copy's of Letters sent to GP from Rhuematology service to my assessment.

I am beginning to think I will fail again. I have been advised to dispute (I can't think of the right word) this time.

Good luck with your assessment

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fizbom in reply to Matilda_1922

Yes that's what I've included and will be taking with me. I was diagnosed in 2010 but it's still not under control and they added Enbrel with in the last year so fingers crossed for you if I could cross them lol x

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Matilda_1922 in reply to fizbom

I am now on triple therapy. The 3rd one added in December.

I had a lot of pain in January so was given an injection. Still have discomfort in hands elbows and knees.

They brought forward my next appointment to march from June as they wanted to see if the 3rd one starts to work

Good luck. I to had a letter yesterday to attend health assessment this coming Thursday. Not a lot of notice. I, like you, a, worried, nervous about saying the wrong thing , and worried I may not be granted anything.

Good luck to us both. Any other pointers from anyone would be appreciated.


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fizbom in reply to emmajoyce

I agree any suggestions welcome good luck hope it goes well x

Can someone drivelse you to the assessment and if available could you be taken to the examination room in a wheelchair? As I have read that people have been refused the mobility component as they were observed walking from the car park!

Good Luck!

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fizbom in reply to premierscfc

Thanks for advice

take somebody with you to the assessment, have them keep notes. What you wear is noted so wear easy to get on and off clothing. If you use walking aids , use them. Take copies of any medical reports with you. They probably won't want those that you did not submit with your form but it worth offering them if they support your application. When you describe how your RA effects you describe how you are on your worst day, not your better days. Tell them about any other health conditions and medications that may not be RA related. If you have not included all the aids and adaptations you use in your form remind yourself of these and take a list along and make sure your include these in answers to questions about how you cope. It's easy to forget things as they become part of everyday life. Appeal if you do not receive what you believe you are entitled too but get advice and assistance from citizens advice or similar. NRAS has good advice for completing pip forms and the interview as does the work and pensions site.

Good luck, hope it goes well, if not get assistance with an appeal.

i have had a pip assessment at home take someone with you and dont be rushed with your answers be really thorough with your descrpitions of your imperment don't be tricked on distances check how far on your worst day you can walk remember it is now 25 meters i believe not the old 50 meters that is how some people are getting in a mess . i got high rate on both by being accurate and unhurried

good luck phil

Hi, follow my posts, most of which on this subject PIP and DLA are totally different and you have to prepare yourself for it. Please do read my posts, they are very informative as I have mobility issues as well and it took 2 goes before my was awarded after they suddenly found a document which they lost the first time.

Thanks Steve have read posts with interest and will follow some of what you said thanks again and will let you know the out come

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