Anyone else have a bit of fun fibbing when folk ask why you have a walking stick or take ages getting out a car etc?

Sometimes I find dropping the 'A' bomb is just too darn complicated. Thankfully I don't need the walking stick as much just now (although I was surprised at the benefits of using a stick other than just getting me about - that's another post lol). Generally I find people avoid asking me why I'm walking with a stick or my knees don't allow me to get in and out a car like a gazelle. If they do ask, sometimes I feel it's just easier to fib -especially a stranger in the street or taxi driver etc. So far I've gone for snowboarding and skydiving. Not to encourage lying or avoid raising awareness of the condition but has anyone else given alternative explanations just to get a wee break from talking about auto immune problems?

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  • I think you are a very naughty Girl, sounds like fun.



  • I haven't thought about lying - I don't do that if I can help it.

    I just say things like "having a bit of a flare up of my auto-immune disease". Just a brief statement of fact. Very few people actually want to know any more. Sounds boring compared with your flights of fancy, but I feel I have a responsibility to be honest but brief.

  • Not boring at all! You're quite right. At the moment I feel like arthritis takes up 99% of my time and thoughts so it's pure escapism to give an alternative explanation.

  • Sorry you've had to rely on walking sticks, but happy to hear you don't need them as much now. Sounds you are having fun with your little fibs (well done!). Unfortunately, I am unable to lie, mainly because it's not in my nature, but also because my face just can't handle it! Keep up the good work. xo

  • Oooh oooh. If I ever feel the need to explain, and I mostly don't 'cos its none of their business, I'm going to have had an unfortunate accident while pole-dancing. It could happen


  • I agree it really is none of anyone's business if you don't want it to be so a little white lie to strangers or anyone who isn't close - lets face it they probabaly don't really care anyway is an excellent idea!

    Now I must be careful while juggling chainsaws 😂😂

  • Sooo funny. I think if you can have a laugh , if even only fir a moment, do whatever it takes!

  • I have had people demand I not park in the disabled parking spot even though I have the decal saying I can. I do not have crutches anymore (thankfully) , i do not need a walker, i do use poles once in a while.

    I sometimes tell people I am practicing being older, and they sometimes have a chuckle. Then they ask whatvis wrong with me. I then ask what is wrong with them. I am told I do not look disabled, however. I can walk around a block then need to rest as my knees no longer function like that of a 43 year old. My dr says I have the knees of a 73 year old. They are refusing to do tkr until I get older, which to me makes no sense as I love to work and am unable to because of my knees.

    Oh well, Keep up the having fun with the able-bodied people. I know I will.


  • Naughty naughty,but a brilliant idea.It hasn't happened to me,but here are a few suggestions for you, i fell over the kitten/puppy, i fell over the back step.My favourite i fell down the steps into the garden(which i did and broke my ankle) I bent down to pick up a cup filled with tea/coffee and slipped on the contents.xxxxx

  • Well done - I'm going to follow your example, much more cheerful than the truth!

  • I have a car sticker which says 'I may not look disabled but you don't look stupid'.

    Another one says 'You can have my blue badge if you take my disability with it'.

  • Sometimes I say "It's rust, I need an oil change!"

  • Pole dancing sounds a good one!🤣

  • I occasionally do that when I am not in the mood to explain or when I don't want sympathy. A funny incident was when I was recently diagnosed and was in dental school. I was about 18 years old at the time and would sometimes have to limp because of the pain. I didn't want to tell my classmates that it was a kind of arthritis because the usual reaction I got was that I'm not old enough to have arthritis etc. So I'd tell them that I fell off my bed during the night and hurt my leg. I used that excuse so many times that it became a standing joke about me, that I keep rolling off my bed when I sleep! I still preferred that rather than the truth :)

  • Naughty naughty child LOL thanks for the laughs!! xx

  • wicked child LOL - but thnks for the laughs xx

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