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Can you take your Humira injection when you have a cold or should you skip it?

I can't remember, although I should. I know no Mtx, but that not until Friday, and I have a damn head cold, grrr!

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My GP told me to avoid both MTX and anti TNF when I had a cold but I must admit I have used them when I forgot without any ill effects. Certainly if there is any chest infection, then probably best to avoid anyway.

Have a look at your Humira booklet - that should give you some advice. LavendarLady x


hello :) I used to be on humira and I always seem to be getting infections and colds. I normally go to my GP first and ask but I always ring my consultant and get their opinion because sometimes it differs from my GP. Whether youre allowed to take humira with a cold always depended on whether I had a temperature and what other symptoms I have. I would suggest checking with your consultant before making any decisions :)

Hope youre well apart from the cold!

Em :)


Thanks Em,

Will prob decide myself on Thurs. I have had had the opposite experience on Humira, not many colds or infections so far.

x Gina.


Hi Gina

I'm the same as Em on Enbrel, always mini bugs etc... but since last xmas i have followed instructions and not done injection if there was ANY risk of infections, however recently i was in a lot of pain and my CRP went up to 88! My rhumy said today that they have to tell EVERYONE on biologics that rule as they have to presume everyone is a plank (his words;-) and that they would inject if they had a full blown chest infection or pus pouring out of their leg or something etc... but in fact the genuine reality is that you only have to not do your injection if you have a confirmed bacterial bug or proper evidence, a cold, sore throat, virus, migrane etc it is fine to do it. I have now managed 5 weeks in a row of injections and my CRP was 33 last friday ;-) 33 is great for me ;-))), so i guess you have to way up the risks of doing it virsus the risks of out of control arthritis. Little Em is right though, it is temp and general well being that indicates bacterial infection.

Hope this helps and doesn't just confuse you more ;-) I always have found this a difficult desicion.

Ella xx


Hi Ella,

That is helpful, I have a bog standard head cold at present not a bit sick and throat is better just a stuffed head and easing. Think will proceed tmoro with injection or mayb Thurs.

Thanks for all advice is most helpful.



Hi, i also suffer from frequent chest infections. I am on Humira and mtx and was advised not to take if any sign of a cold. Sometimes I ignore the advice and the breathing gets worse so then I stop until better. It is a never ended cycle for me!

Sorry my reply is late. I only joined today.



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