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hi all again as most of you know I am having a knee replacementwith epidural next week on my birthday of all days I thank you all for your wishes and your experiences I would still like to know of more people on their experiences with either epidural and general anasthetic if you have an epidural and deep sedation how does it work with the length of time for the operation as most operations can go for three four or more hours

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  • I had a epidural with sedation and the second time i didn't wake up until it was all over.The first time i did wake up,but i it was nearly all over and i didn't feel anything. So you will be fine i can assure you.xxxx

  • Morning, I had a right knee replacement last October, and I can only say it is wonderful and was so almost immediately. I had the spinal block which I guess is epidural and sedation and the operation took 50 minutes. I had the operation on Tuesday and was home by Friday. If I had a choice I would have had it done in the summer, but it got put back twice and ended up October. I was round at the end of the procedure, aware of all that was going on around me, they offered me a drink of water straight away and wheeled me off back to my room. Felt 'different' at first and the one thing they didn't warn me about was that you cannot feel the urge to have a wee!! but by late evening this was all coming back to normal. Up and about in the late evening. Hope your goes as well as mine. I just had my 6 month follow up form to fill in and gave it 10 out of 10 on all aspects. Happy Birthday, don't be worried, it will be great to have a good knee again.

  • What I just forgot to mention was they gave me the epidural in the side room before hand, but I wasn't aware of being given the sedation, I just remember feeling very relaxed - I guess this was in the mask they put on me once he started looking at my knee.

  • Absolutely. They will make sure you are comfortable for the whole duration of the procedure. You will have an anaesthetist with you the whole time who will keep an eye on you and make sure you are given the right amount of sedation throughout. I'm an occupational therapist and once watched a total hip replacement operation. It took 4.5 hours (not a standard length of time for a hip replacement, the person had unrelated health issues that they had to deal with during) and the person was completely sedated the whole time.

    Have to say though that is been many years since I worked in adult services and think that the guidelines around the types of sedation they offer people has changed a lot since then. General anaesthetic is a more "intrusive" procedure and it can take longer for patients to recover afterwards. They try to give people the least intrusive procedures possible to make rehab easier and quicker. My daughter has medical issues which meant she had to have several operations when she was a baby. I hated being in hospital and couldn't wait to get back to the comfort of my own home. So there are definite pros to not being given a general anaesthetic and having to stay in hospital longer.

    I've known so many people who have had a knee/hip replacement and they say it has completely changed their lives for the better. Don't be surprised if a physio comes round and gets you up and walking pretty quickly after the operation.

    I know it's a bit rubbish getting an operation like that on your birthday, but just try to think of it as the best present you could possibly be given - the possibility of pain free mobility again!

    Hope it goes ok. What day is it you're having your operation? Keep us posted and let us know how you get on. x

  • Having said that, I've never had personal experience of a joint replacement operation so have no idea what it feels like!! I would be guided by others who have gone through the experience and will know better!

  • I had one with epidural on my 69 th birthday! They told me it was the most expensive present I'll have (nhs). Epidural was fine I regained consciousness before the end of the op but that was fine they were all laughing and seemed happy so I was too. I didn't get my sensation back in my legs for a few hours and was high as a coot. I don't think op lasted that long but I've no way of knowing. And I've really benefited. Bon courage!

  • Don't worry. You won't feel anything. What with the epidural and the sedation, you might even feel a bit high. I did and was singing carols, apparently - in June! Do voice your concern to the anaesthetist; I'm sure he/she will reassure you.

    A new knee is a wonderful birthday present. It's painful for a while, but keep moving it and it will make a huge difference to you, I'm sure. I'm now waiting to have the second one done.

    Happy New Knee and Happy Birthday !


  • At I had total knee replacements in both knees at the same time, the option open to me was GA. I wouldn't have changed that even if I could have.

    On going back on the ward, I was pretty with it and had a cup of tea and toast 39 mins afterwards . I can't say I felt groggy and if I had to go through it again, I'd still want the GA.

    However, you will be well advised by anaesthetist and your medical team as to what's the most appropriate for you.

    Very best of luck Rocky


  • i went in side room for epidural but the sedation took memory of it away, woke up after hip op all done in bed cuppa tea, catheter for a while till feeling comes back, brill time, except for occ therapists but reap rewards if u follow the exercises. Go for it gal.

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