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Got out of bed smiling!

Have been having a pretty rough time lately with debilitating pain in my hip. Saw the consultant yesterday, hated him as he pulled and poked and hurt me so much I just lay there and cried. MRI scan arranged, DEXA scan arranged, raft of bloods taken and then he sent me to physio to get a walking stick! I know I need it. It so do not want to use it. He offered some suggestions for pain relief , we discussed my desire to continue doing as much as I can myself so morphine not really an option here, he suggested Lignocaine this time I do not care, am exhausted physically and mentally.

How can I be reduced to a snivelling wreck of a woman who cannot even comprehend what is being said....I am not stupid, silly sometimes but so not stupid, yet he must wonder if there are any lights on!

Well got the patches from doctor yesterday afternoon I can say this morning is my rheumatology consultant has become my hero. No pain, can weight bear , even tried turning on that leg, well a little so relaxed and happy this morning...three weeks of such horrible pain is now ended

So the sun is out the day ahead looks so much brighter and maybe a gentle walk will be on the cards later, without the walking stick

Hope you all are having a pain free day


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Get a walking pole if, like me you dont like the look of an NHS walking stick!

And I hope you can keep walking in this beautiful autumn


Thank you Cathie - I will certainly consider them.....will I be able to use them in the house to help get me up of the chair? Will they be able to support my weight ? And how much do they cost

Thank you



Put walking poles into google and you can get most of your questions answered. I think the ones for sport - mountain walking are likely to be the strongest, rather than those ornamental walking sticks you can find with flowers on. Trekrite and ultrasport sell them. You can wind them up like a telescope, or if that poses a problem with wrists, then get someone to adjust them to the right height for you I think that's very important.

I use them if I'm walking on rough terrain, but if I needed I'd have them just to walk to the shops. It looks very sporty which helps the image.

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Phew, I'm so relieved that you've been given something effective to deal with the pain :-}

It's really a fantastic feeling once the pain eases isn't it.

It sounds like your rheumy is covering all bases and getting you thoroughly tested, so I hope that means that you get some answers and an action plan for treatment.

I've been using sticks or crutches for about the last ten years - if you Google 'funky walking sticks' there are all kinds of sites selling colourful or subtle, but non-medical looking devices - as there should be given that children and teens have RA and other disabling illnesses too.

Big hug,

Cece x


Thank you Cece, I do not mind admitting now the pain just took over everything and was simply ill.

He is worried that my hip may be infected or necrotic......neither fills me with joy however for today the pain is away and I can deal with anything

I will look at funky walking sticks.....still need to get my head around the fact that I need one and that is the hard part I think and that I have slowed down so much....still it will get better I am certain

Hugs xx


Glad to hear that you are no longer in pain. It really does colour your life doesn't it? All our well tried and tested coping mechanisms can desert us when the pain becomes relentless.

Have you or anyone else out there tried Pacer Poles? I've heard they are really good. - Actually, I'll put it on questions. Enjoy this lovely autumn day.


Hi Creaky,

I think it is only when you look back from a pain free stance you see just how much it affects every aspect of your life. I am just loving these patches.....

I have not heard of pacer poles- will google later tonight.

Rain now set in along with a horrible wind....hope you are warm and dry



Pacer poles are a kind of walking pole. All very technological


thank you everyone- i think for every day getting about my home and work i will have to settle for the walking stick, also I do need something fairly sturdy to get me out of the chair and help support my weight when i cannot weight bear on that leg. I will look at walking poles/nordic poles/pacing poles when my RA has settled a little to allow me to consider walking off road


Maybe get wooden raisers for your chair they make mine about 6/7inches higher which makes getting up and down easier.

Have you looked at the switch stick range I've got loads in different colours and designs makes using a stick so much fun look on ebay they are much cheaper there


Hi Penny glad to hear you are feeling so grt.I had a terrible hip when first diagnosed and like you could barely walk and the pain was unbearable. my rheu gave me steroid injection straight into the hip, the result was almost immediate, strangely it has never returned. Hope that your treatment remains effective. Trish


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