my special walking stick (AKA arthritic crutch)!!!

Having bad ankles I walk with a limp - I was told to use a walking stick but have the double "whammy" of having very sore, weak wrists and hands, so a stick that helps with walking has my hands in agony both during and afterwards. I said to my friend that I wish there was such a thing as a walking stick that you could rest your forearm on instead of your hands. She said that sounds more like a crutch, so I went on the internet and found crutches with the special padded "trough" so the weight is on your forearm and not your hands and wrists. Well they arrived this morning and they seem to be just what I need. I haven't ventured out yet but have walked up and down indoors and they are very comfy to use. Does anyone else use these?

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  • I use a left hand crutch all the time, only use my stick in the evenings when not walking too much. Mine are just the normal ones though, would not be without it enables me to walk that little bit further, and the confidence knows no bounds.

  • I must look into this comfy sounding crutch, because it sounds just what I need too. Like you, I have painful ankles and I can't walk far without being in excruciating pain and I find myself gripping the handle of my walking stick so firmly that it aggravates my hands and wrists. So, thanks for the info Tess :-) xx

  • Definitely ask for a physio appointment to be shown how to use them properly for your particular problems. It may sound stupid, but if you don't use walking aids in the right way, then they can put more stresses on your body and cause more problems. Also things like making sure they are adjusted exactly for you. There are a number of different ways to use crutches to walk, and you do need to be shown the right way for your particular problems. The way I use crutches (for neuro problems) isn't the same way as someone with joint problems or differents sorts of injury would use them.

    I'd also recommend asking for a physio assessment for anyone who even just gets a stick - a lot of people end up using them in the wrong hand even - its not always that obvious unless you understand how you need to be using it to give you exactly the right assistance. Heaps of people have sticks the wrong height for them too, and that also causes a lot more strain on your body.

  • Hi everyone have found all your comments very useful. I have been thinking of a crutch instead of a stick for ages. Thank you one and all.

  • I was given these crutches years ago (over 20) when I had both hips replaced - I couldn't use the normal crutches because of RA in hands/arms. They are really good. The sometimes call them gutter crutches. I've also used a similar walking frame in hospital.

  • I like them because they are just like a longer walking stick - whenever I think of crutches I always have a mental picture of Dickens "tiny Tim" - with that awful crutch under his armpit!!

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