mr arthur is visiting again!!!!

hi all just want a rant really had weeks of everyone telling me to be positive with my pain (got oa in knees) and hands swollen most days now my left hip has started i think,hurts more if i don,t use my walking stick, so quess mr walking stick will have to be my constant companion for a while, never mind i,am trying hard to stay positive but wonder some days will this pain ever stop hurting or spreading???? all keep up your hard work love reading ur blogs xxx

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  • It's not easy to use a walking stick when your wrists & hands are sore aswell - so what do others do?

  • Sounds like you're having a horrible time of it right now. Fingers crossed that the sunshine this week brings a much awaited break from the pain for you. Best wishes

    Paula x

  • I imagine those telling you to be positive have never experienced mr grinds you down and I find it so irritating to hear.try a frame instead of sticks,I find it less painful on my hands and wrists.just pace yourself And get plenty of feet up rest.

  • Thanks all,I hate using a stick as it is but think it will be a while before I can leave it at home not too sure about a walking frame hope that will be many years away. Xxx

  • Are there special sticks or crutches that are softer on the hands perhaps? It must be really hard to have pain in both as I imagine that sticks do hurt swollen hands? Tilda x

  • Just got my "StrongArm (tm) Canes" the other day. They are designed so that your wrists do not bend, and some weight can be put on the elbow rests, which also are both padded. I went out to dinner with family tonight and used them instead of the wheeled walker. It was good not to have to find a place to put the walker in the restaurant., or in the car for that matter!

  • That's really good Loret - all improvements are liberating and strong arm canes sound excellent and much less space consuming than a wheeled walker! TTx

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